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   Chapter 85 NO.85

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"The storm clouds gather overhead as the final battle nears"


Renshu descended into the darkness. There was no functioning light switch in this side of the building for whatever reason. He was sure there was a reason behind why it wasn't fixed. If the spot indeed lead to the hiding spot of the eight then that would put further credibility toward his theory; at least some of the eight were part of the council. They had to be a part of it, for who else apart from them, Shin'en, and the princes would have such an authority?

"What are you doing here?" a voice echoed. Renshu spun around and saw a young man with glowing cat-like eyes.

"Flower Rain!" Renshu shouted, sending hot-pink flower petals in every direction.

The cat boy jumped back and spat out crimson flames, lighting the petals on fire as well as the darkness. He wore dark red robes like those of someone belonging to a cult.

Renshu snickered and unleashed a torrent of vines and roots as he ran forward.

Great job, lighting up the place, fool.

"Xianian Style: Forest Imprisonment!" Renshu screamed at the top of his lungs as he stopped and slammed the upper steps with the palms of his hands. Green and white vines tore through the mysterious young man's robe and were a few centimeters short from the mask. "No one can defeat the Mystic Idol, Renshu!"

"Tsk, " the guy said, snickering. The vines were pulled back from the mask but not by his own hands. A pair of shadowy hands yanked the vines away and shredded them into pieces. "You really aren't a smart one, coming all the way here without back up. You're just like that stupid girlfriend of yours."

Renshu clenched his hands into fists as memories of smiles and sadness sprung forth.

These guys were going to pay dearly for what they did to her...

"You bastards, you have no remorse, do you? What you did to her and the others have no words. I will make you regret what you did!" Renshu continued to charged forward and aimed a punch for the mask... but as soon as he did, the shadows crept up his right arm. "What's this?"

Laughter echoed across the darkness as the petals finished burning into ash. "You really thought that I would have allowed myself to get discovered so easily? As for making us regret what we did, that will never happen. Your kind will pay for its trespasses. Especially that priestess of yours."

"Adela? I won't allow you bastards to hurt her!" Renshu yelled, causing vines to tear the stairs underneath. Yet, more shadows clasped his body. They tightened around him like the silk of a silkworm being wrapped around its body as it metamorphosed.

"Yes. That girl. I was kind enough to give her a warning, yet she appears to have refused."

"A warning?"

"Yes, one apart from that which we gave her entire team and that of the ghost mage's. Now

ection to your clan?"

"Yes, the Lan, those who serve the god of storms, the same deity which slayed my clan's benefactor."

'Kitsune' nodded. "Good, good. Now, there's a third mission. I want you to get the princes and their aunt to drop the investigation."

'Hebi's' ears perked up. "Boukyaku? True, that would be wise to do. I rather he not involve himself in this."

"Aww, do you still love him?" 'Itachi' asked.

'Hebi' stood up. "I...don't have such feelings. I can't bare such feelings towards such a person especially after learning his family's secret."

Kitsune raised his hand. "Wait, I got more to talk about still. The fourth mission is for you to make contact with the princess of Sera. To rebuild this Empire's strength, we'll have need for her and her country. We must snatch Sera back from the Higher Evolutionary Hierarchy's sphere of influence. Last, but not least is the deadline. I wish for you eight to rid this school of its exchange students by the end of the upcoming festival. If you fail then there's a high chance that we might all be uncovered soon enough."

"Nonsense, " 'Itachi' said, waving his right hand dismissively. "We won't be. Even if we were, we'll defeat them."

'Neko' nodded. "Yes. I myself told Renshu that. Though I'll admit that it's to our advantage to remain in the shadows. A true ninja prefers to not fight in the open. The shadows are where he belongs."

'Kitsune' smiled as he rose from his seat. "Very good. It seems that you eight know full well what's at stake in all of this."

The other eight stood up and put their fists against their chests. "We shall accomplish this, for the return of glory to the Empire of Kyuu Seishin! May The Nine grant us the power to let it be so!" all nine conspirators chanted in unison.

**Solar Notes: What do you think will happen now? Any theories as to who 'Kitsune' truly is?**

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