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"A butterfly will fly in the wind, unknown to the world around it"

Previously on Novus Magus: Four days had passed since our fight against Nobu. Alto searched the database of students for a picture of him, but it turned out that Nobu was a nickname.

'Nobu'...wasn't that what Ren called Nobuyuki?

Thankfully Sarah, and weren't gravely hurt. Now, the battle between the so-called 'strongest' of each class was to take place in a little over a day. Every class in the school was still putting the last touches on their stands and floats..."- Lei


"Bring in the stove, " Nyima yelled. Hal, Iah, and Alto carried in a large chrome, electric stove with its own internal battery.

I glanced down at the list Adela and Iah had made and checked off the stove.

"Where's Adela?" Wanikiya asked as he carried two two-pound bags of potatoes. He settled the potatoes next to chrome stove.

I pointed over at the stall with blue that was diagonal from our stand. Adela happily talking with Ren. "She's exchanging recipes with him, also it seems that our Aking mushrooms are finally here."

"You seem bored, " Zelde said. She carried a three-pound sack of rice over her shoulders. "Do you want to change jobs?"

I sighed. "It's fine. It's not like I can do much...I would like to move stuff around like the rest of you..." I gripped the inhaler inside my blazer.

"You can still carry light stuff, " Wanikiya said, patting my shoulder. How odd, usually I was the one consoling him these days. "Those sacks of potatoes aren't too heavy. There are still two more waiting in the classroom. You can help me bring one of those back."

My eyes sparkled. "Sure...oh, but I was left to handle the list."

"I can do that, " Sarah said. She dusted off her hands of rice flour. Adela had charged her with turning some of the rice into flour. "I think I've crushed enough rice into flour to last us for the first day."

"Are you the one who took the third sack of rice?" Zelde said.

Sarah blushed slightly. "Ah, I forgot to tell you? I took one of the sacks to get a head start on the rice flour."

Zelde sighed. "I should go tell Ms. Key. She has been looking around for it since we arrived. We thought that it was those eight who stole it. It ended up being one of us."

"Sorry. Uh, how embarrassing."

I handed her the list. "You can make it up by checking this off for me, " I said.

"Wah, I want to give some of my duties to Sarah too, " Hal said.

Sarah shot him a nasty glare. "Hal, go and get the freezer. The other guys are waiting."

Iah and Alto snickered as Hal ran off after them.

"Stop laughing you two, " she said. "Get to work now! Lei has put me in charge. We need to make this perfect, the regnant of this country and some other important guests will be attending the fair."

I didn't know I had that power...kind of wished I hadn't given it up like that. Though, I kind of doubt I could boss them around like Sarah did, she had an intimidating aura. She must have developed it due to her upbringing as the princess of the Shui.

I left Sarah in charge of everyone and hurried off with Zelde and Wanikiya to get the remaining ingredients.

"Lei, did you hear? My aunt will-" Adela said, waving at me. She was looking at a large box of mushrooms. "Hey, where are you going?"

I ran ahead without looking back. "To get some potatoes, I left Sarah in charge."

"Wait, Sarah?"

"She'll handle it perfectly, she's a princess. She knows what royals like."

A boy with cat ears who was standing next to the mushrooms glanced up as soon as I mentioned Sarah. When he saw that I noticed him he went running back over to his class' stall. It took me awhile to remember, he was Nobuyuki.

"Well these are all of them, see you later, " Nobuyuki said.

"Thanks a lot, Nobu, " Ren said.

Adela, Zelde, Wanikiya, and I glanced at one an

oes. "I'm going to go check what else we need."

Adela grabbed my hand. "Don't go alone."

"I'll be fine on myself, " I said, freeing myself from her grip. "I will run if someone appears, trust me." I smiled cynically. "At least as much as you trust Ren." After leaving them I headed for the rooftop of the school to look for any suspicious activity.

"Someone here?" a girl said. Mayu appeared on the rooftop wearing the red fox student government seal on her right shoulder. "You're that boy from our Synthesis class...Lei Arashi, right?"

"It's Lei Lan, but the character is 'Arashi' in your language."

She leaned against the fence around the rooftop. "Why are you here?"

Sarah had mentioned that the leader was a snake girl... "Mayu, do you know a guy called 'Nobu'?"

She pulled away from the fence. "I know a Nobuyuki. Why do you ask?"

I nodded and summoned my wand. " I know a Nobuyuki too. One call 'Nobu' by his friend." I transformed the wand into its butterfly knives form and held them in front of me. "Mayu...did you talk to Sarah four days ago?"

She glared at me, her snake-like eyes seeming to dive into skin. "Why did you summon your weapon? Also, what's with the interrogative tone?"

"So far we've waited to be attacked, but no more. I will find those who attacked us on my own."

She summoned a jade wand and transformed it into a jade whip. "You attack others without any proof?"

I smiled. "You don't seem surprised at all. As far as I know the council was kept in the dark about the recent attack on Sarah and An."

She calmly walked toward me. She covered herself in leaves. "Goodbye, Lei Lan. I will see you later after I'm done reporting your actions to the council. You won't remain in this school for long, no matter what you do." She vanished into the wind.

"Come back here. Don't run! Face me." I unsummoned my knives. I had to go tell the others about Mayu. Though I wasn't sure if they would believe me.

**Solar Note: Wow, when I first published the original version of this chapter I was barely over 4K reads... This is the original note I found while editing this just now "I was originally going to update with this chapter over the weekend, but this is Novus Magus' 3rd month anniversary. So, I decided to update early this week ;). The chapters for passing the 4K-reads milestone will come out in the next two weeks. I decided to spread them out to avoid having too many single chapter weeks in the lead up to Dec. 7th, 2016." And now I'm posting it in time for Novus Magus's 1 year 1/4 anniversary on this site xD.**

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