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"Falling cheery blossoms petals dance their ethereal dance"

Previously on Novus Magus: Our first day and the start of the 2nd day (the first of actual classes) at Nine Petal Academy have't exactly gone so well. During first period on day two, we were attacked by a group of eight who are currently seeking to see of us exchange students leave the academy. We were promised by regnant Shin'en, that he would investigate. While we wait for the investigation to end we continue with our school life like normal. Or maybe not so normal with figures such as 'Mr. Ogre' around... -Lei


After school, we all went our separate ways. Nyima said she was going to go check on her project. While Orion went straight for the dorm, too tired to check out the Rank Battle Ring. The one who did rush toward it was Ayawamat. As for the others, I had no idea where they had ran off to.

I would've checked it, but honestly, I too needed a break after such a hectic first day.

"Which club should we check out next?" I said, looking around the various verdant grass, and cemented fields of the school. According to Lucette the area was called 'the Sports Arena'. There were some actual arenas not so far from where we stood, one of which was built to host a game for the Mahoulympics years nine years ago.

Adela eyed the soccer field in the distance with interest.

"Want to go there?" Iah asked.

"Did you hear? There's a freshman going around the various sport clubs, " a passerby girl whispered to her friend.

"Various clubs?" her friend said, eyes wide. "How does anyone have the stamina?"

My ears twitched. Someone with a lot of stamina? Did that mean that they had a lot of prana? Perhaps there was something that I could learn about prana control from observing such a person.

"Let's check out the club they're going to, " I said, rushing off after them.

Adela, Iah, and I followed the girls to the outdoor soccer field that Adela was glancing at a moment ago.


"Go Ren!" we heard a girl yell as soon as we arrived at our destination.

Ren was running around an emerald field of grass. His eyes darted left, right and forward as he avoided the other players with the precision and grace of a professional player. How had he learned to play like that? Not to mention at so young an age?

If only I could play sports that didn't involve using magic.

"Lei, " Adela said, touching my shoulders. "Are your lungs hurting?"

"Huh?" I gazed down and saw that I was gripping my shirt like I usually did when I could barely breathe. "Oh, it's nothing major."

Why had I been born with asthma and a frail body? Why was I so weak?

I looked up and saw Ren kick the ball toward a lanky boy with cat-like eyes.

Adela shivered as she noticed his eyes too. "Cats."

"Are you afraid of cats?" Iah asked.

She shook her head. "I didn't get a chance to tell you or the others, did I?"

"Tell us what?" I asked as I turned to face her.

"I felt someone following us when we were searching for Nyima. That was the real reason why I left. The person was dressed in all black clothing and had on a cat mask. I couldn't capture him. Somehow this person knew about my weakness to fire as he taunted me about my inability to move after seeing his blue flamed kunai."

"Woah, a real ninja?" I said, shiny eyed. I lowered my head as Adela's maintained a stoic face. "I mean, it's too bad that he got away. I should've gone with you, maybe then I could've battle a real ninj

"I can't believe that you lost, " a familiar voice said. We all turned to look at Haroun as he walked into the field. In one hand he carried a bag of food while in the other was a five gallon bottle of water.

Boukyaku crossed his arms and smiled at his friend as he said, "I lose from time to time too, I'm not a machine!"

Haroun snickered as he put down the five gallon container. "Even though you try to give the impression that you are. Your student council meeting is about to start. Lucette already went on ahead. Ren, you should go too."

"I'll be there soon. I need to shower first, " Ren said, wiping the sweat of his forehead with his jersey.

"As do I, " Boukyaku said. He touched his sweat drenched shirt. "Normally I don't sweat this much."

"Machine, " Haroun muttered, a playful smile playing on his lips.

The first prince turned his back to his friend. "Shut up..."

Haroun chuckled and turned toward us. "Hey, you two. Have either of you seen Vermeil?"

"Vermeil? Do you need something from her?" Adela said.

"I was hoping to see her. I haven't gotten the chance to see her since we arrived."

"Is she your girlfriend?" Ren asked, grinning. "I was pretty sure that you liked a certain girl in your team."

Boukyaku laughed and put his left arm around his friend. "This guy only has eyes for Vita."

Haroun pushed him away. "Get away. I'm going to stink now, thanks to you!" His face was deep red. "Also, I don't like that oblivious book girl. As for Vermeil, she's my sister."

"Really?" Ren said. "You don't look alike at all."

"You met her?"

"Yeah, we had the same first period. So, are you truly siblings?"

"Well, not biologically."

"Vermeil's parents are his foster parents, " Boukyaku said as he stepped away from his friend.

Haroun frowned. "I'm going to go take this stuff over to the student council room before it gets cold."

"I wonder what kind of stuff he has experienced, " Adela said. Her gaze was fixed on Haroun as he walked through a shower of cheery blossom petals.

"I've spoken out of line already, " Boukyaku said, keeping his eyes down. "Adela, go with Youko, she'll show you to the girls' shower room. Lei, come with us."

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