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   Chapter 93 NO.93

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"Live as a Shadow"


"Nuk, when are you coming back?" Nahimana's voice rang over my headpiece.

I sighed. "I'll be there soon. Don't send the others to find me. I can-" I came to a sudden stop as I heard an explosion in the distance. Not to mention that there were also sections of the forest were on fire. Smaller blasts shook the forest like bombs being dropped.

"Nuk? What's that noise?" Nahimana asked.

I adjusted my ear piece. "I'll be there soon but first I have something to check out. It might have something to do with our foretold leader."

She scoffed. "You're serious? It sounds like you're making excuses. But..."

I chuckled as I pressed the off button. "You know me well, 'Boss'." I eyed every corner of the forest for a source of water. Two meters away I found a lake nearby. I removed my cloak and dipped it into the lake. With a coating of water, I ran straight into the burning forest. Flames jumped up and down in the darkness like mini solar flares.

"An, " muttered a girl. It sound like Sarah. I scanned the burning forest for the voice. The deeper I went into the forest, the weaker the muttering became. It wasn't because I was getting farther, the girl was losing strength as time went on.

At last, I came to a clearing that miraculously wasn't on fire despite having been completely surrounded by burning trees. I kneeled down to get a good look at Sarah. Her fair skinned was singed by the flames. I stared at those blue eyes eyes of hers. They were like those belonging to the natives of the northwestern continental countries or a member of the Rios clan such as myself (even though I didn't inherit their sapphire blue eyes).

"Who are you?" a voice boomed. A boy wearing a cat mask charged toward the girl and me. His arms and legs were covered by chains surrounded by blue flames. "Are you one of the foreigners?"

I stood up. "Foreigners?" I chuckled. "I guess I am a foreigner." I summoned a pale turquoise wand. "The way you're speaking... Is it safe to assume that you're one of those eight bigots going around the school terrorizing the exchange students? More specifically, the one whom attack Adela on our first school day here?"

The cat boy dashed past me. He threw his knives at a figure in the dark. An ivory sword swung against the knives, sending flames flying toward the sky. The forest shook as the cat boy clashed again with the ivory sword boy.

"Ignoring me, huh?" I asked. "Oh well."

I grinned and unsummoned my wand. It seemed that the ivory swordsman, had it under control. As I was turning away from the fight, flames came flying toward Sarah. I grabbed her and warped out of there in a flash of light. I winced as soon as I had finished teleporting, the Sarah's skin was warm, too warm.

Luckily I had teleported us to a fire free section of the forest. In front of us was a cavern.

I muttered a slight prayer. "Please don't let there be wild animals inside that cave right now."

I emitted a soft light from my hands, allowing me to see in the darkness. The cavern felt devoid of life, there wasn't even a single bat around.

"An, be careful, " Sarah mutte

nd held out her hand. "Nice to meet you, 'Nuk'."

I removed my mask and smiled genuinely. I took her hand in mine and shook it. "Nice to meet you too, Sarah. I'm... well, you should know my real name by now."

Her face became slightly pinker. "I better go. I have an idiot to save." She ran back out.

An... I put my hand over my chest. That guy was lucky... to have a friend like her. In the past few days we spent together, did she even consider me one?

"'Nuk', " Sarah called out as I was walking back inside. I ran back out and saw Sarah bleeding from her feet.

Rushing over to her, I readied myself to fight. "What happened?" My turquoise eyes darted across all directions. "Were you attacked?"

"It must be that guy's spell." She winced. "He got me with one of his kunai before."

I ripped part of my cloak and put it around the ankle of her left foot. I clapped my hands and put them over the wound. "Sorry, Sarah. You won't be able to help An out."

She closed her eyes. "Please, help him for m-" Her body was put under too much strain for her to remain conscious.

I put back on my mask. I held her tightly before warping over to the mainland. In front of me was a decent size house.

"Sarah, " Yen said, her eyes shaking with fear as she glanced up at me. She glanced up at me. "You... who are you? Did you hurt her?"

I gasped. No, Nahimana went ahead and did it. She's erasing their memories of me, and just after finally being reunited too...

I shook my head. "I found her laying in the woods. Her left foot is injured around the ankle. I already performed a healing spell on her, but it seems that she received a lot of impurities during her battle again this 'Nobu' guy."

Impurities were energies which do not mix with a person. Having them in ones' body could cause one to faint or worse.

"Nobu?" Yen said. She looked down. "That name sounds familiar."

**Solar Note: So many secrets and mysteries here :3. Btw, the song I used at the start of this chapter is song by Ayumu Murase...check out my (imaginary) cast list, everything will make sense xD.**

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