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"The Mask Shatters"


[Meanwhile, in Nine Petal City]

If I wanted to be accompanied everywhere around town I would've stayed home. Though considering the disappearance of Renshu, it did not surprise me that everyone else was afraid. Luckily we hadn't encountered the eight masked ones but everyone wasn't ready to lower their guard so soon. I on the other hand wanted some freedom.

I stopped as I was walking from Ms. Key's home to the shopping district as the sun began to set. I felt the eyes of someone on me. Someone was following me.

I crafted a pair of water knives. "Who is there?" I threw one of the knives into the bushes only to see it be flung straight into a nearby tree. I backed away and gathered water from the sea behind me.

"Stop, " An said. His hair was covered in leaves. "It's only me."

I smiled. "Oh, you think I'll stop?" I unleashed the water on him but he levitated over the water.

"I'm not your enemy here."

I formed more knifes. "How can I be so sure? You were just following me in secret. Are you a stalker, or an assassin?"

"Neither, " he said, waving his hands. "I am just accompanying you in case anything bad happens. Ms. Key told us that we shouldn't walk around alone until we settle things with the group that wants us out of here."

I turned around and had the water recede. "You should've asked one of the girls." He stood there, removing the leaves from his head like an idiot. "Are you just going to stand there? I'm leaving."

A large stupid smile formed on his face. "You mean I can go with you?"

"Are you dumb? You should be able to tell, you're a psychic after all." He grabbed a leaf from his hair. "First get rid of these and fix your bed hair."

An's face became red. "Sorry for my messy appearance. Maybe I should change into something more befitting of a princess' escort."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't start treating me special either. I rather you treat me the way you've been doing since we met."

He chased after me. "So, where are we going?"

My face suddenly became red. I had thought of going to get some new undergarments among other new clothes. "Uh, are you sure you want to find out?"

An's face became bright red as soon as we arrived at our destination. He turned around. "I think I'll stay out here."

I chuckled. He may have acted like an idiot most of the time, but he had a cute side to him. "Sounds like a good idea, but perhaps you shouldn't stand so close, you're getting stares." Crowds of people eyed him suspiciously.

He took out his phone and pointed it at me. I got his message and took out mine to exchange phone numbers. "Call me once you're done." With that he vanished into thin air.

I looked around, had he teleported or did he go invisible. I went into the store and chose something comfortable.

I dialed An. "I'm done." A hand suddenly grabbed mine. The hold didn't hurt, but it was firm. I dropped my phone and glanced behind me, a girl with a green mask made out of jade arranged like scales stood behind me. "Who are you?"

"Call me 'Hebi'. Wish to speak with you, but perhaps somewhere more private."

I nodded. I could sense that the girl was strong. It would be difficult to get out of the dilemma I found myself without getting others hurt. Talking to her in a private setting was the best decision to advert that.

Much to my surprise she let go of me right away and escorted me out. "Is there a certain place you want to meet?" she asked.

"Let's go to the forest back at school."

"Sounds good."

"Sarah, " I heard a voice call out. It sounded just like An, but he was nowhere to be seen, not to mention that the masked girl didn't seem to pay him any heed. "What's going on, why did you hung up?"

"Are you using telepathy? If so then pay attention."

An jumped overhead from the roof of the building I was in unto the one across. "I get it, I'll move on ahead."

The girl waved her left arm and two cloaked figures jumped from two other buildings after An.

Damn it, now they're going after An too. If only he had stayed home. Now I had to find a way to save him.

The girl waved her right arm and the two figures redirected their attention to me. They followed closely as if they were waiting for the perfect positon form which to snipe me.

At the very least An was fine, or so I thought.

A little later we were at the forest in the east side of Kyuu Seishin High's island. It had already become dark so I could barely see where we were. We came to a stop in a meadow. "Alright, we have traveled far enough. What do you wish to speak to me about?"

"Not everyone is here yet, " she said. Two cloaked figures appeared, the same ones that had followed An most likely. One of them was the ninja cat boy from the sophomore's file. The other was a boy with the weasel mask, he the tallest of the three and had a slender figure. The ninja cat boy was shorter possibly meaning that he was younger.


She nodded. "You have probably guessed already, but we are the same ones that attacked half of t

backwater town in a backwater country...yet this can that be?"

An appeared in front of him. He pointed the sword against his neck. "Tell us who your members are and I'll spare you." He suddenly lowered his sword and jumped back. The ground around Nobu had been turning into lava.

The cat boy snickered. "It doesn't compute at all, but things that don't compute are always the most interesting to break apart!" The knives fell into the lava and reappeared around An, spreading flames and lava with them.

"Stay away, " I yelled.

An formed a barrier around himself and ran towards me.

Nobu redirected his weapons at me. I mustered the strength to shield myself in water. An grabbed me in time but the knives cut through his barrier and cut his arm. Luckily the flames had vanished in going across the barrier.

"Psyche Draco, " An chanted as he ran westward, the direction of the school proper. The same pink dragon that had crushed into my tent while I had been changing appeared before us. "Destroy him!"

The knives floated back to their owner and were reignited in flames. Flames danced around him, the flame of his tails became blue. Chains appeared on his legs and arms.

An stepped back. "Is he like me?"

All ten knives were wrapped in blue flames and nearly hit us but An's dragon protected us, allowing An enough time to teleport us a little closer to the dorms. It was then that a powerful explosion resounded across the mountain side.

"What in the world?" I said as even a strong gust created from said explosion reached us. Were they also being attacked there?

"Don't look behind you, " An said as he winced in pain. He had been hit around the rib area. Despite his pain, he still had the power to carry me and maintain a barrier around us.

I snuck a glance behind us and saw Nobu charging at us like a wild animal. Flames struck the barrier and knocked us off course. An exhausted some more of his strength to strengthen his barrier. Before we knew it claws struck the barrier and ripped it with intense heat.

"Aqua Draco, " I chanted. A water dragon emerged from my now reverted wand. The spell wasn't very strong but it was enough to push Nobu away while An warped anew.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"We need help. Eien is the closest one to us."

"You won't get away." Fire knives struck the barrier but were repelled. Nobu was persistent for sure, he could quickly change his direction of attack. As he chased after us his appearance was becoming more bestial.

He raised his hand into the air and all ten knives struck the barrier from above. An winced and coughed up blood as they struck the psychic barrier. He held me with one hand and used the other to reach for the sword on his back. He raised it in front of him and closed his eyes. He was breathing heavily.

I touched the sword with him. "You need some extra energy to use this, don't you?"

He blushed, and smiled cutely. "Yeah." Chains appeared around his sword and spread through his arms. "Thanks for the boost, I'll take it from here... take a break for now." He settled me down and left his barrier. My vision was going dark but I did catch a glimpse of An sending Nobu flying across the forest.

Where did all of this power come from?

**Solar Note: What do you think will happen to Sarah and An? Will An will be able to defeat Nobu?**

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