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   Chapter 89 NO.89

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"Silence is the most torturous of all torments for the social creature"


"Yuzuki!" Lei said as first period began. This time every single one of us exchange students was here. Only exception was Renshu.

I gave him a shy smile. "How are you?"

"I'm doing well. A little sleepy from having trained all night, but I'll get over it. Will you be helping us with the float today?"

"I don't think that I'll be able to. My dorm plans to continue investigating those who attacked you. If they managed to do anything to Renshu, then they must be among the upper tiers in the rank battles. So I think that I'll check there. Of course, that's assuming that they even participate in them."

"I've been looking forward to participating in one myself, " he said, sighing as he put his hands behind his head. "Orion is lucky to have had one." He grinned. "Well, that's not the only thing that makes him lucky."

I looked away, hiding my embarrassment. "Oh, and what else would that be?"

He just snickered as if teasing me.

I glanced up and saw Orion enter. He had already recovered from yesterday's battle.

"Orion!" I yelled, waving at him.

The guy walked on ahead, not even taking the time to glance over. In fact, he sat at the exact opposite corner of the room.

Lei shot him a stern glare. "What's wrong with him? He won a rank battle against the fourteenth rank and already thinks of himself as someone who can look down on others? Even if he is somewhat strong, that gives him no right to do that."

Is he mad at me about seeing him as Lei?

"I think that he's just tired still, the guy did faint after his match after all, " I said, grinning.

Lei crossed his arms and smiled at me. "Hopefully that's it."


[Fourth Period]

I stared at the silent Orion as we individually worked on brewing our potions.

I put down my ingredients and leaned toward him.

"Are you feeling well?" I asked, finally breaking the silence.

Orion nodded without even turning to look at me as he continued to stir the everweed, while he poured his time prana into the vial.

He had been like that all day, only making simple gestures.

Was he really still mad about yesterday? He was the one who put those words into my mouth. Like I would treat him as a replacement for Lei.

"Done, " he said, picking up the vial. He walked away, not daring to give me a second glance.

I grumbled and

pouting. "Only I can call him an idiot and get away with it!"

"This Lei guy must be really special, " Orion commented. I turned and saw that he was staring right at me. "Do you like him?"

Tahoma scoffed. "Of course she does!" He picked up his potion and studied it. "Hmm, needs a bit more work."

Ignored Tahoma's comment and smiled at Orion. "You finally spoke something more than a sentence."

He smiled back. "Perhaps I did over exaggerate." His face flushed. "I didn't think that you would become this upset that you would fail at making such a simple potion."

My smile faded.

This guy seems to be similar to Tahoma too...

Orion chuckled. "What's with that reaction?"

I pouted. "I don't need to hear sass from you! I already got Tahoma for that."

Tahoma put an arm around my shoulders. "Correct, she has me!" He gave me a slight smile.

I pushed him off of me. "Stop, you sound as if you're my boyfriend or something."

Tahoma looked away and scoffed. "Like I would ever want to date a girl who is attracted to idiots. If I did then that would make me one too."

I pulled on his long, silky hair. "I told you not to refer to Lei as an idiot!"

He spun around and hit my hand, causing me to let go of him. He grinned when he saw me curl my hands into fists. "Want to fight?"

"You second-years, quiet down, " Mr. Suzuran instructed, his serpentine-like eyes glowing.

The two of us stopped arguing and returned to what we were doing.

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