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I gave the proctor the most innocent grin I could, even more so than the one I had flashed Nyima outside. "I mean Mr. O' great one."

The man glared at me, clearly not buying it. "Continuing on. The next area involves the source of magic itself, prana. You will be tested on various areas which are: Prana stored in your magicae organum, prana flow, and prana restoration speed. Of course, I'll also take into account your elements seeing how they all cause prana to function differently."

"Wow, this really does sound like the entrance exam all over again. Can we who passed it just be excused?" I asked.

"Yeah, can't we?" Hal asked, giving him his best smile.

"Would save us a lot of time, " brother said, nodding.

"Sure would, " sister whispered, afraid to have the man's wrath directed at her.

The man slammed my desk once more. "Listen here Mr. Funny guy, you will take the test. This is test is far more difficult than the entrance exam. In fact, they should have used this for the exam... instead of the easy test they had. I mean, comparing mediocre against mediocre doesn't mean much."

Iah snickered. "Oh, did you just call us exchange students mediocre? You will regret your words."

"Fine, then let us begin, " he said. "We'll be going to the gym."

I jumped to my feet and gave the ogre man a toothy smile. "My magic will blow you away, literally, " I said.


We returned to the gym where we had met the eight. This time instead of a illusionary labyrinth-like jungle gym were the same devices that we had used for the exam.

"You are to hit certain goals. They will start small, but gradually increase. The more of them that you manage to complete, the higher you score."

Ulissis face turned pale.

Alto patted him on the back. "You will be fine... I think."

"Why did they give me this class?" he asked, shaking his head. "I can't..."

"Well, that's likely why, " Hal said, nudging him forward.

Does this guy have magic or not? He did somehow manage to pass the entrance exam, so he must have it. Or how else would he have been allowed into Nine Petal?

"Now, everyone, spread out. I assume that you all know how to use these machines by now."

We all spread out and entered one of the cubicles and placed the sphere against our stomachs. "Pour your prana into the sphere as fast as you can."

This time I managed to get my results quicker than during the entrance

wasn't bad, just the teacher.

"What are all of you looking at?" 'Mr. Ogre' barked. "Lets return to the test or I'll make you all stay after class to finish it!"

"Yes, Mr. Ogre!" I said as I ran toward one of the tubes. "Opps, I mean, Mr. O Great one!" This time my nickname wasn't a slip.

"My name is Mr. Obi!"

I glanced back and saw Koukyuu snicker as she stayed back to watch. "Mr. Ogre certainly fits you, though. Don't you think?"

Mr. Obi glared at her. "Have some respect for your elders, young lady. You must remember that despite your brother being married to the former queen of this nation, you are still only a low ranked noble. So nothing about you puts you on top of me to warrant such show of disrespect."

The black haired boy scratched his head. "She may be low ranked, but she certainly has more grace than you, Mr. Ogre." He grabbed Koukyuu's hand and pulled her away. "Lets go and meet back up with Sonata."

"Let go of me, I can walk there myself, " she said, freeing herself from his grasp. She smiled at him. "Thanks, Hideo."

The boy's face flushed. "It's... nothing."

Hideo? I touched my head. Where had I heard that name before?

**Character Section**

Hideo Makkuroyama- Sex: Male Age: 26 Title(s): Knight of the Sniper Rifle, One of the Five Knights of Prophecy, The Man Who Pierced the Leviathan's Eye Power: Wind Home country: Kuroriku (Zionia (A.K.A. Realm of Angels))

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :D! What do you think of Mr. Obi/ 'Mr. Ogre' thus far? Also, any guesses as to what Koukyuu, Sonata, and the young man-- Hideo-- are up to?**

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