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   Chapter 90 NO.90

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"Grab a hold of your dreams and hold onto them tightly for they are fleeing"


"Finally, we can go back, " I said as I stretched my arms toward the heavens.

Yuzuki giggled, walking next to me. "What happened to your enthusiasm about engaging in more ranked battles?"

I smiled, running on ahead. "Ah, right. I wanted to fight you!" I turned to face her and pointed an index finger at her. "Let's go to the circle! I want to see how strong you are."

"Before you battle her, fight me, " Tahoma said, sneaking up on us. He flung his bag over his back and walked over to me and leaned in closely, whispering, "I want to see what a Hoshi can do."

I sniggered. "So now that I'm number fourteen you wish to fight me? Tsk. Fine, let's go!" Running, I went ahead of the two.

"Hey, wait up!" Yuzuki yelled, sprinting. "How in the world do you get this energy?"

"Excitement!" I yelled back, laughing. "It numbs the pain from typical exercise."

"I see..." she yelled back.

Before long we reached the circle in the center of the school park. "We're here!" I yelled, jumping up and down.

Yuzuki glared at me. "How do you do it? How can you have this much energy when you could barely climb up the hill two days ago?"

I snapped my fingers. "Easy, I took one of my prana restoration potions!"

"You should be careful with taking too many of those, " she advised, giving me a stern look that reminded me of my sister, Stella. "Taking too many in a short amount of time can damage your magicae organum."

"It's my first one, " I pointed out, smiling. "Lei is lucky to have someone like you looking out for him."

Tahoma narrowed his eyes and pulled on my arm. "We didn't come here so that you could flirt with her." He let go of me once we entered the circle.

"Ohh, this time it's Tahoma?" said the twins as they rushed in to get first class seats (not that there were any to speak of).

Kachina walked up toward us, a large smile dotted her face. "Ahh, so Tahoma finally decided to give the newbie a chance."

Tahoma summoned a white wand and transformed it into a black katana with a white and gold guard. He shrugged as his lips crested into a grin. "He did defeat the former ninth-ranked student. I got to see just how strong he is by facing his spells head on."

Kachina snapped her fingers, forming four seats for the twins, Yuzuki, and her to sit on. "In that case, I look forward to seeing how much you've grown over the summer."

Tahoma closed his eyes before flashing me a wild grin. "Are y


I hung up the phone and threw it to the ground. "Damn that kid. Ugh, if his younger brother is anything like him then no wonder why my cousin dislikes Lei."

"Who are you calling kid?" asked Orion, rubbing his eyes.

I pick up my phone and get ready to throw it at him. "Pretend that you didn't hear that."

He hid under his covers. "What's up with you all of a sudden? Did I do something wrong?"

I took in a deep breath. "Sorry. I shouldn't take out my rage on you. Return to sleep."

Orion poked his head out. "You're surprising odd."

I curled my hands into fists. "My Goddess, you must really be like Lei because you remind me of another idiot!"

"Lei's brother?"

I turned away. "Kun is dead, I meant another boy, one called Nuk."

"Wait, what's his relation to Lei then?" Orion asked. "And you said something about brother to the guy over the phone. Does Lei have another brother?"

I sat back down by the window. "Yes, but that other brother is a child. Nuk is currently observing Lei. The reason for why he's doing it is unknown. Maybe to protect him against the eight who attacked them? I don't really know."

Orion grinned. "You're surprisingly a good actor."

"What?" I asked, eyes filled with terror.

"I meant during our match. I thought that I got you cornered but I didn't." He gave me a smug grin. "I have a feeling that you can control your destiny. So... don't let it get to you."

I closed my eyes. "I'm not." I let out a small snicker.

This boy is dangerously observant...

**Solar Note: What do you think of Tahoma? What do you think his relation with the mysterious boy (Nuk) truly is? What did you think of Orion's time dragon?**

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