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"The path to the truth lies within the path of the glorious one. The one on high."

Previously on Novus Magus: On the way out of Nine Petal Academy, Iah and I were attacked by a girl dressed in red robes. - Nyima.


I jumped off of my water dragon as the mysterious person evaporated the dragon from a foot away. I softened my landing by casting a bed made out of bubbles and rolled to the ground. Without wasting a second, I jumped back on my feet and gaze up at the figure who was descending slowly.

The mysterious person appeared to be female as its figure was like that of a well endowed woman. The woman glanced up, revealing a red and white salamander's mask.

The figure ignored Iah and me as she drew something from beneath her long sleeves. Whatever it was, she flung it at Vita's direction.

The object vaporized in an instant.

"Woah, " Iah said, eyes wide.

Vita had been shielded by a strange force, a barrier that was only visible for that brief moment. She held her book close to her chest as she gave the attacker a cold look.

"Are you one of the eight who has messed up my plan to make the freshman feel welcome?" Vita asked of the salamander.

The mysterious young woman pulled out a black sword from her cloak's sleeve and flung flames at the barrier. "The first years aren't our only targets this time around. We seek to rid this school of all its exchange students. So, Vita Trithemius, you are also one of our targets. Same with Haroun and the others." Sparks flew out of the barrier as the black sword collided with it.

Vita didn't flinch at all, instead she calmly asked, "Why do you seek to hurt us? What have we ever done to you?"

"Your kind killed the mother of our leader, your kind has stolen from us. Our land was taken by those foreign nations. Why must we, proud Kyuu Seishinians, accept the likes of you within our greatest magic academy?"

Vita shook her head at the girl. "You are mistaken child. You've grown up being taught lies. Your history isn't based entirely on reality."

"Stop sprouting nonsense, " the girl yelled as she slashed at the barrier once more.

Vita undid her barrier and approached the girl. "You think I'm lying? Then come, let's see which one of us is stronger!"

The two flung themselves into the air and flew around like the characters in the ninja anime that Lei loved to watch so much. Flaming weapons filled the sky but each and everyone was deflected back or vaporized by Vita.

"Amazing, " Iah said. His mouth was wide open at the flashes of fire coming to life and burning out soon after. But just like the flames were brief, so too was the battle.

The girl in red fell to her knees within a few minutes and coughed out blood as Vita walked over to her and smiled smugly. "Didn't I warn you?"

I was right, she is incredible. Not even five minutes have passed, and the battle is already over!

"Damn you, " the mysterious girl roared as she inched away from Vita. She sent a wall of flames toward us but Vita stepped in. The hoinian closed her eyes and slammed her hands even as the fire wall came a few centimeters from touching her. Suddenly the wall of fire came crashing down on us in the form of water.

"What was that?" Iah asked, still in awe at what just happened.

Vita adjusted her reading glasses and said, "It's something called Alchemy." She kneeled down in front of the girl and reached for the mask. At that moment a wave of sand enveloped the salamander woman.

"You finally made it, " the young woman said, laughing.

"Sorry, I was busy with something, " a young man said. The boy wore a solid light blue yukata and a tanuki mask. He had no footwear on for some reason. Seeing him like that reminded me of someone, but I couldn't quiet place as to who it was. "Let's get out of here."

The girl violently shook her head. "No, I'm not leaving here until I defeat Vita!"

The boy sighed and grabbed her by the arm. "Our enemies aren't them. Our true enemies are those within the council."

"What did you say?" Vita said, stepping toward him.

The boy tur

f the eight."

I opened the folder. The first page had the tanuki boy in a brown yukata and again wearing no footwear. His hair was also far longer and tied together in a loose ponytail. It described the boy as having the ability to create illusions using his eyes which are normally brown but can turn completely black while the whites turn golden, resembling the eyes of a tanuki.

The second page was of a boy dressed completely in ninja like clothing in addition to a black cat mask. It described the boy's ability to transform into a giant cat covered in flames.

"This was the cat person I told you about, " Adela said.

"So there's two that we've more than once, " Lei said.

I turned the page again. It had a picture of the mysterious girl wearing the same clothes and mask as she did today. It described her sword as having the ability to draw prana towards it and ultimately the soul.

"How strong are these people?" I said.

"Those abilities are typical abilities for members of the Kyuu-Hyaku clan, " Iah said. "Hmm, why was there no info on a girl with a shark's mask?"

Typical of Kyuu-Hyaku members? If these are the powers of the Wudi's archenemies, than what hidden powers does his clan have?

"That's because last year there were only six people who attacked us. The girl you saw in the shark mask, and the boy in the dog mask are likely freshman, " Orichalcum said.

"Other than their masks we got little information on their appearance, " Ona said. "Luckily Renshu was with you when the entire group appeared."

"They had said something about being hired or ordered when they first appeared in front of us, " Iah said as he looked down at his now empty bag of potato chips. "Do you know anything about someone like that?"

"Someone who formed their group? None that I can think of. If I had to guess, I assume that person might be from the fox branch."

"Why do you suggest that?" Hikaru asked.

"Because eight of nine beasts are represented. I imagine their leader being part of the branch that isn't represented, which are the foxes, " Ning said.

"Foxes? So it must be someone from Eien's branch, " I said, rubbing my chin. "We should ask him if he knows anything."

"Hopefully Renshu figures out something, " Ona said.

"Renshu?" Adela asked. "Shouldn't he be heading here?"

"No, he decided to do some snooping, " Ning said, taking one of An's cookies. "I would've accompanied him, but he rather do it alone."

"Snooping, huh?" Hal said, crossing his arms. "I wouldn't have mind doing some myself."

"Hopefully he'll be alright, " Ona said, his eyes drooped down.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. What did you think of Vita's magical skills?**

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