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   Chapter 96 NO.96

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"Hey, hey!" I shouted, running toward the stand at rapid speeds.

"What's up?" Iah asked, glancing up as he and the other guys put down the freezer.

Taking a deep breath, I responded, "Mayu is one of the eight?"

"What?" Nyima said, eyes wide. "Did she confront you?"

I nodded. "Well, more like I confronted her about it. She seemed to know about the attacks."

Adela sighed. "Ren did too. He likely informed the others about it. You shouldn't be accusing people without solid proof. It's bad enough that you accuse Ren, but not Mayu too?"

Iah crossed his arms. "I think that Lei might be right. Besides, I asked Ren not to tell."

"Maybe he let it out by accident?" Nyima suggested.

My teammate tilted his head. "That's possible. I still don't trust that guy either. There's something fishy about him."

"Not to mention that his friend is called 'Nobu', " I said, glancing over at the cat guy.

An and Sarah nodded. "That is highly suspicious, " An said.

"It sure is, " Ayawamat said, nodding as he helped repositioned the fridge.

I stared at him with my mouth agape. Ayawamat was actually agreeing with me? The end of the had to be near!

"How many people here have 'Nobu' as a part of their name?" Sarah asked.

"I already looked that up, a lot, " Alto said.

Hal summoned his tablet and scrolled through it. "Here's some examples; There's Nobuhiko, Nobura, Nobuna, Nobunaga, and a couple others in addition to Nobuyuki."

Adela gave me a 'see' look.

I grumbled. Why couldn't she believe me? Even Ayawamat seemed more trusting of me than she was!

"Lei, " a voice called out. Behind me was Mayu. A tall girl with horse-like eyes accompanied her. "I need you to come with us."

I stepped back. "I'm not coming with you!"

"Lei, " Adela said, her voice filled with concern. "If you want then I'll go with you so that..."

"No, she'll hurt you too, " I yelled, taking a

said, flustered.

My face flushed. "Uh..."

"There you are!" a girl's voice called out.

"Nyima, " Yuzuki and Lei said.

"Yuzuki, you're going to get in trouble. You're going to get yourselves suspended or worse!"

"Hey, let go of me, " Lei said. "I'm talking to someone!"

"Say good-bye, " Nyima barked.

"Jeez, I'm not some little kid! No need to yank my arm like one. My own mom never did that."

"Well, you're acting like one. Come. I'll be accompanying you. If anything bad happens then I'll bail you out."

Lei grumbled. "Bye, Yuzu. I'll talk to you later!"

"Yuzu?" Nyima asked. "You're talking to Yuzuki? I've been wondering this for awhile now, is she your girlfriend?"

"Nnnnooo! Besides, what do you care if she is?" he said. "Ah, are you jealous?"

She scoffed. "No! Why would I be?"

"Bye, Lei, " I whispered. "Take care."

"You too!" he yelled back.

I smiled as I dropped the phone. What was going on outside? Orion had told me about how An and Sarah had gotten attacked while I was out cold from my battle with Tahoma. If only I could heal faster, then I would be able to aid them.


Solar Note: What did you think of Lei's reaction toward Mayu and Kohaku? Think that he really is paranoid? Or is he correct to suspect them?**

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