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   Chapter 94 NO.94

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"Glance up to the heavens and there you should see flames and lightning rain down upon the world as the end draws near."


My kunai clashed against An's ivory blade, sending a powerful shockwave of fire prana in all directions.

Damn, how in the world is this first year this powerful? I need to do something or I won't be able to defeat him. If only the others were here then we could capture this kid.

"An!" a voice shouted. Running toward us were more unwanted worms. Namely a honey brown.

"Lei, Orion, Kachina stand back! This guy is dangerous."

Kachina narrowed her eyes at me. "Yeah, I know." She summoned golden wand and transformed it into a throwing spear. "Please allow me to help you defeat this 'Neko'."

I snickered. "None of you second years could defeat us. Now we have powerful additions to our group. Together we shall be enough to not only frighten the first years, but also you second and third years."

The Wahkanian girl snickered. "You scare me?" She tossed her spear as An warped behind me aimed for my head.

I rapidly ducked and elbowed An, tossing him into the forest.

This guy, despite his apperance, he was going to kill me. These foreigners aren't the cute little baby birds that they pretend to be. At least I've gotten one of to show their true colors.

Suddenly lightning sent me flying. It came from Lei himself. I let out a scream as my back struck a tree.

"You're the guy who dared to attack Adela, aren't you?" Lei asked, glaring at me with those turquoise eyes of his. They were very similar to the guy in the white mask who had taken Sarah away. I would even dare say that the two were brothers.

I moved, just in time too as Kachina's spear destroyed what was left of the tree.

"Tsk. So you're Lei, " I said. I snickered. "Look at my luck. We were looking for you!"

"Me?" Lei asked.

"Yes... I wish that I could stay and fight all of you, but even this is too much for my doing. A wise person knows when to retriet and when to continue fighting."

Orion glanced over at Lei.

"What's with that look? You're agreeing with the enemy or something."

Lei gasped and looked straight at me. "The way you said it sounded like a taunt. You were in that boat too, weren't you!"

I sent a torrent of flames in all direction, trapping them in a scortching forest. "You will die here!"

"As if!" Lei said, charging at me with a sphere of wind in one hand and lightning in the other. "I have been training these past few days so that I don't lose you dastards!"

I leapt into the air and flung my kunai at him but he dodged without even turning to look at them.

This kid appears dumb, but he's surprisingly smart and strong. Could this be why Kitsune wants him eliminated? Ha, this guy must've shown him up or something.

Lei grinned as he continued to charge after me. "An, Kachina, Orion! Now!"

I glanced back and saw that Kachina, An, and Orion were comin

behind their little group. We're currently investigating as to who he could be in addition to the identities of the others."

I bit my lip and got up. "That's nice to hear. Hopefully something comes out of what happened last night. I'm going to go check on An."

Then once I do, I should go and locate that boy who helped me to properly thank him. Kun... why did it feel as if we had met recently and not just the other night?


I awoke back in my dorm room.

"So you finally decided to awaken, " Ren said, poking my head. "What happened to you last night?"

I slapped his fingers away. "Don't poke me as if I'm some cat!"

He laughed. "Sorry, it's a habit." He got up from his seat and walked over to the door. "You shouldn't pull what you did last night, you scared Youko when you suddenly wouldn't wake up. She was wondering if someone mugged you."

My face became red. Youko actually had worried about me? Usually, the only one she cared for was Ren himself. "I should go and apologize to her. By the way, where are you going?"

He smiled. "I'm going to go talk to Adela. I promised I'd show her around. Oh yeah, did you order the mushrooms I asked for?"

I crossed my arms. "Yes, I already contacted my parents for both of your shipments. You should be careful with her, that girl is a Xiānian after all."

He paused. "She might be a Xiānian...but..." He laughed and ran out the door.

Ren...that was the first time I had seen him like that. Yuuta too seemed enamored with Nyima.

I got up and changed into my school uniform. My clothes from last night were ripped and covered in blood. That guy, An, he wasn't a normal person, his power was incredible. If he had used that power since the start I would've been caught. Then there was Lei with that strange power which allowed him to bypass Kitsune's defenses.

**Solar Note: What do you think will happen now with the battle between The Eight+Kitsune with Lei and co.?**

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