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"A joyous occasion shall bring light to the darkened world."

Previously on Novus Magus: We were attacked by a red-haired girl. As Vita was about to unmask the girl, a boy wearing a tanuki mask appeared to save her. Even after receiving some info on six of the eight masked ones from our Sophomores, we are no closer to discovering their true identities- Iah


"Everyone, come to the living room, " Ms. Key yelled, worry evident in her words.

"What's wrong?" I asked, throwing my blankets unto the table. Rubbing my eyes, I bolted out of my couch bed.

Alto ran downstairs in a flash. "Is there an intruder?"

Our teacher came out of the kitchen with her cellphone. "I just finished talking to the dorm master of Midori Dorm, Haroun."

"My brother?" Vermeil said as she descended the stairs with the rest of our classmates. Her brow furrowed. "What did he say? Was brother attacked?"

Ms. Key shook her head. "No. If anyone was attacked, it was Renshu."

"Renshu?" Adela said, startled as she descended the stairs. She leapt over the rails, landing behind our teacher. "Why do you say that? What did Haroun say?"

She took a deep breath. "Haroun told me that Renshu hasn't returned to the dorm.

Adela shook her head, eyes wide with shock and fear. "We got to find him, his life could be in danger!"

"Calm down, " Hal said, leaning against the wall next to the stairs. He crossed his arms, grinning coolly. "We're bound to find him if he's still on the island. Hmm, are there any forbidden areas?"

"Yes, " Ms. Key responded, nodding her head. "There's one in the west, but only a select few of us staff members can access it."

"What about the dark staircase?" Nyima suggested.

"The one from yesterday?" I asked, recalling where we had met Yuuta.

Nyima nodded as she pace around the living room in circles. "That one. " She came to an abrupt stop next to me. "Though, Yuuta said that he was guarding it. We managed to affirm that he isn't one of the eight yesterday as the tanuki-masked-boy and him were in the same location at the same time. So the chances of Renshu being there are very low."

I snickered. "Not necessarily. The first branch has the power to create illusions, however those usually involve a change of landscape. It could also be a doppelg?nger spell."

"Doppelg?nger spells are difficult, but if Yuuta really is the tanuki then it would have be a doppelganger, " Ms. Key said. "Lucette can see through illusions, and neither the tanuki-masked boy, or Yuuta were illusions."

"Hmm, I'll try to see what I can discover, " Hal said, jumping off of the final step.

"Are you really the best person for this?" Hikaru questioned, hiding a skeptical smile. "You aren't exactly a quiet person."

"He is the best suited person, " Vermeil affirmed, patting her teammate on the back. "I can vouch for his skills. I'll be going with him to shield him during his search."

"I'm quite lucky, aren't I?" Hal said, rubbing his chin and nodding triumphantly. Not like he had won anything, but then again... Spending time with Vermeil wasn't a bad set up.

"You sure are, " I said with a wink. "Being accompanied by the likes of Vermeil."

Nyima pushed me. "Wipe off your drool and change into your uniform."

I blushed, wiping my mouth. "I am not drooling!"

Nyima chuckled as she left to prepare breakfast.

I got cleaned up and grabbed a chocolate granola bar to eat on the go.

"Will that be enough to keep you from crashing

e first time ended up being very salty. The recipe I modified it from used Oban mushrooms which have little natural salt content."

"Why did you change it?" I questioned. "Isn't Aking more commonly eaten in the north while Oban is widespread across Kyuu Seishin?"

"I heard that Aking allows a dish to retain its freshness. I thought that it would be a perfect fit for a festival in which food isn't always eaten immediately. If I put Aking then one can eat it later and it'll taste just as good as when it was made."

"Good idea, " Adela said, smiling. "We should try getting some Aking too."

"We're going to have to look at other stores than the one we went to last time, " I said. "I didn't see any Aking when we were there."

"Aking isn't sold around these parts during this time of year. It is only sold around fall and winter. I know a farm in the north that can ship you some, " Ren said.

"Really?" Adela said. "How much would it cost to ship them?"

He shrugged. "I'll have to ask Nobuyuki first."

"Why Nobuyuki?"

"His parents are the owners of the farm. I'll go and call him. Let's exchange information so I we can get in touch."

Adela took out her phone and exchanged contact information with Ren by using their phones' infrared communications. Once they were done, the dog-like boy waved good bye and finally left.

I pulled her in closely. "Should we trust him?" I questioned, glancing over at the door to make sure that he didn't return. "Those mushrooms could end up being laced with poison or something that could hurt us in some shape or form."

Adela sighed. "You're being too paranoid. We will just have to have Hal check them for poison in order to relieve your doubts."

Hal put down his hammer and glanced over at us.

"Poisons?" The young poison mage said with a grin. "I can detect them so long as they aren't dust-particle-sized-poisons. I'm still not strong enough to detect those. Luckily those are very rare. I doubt that they'll be able to get a hold of them, even if they do turn out to be our enemies."

**Solar Notes: I'll also like to thank you all for your support thus far *bows*. Speaking of support, this chapter was dedicated to DragonRiderEXE as thanks for the advice and support he had given me when I first published this work, thanks a lot D.R. ^_^. **

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