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"To fight is to live, to live is to fight"

? Iah ?

The bell rung as Xue and I were putting our jewel inside a pot filled with sand. Using my earth magic, I covered it up rapidly and ran over to my table and grabbed my backpack, running out to get to my next class on time. My last class of the day was Spell Proficiency.

I sat down in one of the front seats and glanced around the boring looking classroom. I saw only unknown first years with a few unknown second and third years thrown into the mix.

"Hello, " a familiar person greeted some of the other other students seated in the front row. It was Ren, the boy who had made an unusually higher ranked potion than one would expect from someone who had created a monster out of their first potion.

Ren noticed me and grinned, making his way toward me. "You're Iah, right?" he said as he walked past me.

"You should know, I just introduced myself in the previous class."

He snickered. "Oh, right. Sorry. I'm not that good with names."

I snickered. "It's fine." He was the only one who even got close to me. Everyone else was at least two seats away, if not more.

Ren frowned as he noticed what was going on. "Why are they avoiding you?"

I leaned back on my seat and chuckled. "You should know, considering the reaction that you and the other three had last class. It's probably because I'm a Wudi."

"You're faster than I expected, " Xue said as she entered the class. She dropped her stuff on the desk next to mine. "You left before putting our name on our project."

I rubbed my right shoulder shyly. "Sorry about that. Are Nyima, Adela, and Lei coming?"

She shook her head. "They should be on their way."

"Iah!" I looked up and saw Alto wave at me.

He was accompanied by Ulissis, Sarah, Hikaru, Yen, Nuk, and Adela.

Alto sat down to my right. "Think we'll get a chance to battle?"

I scoffed. "In this class? No way. Unless if that's to recreate a historical battle."

"So, it seems we were split, " Hikaru said, glancing at the different halves of the four teams.

"But that we ended up evenly split is kind of creepy, and I don't just mean during this period."

"I don't think this is a coincidence, " Adela whispered. "I am guessing that the ones in charge of putting the classes together took the liberty of making sure that we were all limited to being divided between two class at all times."

"Is that right?" I said, turning to look at Alto. "You were with at least with one of the other groups after we split up?"

Alto nodded. "We did. For second period my group was with Sarah and Nuk's groups. Third period we were with Hikaru and Sarah's groups."

"It makes sense, " Ren said, nodding his head.

I eyed him susp

ei a dry look. "I already told you that I start this class when I want to. Now, allow me to continue. There are three areas that will focus on magic alone, which are: Raw Spell Power, Casting Speed, and Control. You are to show each of those separately and then together. Being able to do all three at once is more important than anything else. Casting a powerful spell, but lacking control of it is worthless. As is being too slow at casting them."

"I see, " Lei said, writing down some notes in a green notebook he pulled from his blazer's pockets. "Hmm, reminds me of the entrance exam. If it's anything like it then I'll be sure to ace this!"

The man slammed his table again. "This isn't the time for a lecture. It's a test!"

Lei closed his notebook, unfazed by Mr. Ogre's angry reaction as the rest of the class flinched. I had never seen such a controlling personality to the degree that this man had, and had my own share of big ego tutors. Some of which I kindly showed the door to...

"Sorry, I tend to remember stuff easier when I write it down, " Lei said, scratching his head with his pencil. "Please continue, Mr. Ogre."

Woah, what did he just call him? Oh wow!

The man's eyes widened, his face became red, and his nostrils flared. He slammed the table again, this time causing cracks to appear on it. "Trying to be funny, huh?"

The rest of the class let out small chuckles but those were quickly stopped once 'Mr. Ogre' directed his red eyes at them.

Lei bit his lower lip as he wiped away some of the proctor's spit from his face. He quickly slammed his head against the table as if he couldn't believe he just let his thoughts slip out like that.

**Solar Note: What are your thoughts on their latest teacher? I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :D! Look forward to the next one!**

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