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"True loyalty is shown in the form of actions, not just words"


Lei had been acting odd all day long, he even suggested that Mayu might be one of the attackers. Yet, she didn't attack him back when confronted. Was he that desperate for a scapegoat? I understood that the threat of our enemies was getting to him, but accusing others without proof was absurd.

On my way back home Ren passed me, in his arms was a fluffy dog. The tiny thing was bleeding from one of its paws. Turning around, I chased after Ren.

"Ren, " I called out.

Ren glanced back. "Sorry but I have no time, I got to get her to a veterinarian."

"Let me take a look."

Ren stopped. "You think you can heal her? I tried using the potion I made the other day it's not of high enough quality to completely heal her."

I take out some herbs, a glass, and a water bottle. I pour the water into the glass and crush some Hestin herbs with my fingers.

"What kind of potion are you making?"

"It's a traditional Xiānian remedy."

Ren's eyes widened. He lowered his head. "Please, tell me if there's any way I can help you make this faster."

I hand him the Hestin. "Rub these herbs, doing so will cause them to crumble. In the meantime, I'll make a paste."

I summoned a mortar and pestle and began crushing the rest of the herbs into a light green paste. I take the glass I had summoned earlier and poured my energy into it. "Silvia." The water sizzled.

I poured the water over the paste and stirred the two together using the pestle. The result was a light green gel-like substance. I rubbed the gel on the dog's wound. The wound quickly vanished. I took her pulse, she was fine.

I sighed in relief. "She'll be okay, let her rest."

Ren smiled. "Thank you, Adela." He hugs his dog tightly. "Oh, but she's not my dog." His face turned pale. "I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to keep her."

"If you want I can take care of her. I already have a pet mouse, but I think I can take in another cutie as a pet."

Ren's face turned red. "You're really something." He hands me the dog. "She's a stray so we don't have to worry about finding her owner."

I petted her soft ears. She was so small. "What happened to her? Where did you find her?"

"It seems she got in a fight with a cat or some other animal with sharp claws, I didn't pay attention in my haste. Whatever the cause, I'm glad she's fine now. Hey, is it fine if I go and visit you? To see her I mean."

I grinned and nodded. "Sure. You really love animals don't you?"

"Mostly dogs, " Ren said. "I got nine dogs you know."

"I see, there must not be enough space for another."

He petted the dog. "That's not it, you see my...well mother wouldn't dare take in a stray. She prefers dogs that are "well bred" dog with the most amazing pedigree."

"Ren, is that you?" a woman called out.

Ren waved goodbye and ran towards the woman.

"Come on now...hmm what should I call you?" I said.

"Who is that?" the woman with Ren said. She was pointing at me. She pulled on Ren's arm. "Why are you talking to a mutt?"

I turned around. I expected her to be pointing at the dog, instead, she was pointing at me. If I stayed there any longer, I was afraid of what might've have happened.

"Wait, " Ren shouted.

"Ren, " the woman barked. "Leave her be, it's in their nature to run."

Why did she call me a mutt? Is it because I'm not a Kyuu Seishinian? Or because she can tell that I'm mixed blooded. Either way, there is nothing wrong with being either. I am who I am, there is no changing that.

"Adela, " Iah said when I entered.

I slammed the door behind me and ran to my room.

Iah chased after me. "Where did you get that dog? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

I opened the door to my room and settled my new friend next to the desk. I hoped she'll be fine until I could get her a basket.

"Don't ignore me, " Iah yelled as he opened the door. "I thought that you were going to go with Lei and the others."

I allowed myself to fall onto my bed. "Why aren't you with them?"

Iah poked my nose. His face was serious. "It's my turn to cook. Now, tell me why you're upset? Did Lei or one of the others do something to upset you?"

"It has nothing to do with them." I moved his hand away. I curled up into a ball. "Let me be, today was a long d

at us."

I moved out of the way, while An slowed the attack with his powers, Iah absorbed the attack with a half-formed earth dragon, while Ulissis somehow avoided it. Alto and Lei resisted the attack. The others clumped to the ground.

"What?" Ulissis said. "It missed me."

Ren returned back to his usual form as did his eyes to their usual hazel. "Iah, Arima give up on trying to take the position of class reps for the class tournament from Youko and me."

Iah glared at him as he tried getting up but his body wouldn't move. Whatever spell Ren used must've affected him even without having touched him. "U...get him."

I tried moving, but my body was paralyzed for some reason.

Ulissis pulled out a gun, his wand's weapon form and pointed it at Ren. His hands shivered. "Stop right there, you're coming with us."

"I don't understand why my magic didn't affect you, but no matter." He punched Ulissis in the stomach repeatedly. "A non-mage like you is worthless, look at you quiver as your friends struggle."

Ulissis shot his gun but Ren encased the bullet in ice until it lost all momentum.

"You are all disappointing."

Ulissis got back up and sucker punched Ren in the face. Ren head-butted him in the chin, sending him falling into the grass. Ren's head was covered in blood but I couldn't tell if it was Ulissis or Ren's.

An charged at Ren with his sword. The white blade changed shaped and glowed bright purple like a sword filled with pure energy.

Ren stopped the sword with his bare hands. "Interesting, you somehow weren't affected by my attack."

The energy around An's sword vanished causing it to shrink enough to get it out of Ren's hold. He moved rapidly around Ren, that I almost lost sight of him. Ren though managed to keep up with him, blocking every attack with his bare hands and his five dog tails.

An levitated himself and attacked him from the sky. "Psyche Draco." A dark pink dragon formed around his sword and fell straight to the ground. Dust obscured Ren but I could see pink sparks flying around.

Once the dust had cleared I could see that An managed to harm Ren. Ren glared at An. "Tenebre Draco." A dragon made up of shadows emerged from the ground and attacked An.

An stopped the dragon with his sword.

"Incredible, " Iah said, the effect of the paralysis had started to weaken over us. "Did you really defeat him?"

Arima glared at An who was floating back down. "He wasn't using his true strength back then, it seems."

So, Iah and I weren't the only ones who held back. At least I had thought that Iah had held back during his fights against Lei and Nyima.

An landed on the ground and approached an injured Ren. Suddenly, An fell to the ground. Chains from a seal had appeared around his neck, arms, and legs.

**Solar Note: This chapter was very long. At least it evens out after the short 95, haha.**

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