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"The Art of making is a lovely sensation far more beautiful than that of destroying."


"Alright, everyone pay attention here, " Mrs. Akiyama yelled at the class. "Your first project will be to make wearable pieces that will amplify your magic. I will show you an example." She summoned a tablecloth with sand, coal, ether crystals of low quality, and leather.

"This first step can only be done by an earth, crystal, or psychic mage, " she continued. She lifted the coal and the crystals and mixed them together rapidly until only a blue tinted piece of coal remained. "Next you pour the sand over it while it's over the flame." She levitated the coal into a furnace and poured sand over the stuff through an opening on top of the furnace. "This process will take a couple of hours but the end result is this." She manifested a blue spherical jewel. "This kind of jewel can be mounted on a scepter or into a necklace."

"Amazing, " Iah said. "Wait, we only be in class for about another hour and a half, how will we finish the project?"

"Good question, this process will require one of you to take a small furnace and heat it up while in your next class or at home. You can also speed up the process."

A screeching noise came from the furnace with her example. She didn't speak for the next five minutes. She walked over to the furnace and lifted out a blue jewel with her magic. "A water mage please."

I got up and chanted Aqua. The water evaporated as it cooled down the jewel. Once it was cooled down she placed it on her desk.

"This new jewel isn't as high grade as the pre-made one but it's still a good jewel. If you seek a higher quality jewel you can constantly pour sand into it for two days."

"Two days?" Lei said, looking up from his notebook.

"It is grueling work, but the jewels that are produced are amazing, " Yuuta said. "It's easier to do with two people."

"You can also take breaks and put the jewel inside a batch of sand and ether crystals. Doing so will give it slightly different properties. The pre-made one for example boosts the raw power of one's magic. The one I made just now boosts speed. One made using the third method will boost the power of defensive magic."

"So even though they have the same ingredients the amount of work put into them results in something completely different?" Lei said as he took notes in his now infamous notebook.

"Yeah. Oh, but don't think that you have to make one of these, you and your partner are free to make whatever item you choose from the various mater

me. You still owe me for bumping into me."

Lei flinched as if cursing himself for mentioning it. "Fine... I'll make it up to you." He took out a sapphire that was buried with his pile of emeralds. "I noticed your cross had one so I went and got one... I was going to use it on my sword but I think it fits you better." He flashed me a toothy grin. "It truly does, considering your hair is nearly as blue as the sapphire and the sea."

I laughed. "You came her to bring this to me, didn't you?"

Lei's face reddened. "I..." Quickly, he placed the stone in my hands and marched back to his table.

Shiori was busily striking at the sword and gave Lei an irritated look once he had returned.

"Cool, " Yuuta said, looking over my shoulder.

"What is?" I said.

He grabbed the sapphire from my hands and struck the coal-crystal with it. "Your friend found himself a rare sapphire."

"What do you mean?"

"Ah, sorry. I guess I didn't give you much time to see. It had an "eye-effect" which is only produced when there are impurities within the sapphire. The sapphire your friend found seems to have a special impurity, Alter."

"Alter? As in the mineral found only at the bottom of the oceans?"

"Yes. Do you know what mystical properties it has?"

I grinned. Thanks a lot, Lei.

"Yes I do."

I turned around and saw Lei striking at the sword with a hammer while Shiori barked orders at him. Was something the matter with him? Usually he would snap back at the person insulting him or his friends, like he did during our previous class. Only later would I discover how intimidating Shiori could be...

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