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"To learn is to grow. To grow is to mature. To mature is to live."

Previously on Novus Magus: I was looking for a place to eat when I tripped over a nearly tripped over a boy with a sleeping issue, Yuuta Akiyama, my proctor from the exam. Come to think about it, that last name sounds familiar... Anyway, he was kind of handsome and mysterious guy but also a weird one...-Nyima


The only students in the class, apart from Yuuta, were Ren and a girl with jade hair and snake like eyes. It was Mayu, another of the proctors from the test.

"What class is this?" I asked, just to make sure. I eyed the empty black chairs once more. "Where are the rest of the students?"

"This class is Tool Synthesis, " the woman who looked like Yuuta said. "It's an elective course, albeit one that is unpopular."

"Why?" Hal said. "Do the majority of Kyuu Seishinians hate making personal weapons?"

"It's not that, " Mayu said in a low voice, barely above a whisper. She looked up from the book that she was reading.

Apparently she was into romance novels as she was reading the biggest international hit at the moment, 'Anilla'. And how do I know that it's romance? Well, I might have, sort of have read it.

"Despite being an elective, this has a very small acceptance rate, " the teacher responded.

"Only one Kyuu Seishinian of each grade normally gets in, " Ren said. "Even for you foreigners it isn't easy. That you're here means that you scored high in the prana control sections of your test."

"I didn't think I did that well, " An said, rubbing his stomach nervously.

"I bet you didn't, " Mayu said, returning to 'Anilla'.

"Can you eight move out of the way, " a boy with weasel-like eyes barked at us.

"Shiori, " the snake eyed girl said, lowering her book once more. "I didn't know you had this class too."

Shiori walked over and sat down next to his friend. He gave her a dashing smile. "I wanted to surprise you." He shifted his eyes over to us. They seemed as if they were glaring. "So these are this year's foreign first years. Which of you is Iah?"

"So, you've heard of me, " Iah said as he sat down in the closest seat to the door. Iah leered at Shiori. "Would you like to test our strength?"

The white-haired boy smiled slightly, interlacing his long, slender, ivory fingers. His beady, emerald eyes narrowed. "No, I am just interested in seeing this year's talent. Your second compatriots were weak, in fact most of last year's crop of foreigners left."

Yeah, thanks to being intimidated by a group wearing masks.

"Let's stop the chatter and get on with class, " our teacher announced. The rest of us sat down in whichever seat was closest to us. "I'm Mrs. Akiyama and I'l

as Ren sat back down. Upon standing up, she said, "I'm Mayu Suzuran. Just like Hal I like to toy around with venoms. I'm a third year. As for my dream, it's rather similar to Sarah's."

Sarah, Iah, Xue, and Adela straightened their backs upon hearing this. Sarah let out an amused chuckle of her own. A restored Kyuu Seishin and Sera would mean a radical shift in the dynamics of regional geo-politics.

"I'm Shiori Fujiwara, a third year. There isn't anything all that interesting about me, and my dreams are none of your business."

Mrs. Akiyama smiled. "Alright then. To help you familiarize with each other I'll be having you pair up for this first project. The teams are Adela and Ren, Nyima and Yuuta, Lei and Shiori, Mayu and Hal, An and Sarah, and Iah and Xue."

Sarah sighed as if exasperated. An simply smiled at her and moved over to sit down next to her. "It seems like we're teammates, again."

She crossed her arms and looked away. "I'm not happy with it, but at least it's someone I know."

"So we're paired up, " Iah said, walking over to Xue.

Xue stared at him suspiciously.

Iah smiled nervously. "Is something the matter?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You seem familiar."

He scratched his head in confusion. "Have we met before?"

She shook her head. "I don't believe so."

I looked away, only to find Yuuta standing in front of me.

"Hey there teammate, " Yuuta said, chuckling.

I glared at him. "Don't trip me this time."

He smiled similar to An, except there his had a hint of cynicism to it. "So long as you don't try going into forbidden areas."

I crossed my arms, and avoided his eyes. "Hmp."

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