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I left Lei and Adela to go check up on our missing teammate. After class Nyima left our group to go grab her project with Yuuta.

I should have been happy that one of us was at least making a friend outside of the group...but I felt something was off about the guy. Ever since we met, I felt that he wasn't someone to be trusted. Yet here Nyima was... doing just that.

"Nyima hurry up, " I said peeking into the class. "Nyima!" I had to tell her and the others about what Adela had told Lei and me. Not to mention that she could be attacked if left alone.

Nyima didn't pay me any attention instead she was listening and smiling as Yuuta talked about their jewel. The crystal had turned out beautifully. It resembled a golf-ball sized sapphire with a radiant eye effect likely caused by impurities in the construction.

I walked into the class and lifted up the cover of my project. I sighed. It wasn't finished yet but I doubted it would ever look as good as what Yuuta and Nyima made together.

"Iah, " Nyima said, turning around. "When did you arrive? Checking on your project? How is it coming along?"

I glanced up at her and closed my project. Turning around, I walked over to the front door before finally saying something. "That doesn't matter right now, " I said, keeping my head straight but my eyes low. "There's something important I need to tell you. Well, more like we need to tell you."

Yuuta settled down their necklace. He was still putting the finishing touches on it.

"I'll finish up here, you can go with him, " the guy said. I gazed back at the two and saw that Yuuta was smiling.

Nyima glanced back and forth between us. She continued to do that for a minute or so. "Uh, are you sure? You said that you'll give it to me, so shouldn't I be putting more work into it?"

The guy chuckled. "I have no problem with doing most of the work. Plus, you've helped in your own way."

She gazed at the jewel, giving it a puzzled look. "Really? When? How?"

I strode over to her and grabbed her by the arm. "Enough, we need to go!"

"What's the big deal?" Nyima said, glaring at me as we were exiting the room. "Is the school burning or something?"

"It's dangerous to be alone!" I snapped, glaring at her. Nyima opened her mouth as if shocked by my reaction. To be honest, I was also surprised by my tone...yet I couldn't help it. Seeing the two of them together like that... "Ms. Key told us to stick together."

She scoffed. "I'll be alright, Yuuta is here. The two of us should be able to handle them."

This time it was my turn to scoff. "Yuuta? You don't even know how strong he is! Have you seen him fight? Huh? Have you?"

She adverted her gaze. "No, but one can tell by his prana alone. Yuuta's prana, it's rather unique."

Unique? What in the world is she going on about? His prana fells barely any different than those of other members of his branch.

I snickered bitterly. "You do know that he might be one of them, right?"

Nyima's eyes widened and she stopped in the middle of the dimly lit hall. The lights had been dialed down from their usual white to an dark orange glow. Whoever did it might or might not have been trying to make us feel uneasy.

Nyima however paid no attention to the light. She pulled her arm away from my grasp. Her blue eyes looked at the arm as if she expected it to be red, but I hadn't grabbed her hard enough to leave marks, nor would I ever dare to do so.

Though...did my grasp still hurt her?

"Listen, I..."

She narrowed her eyes and spun around, walking the opposite direction.

"Hey! Wait up! Where are you going?" I shouted, striding after her.

"I am taking my own path, not the one you wish for me to take."

I stopped and took a deep breath.

Damn, you went ahead and made her mad. Way to go, Iah.

I allowed her to make the distance between us wider until she was several meters away from me. She didn't seem to notice as I hide behind the corner of the lockers. Blending with the shadows wasn't something difficult for me either. In fact, it was as if they were aiding me. Perhaps it was because of who my father was that they bended to my will.

As we neared the stairs, Nyima stopped once more. This time she glanced over her shoulder. Letting out an exasperated sigh, she made her way back up. The way she moved told me that she knew I was following her. I mean, she would certainly have more urgency if she

er attention back to Vita. "So, what about Zelde's group?"

Vita pressed her chin against the book in her hands. "The reason is the same as Alto's group but for all four member. However, I must say that I'm surprised that the Wahkan prince even made it."

"That's also what Koukyuu said, " Nyima said, frowning.

Vita nodded. "She was correct. Wanikiya's test results are odd. The initial results I got showed him having scores lower than another boy, yet he somehow made it to this school."

What did Wanikiya do? Did he cheat? Wait, someone hacked the test prior to the initial announcement ceremony. We never did find out who had done it or if anything had been tampered with. Could Wanikiya have really tampered with the results, or at least had someone do so for him?

No, that's not important right now. What is important is finding out who those eight are.

"Hey, do have any information on the student council?" I asked.

"The council?" Vita grinned. "Yes I do. You wish to know the power of your potential enemies, don't you?"

"How do you know that?" Nyima said, stepped away from her.

She chuckled and tapped her book as she stood up from the wooden bench. "As you must know, my teammates are Boukyaku and Lucette. There's barely anything occurring in this school which I'm not aware of. Not saying that those two are snitches. Honestly, I shouldn't even know half of what I do. Now, about the council..."

"Be quiet Vita, " a voice rang across the empty plaza. Flames exploded behind Vita who jumped foward and spun around to see the bench lit reduced to ash.

That flame had come from the direction of the rooftop of the main building. At the edge of the roof was a figure dressed in drooping red robes.

"Stay here, " Nyima said, running toward the castle-like building. "I'll find out who it is." She formed a water blob and jumped into the air. The blob expanded and elongated into a dragon before her feet could return to the ground.

"Be careful!" I yelled.

"I'll be fine, you worrywart!" she yelled back as the dragon flew higher. "Release!" Arrows of water formed from the dragon's scales and locked their sights on the mysterious figure.

The stranger leapt down from the rooftop without any hesitation as the arrows flung past her.

"Be careful, " Vita called out this time.

"Do you know who it is?" I said, keeping my eyes on Nyima as she followed the descending figure.

Vita stepped forward and shook her head. "I'm not sure, but she's giving off an immense spiritual pressure."

I closed my eyes and felt a wave of heat around the plaza. How was it that I couldn't feel the pressure at first? Unless...

**So, what do you think about the council? Do you think that Iah is right to suspect them, especially of Yuuta? Or is Nyima the one who is right? Or do you think both might be right in their own way? Tell me what you think in the comments :). Also, don't forget to vote if you enjoyed it!**

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