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   Chapter 88 NO.88

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"Unconditional Love is a powerful force that can move mountains, rivers, and even space-time!"


"Another long day done, " I said, stretching my arms towards the sky. The sun was past the halfway mark, soon it was going to be setting.

The other day I was too tired to go to the circle, but now I was ready.

"Follow me, " Yuzuki said. She escorted me to the school park. In the center of the five mile track was a white circle. When we arrived the entire track was filled with spectators.

"What's going on?" I said, looking around the place. People were chattering away, but instead of having smiles they were frowning. "Is something bad going on?

"Yuzu, Ori, " Tasunke and Tashunka yelled from inside the crowd. The two pushed their way out of the crowd. Their eyes sparkled with excitement. "Kaizuki Amamiya is battling."

I glanced over at Yuzuki for answers as to who that guy was.

Yuzuki rubbed her chin nervously. "Kaizuki is ranked fourteen in this school. In other words, my superior." She narrowed her eyes, trying to make out who he was battling. "Who's his opponent?"

"No one, " the twins said in unison. "He's waiting for someone brave enough to challenge him."

I grinned. "So he's one rank higher than Yuzu, in that case..." I pushed my way through the crowd, but instead it ended up being the other way around. I was pushed into the center by the crowd.

Coming to a stop, I dusted off my blazer.

"How rude, no need to push!" I grumbled.

A six foot tall man dressed in ruby-red plated armor stepped toward me. I was already skinny compared to most other guys, but compared to his muscular body I looked more like a twig.

"You're the idiot who decided to challenge me?" he said and he held a hand to the side. A long black wand materialized in his hand. Instantly he transformed it into an equally dark katana that was even taller than he was! He grinned at my reaction. "You're a freshman so you likely don't have a familiar. I guess I won't be able to test it out..."

I summoned my own wand and transformed it into a set of miniature water-blue stiletto knives with a red star on the hilt.

"Orion, don't overuse your time magic, " Yuzuki called out.

I stepped back and grinned. "I won't, " I yelled back at her. "Aqua Draco." Water danced around me. It shaped itself into a long bodied, legless dragon. I directed the aquatic dragon with my right index finger to attack the ninth highest ranked student.

Kaizaki's katana slashed through my water dragon with ease. The two equal halves splattered to the floor and sent water in all directions.

I grinned and snapped my fingers. The crowd stopped talking. The only one who moved was Yuzuki. I waved at her but all she did was give me a cold stare.

past few days? Lei's finally in the same school as me again, and yet I'm letting him be snatched away under my nose.

"Sis?" Hikaru asked, likely after having rudely snatched the phone. "How's everything over there?"

"Good, " I responded. "Oh yeah, you can't imagine what just happened... Wait, before I continue, move away from the others."

"Alright, " Lei yelled back.


"We're far off now, though I think that Iah is becoming suspicious. He's leering at us right now, " Hikaru said.

"Then let me make this fast." Lei already knew about our Hoshi-like powers. "Orion defeated the 15th rank! But that isn't all, the idiot almost announced who he was to everyone. I mean, the clan he belongs to."

"I see, " was all that brother responded with, as if too stunned for words. "How did he defeat him?"

"Time! He ended up freezing it entirely this time."

"That's OP!" Lei commented. "Hard to believe that we're talking about the same guy who lost to me a few days ago."

"Hey, what are you two up to?" asked Iah.

"Hikaru is just talking to his sister, " Lei responded, likely with a nervous grin. "I'm just watching to make sure that this klutz doesn't drop my phone and break it."

"I'm not a klutz!" Hikaru protested. "You're clumsier than I am!"

I sighed. "It'll be better if we speak tomorrow. Good night!"

"Bye, talk to you tomorrow, " called out Lei and my brother.

Closing my eyes, I smiled. Lei actually remembered to call me... I let out a chuckle. Though what is his relationship with Adela right now? Then there's that other teammate of his, Nyima. Those two seemed strangely close back at Mahpiya during the exam.

I turned and stared at my green phone. That fool better remember to meet up with me tomorrow, or at least call me!

**Solar Note: What do you think of Orion's power?**

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