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"A destined meeting, or an accident?"

Previously on Novus Magus: Iah, Alto were being too noisy so I left to find a quieter place to eat. Though, I'm getting a bad feeling that something big will happen soon- Nyima


"Now to find a place where I can eat in peace, " I said, glancing around for the best area to lay down and eat. That was when I saw a set of stairs in a secluded area of the school. Thinking it was a good area to sit down and enjoy my meal, I made my way to the steps. As soon as I reach halfway down into the dimly lit area, I felt something under my feet.

My lunch slipped from my hands and crashed into the floor in an even dark section, so I couldn't even see the mess that resulted. I quickly spun around and caught hold of the rail just before hitting the ground.

Straightening myself up, I glanced up at the spot where I had fall from. Sitting in the steps in the center was a boy with his back leaned against the wall and his eyes closed as if in slumber. He even had dark lines around his eyes as if he hadn't slept in years, or he put on a great deal of eyeliner.

"Hey you!" I snapped. "What are you thinking, sleeping here?" The boy didn't move at all. "Hey, are you alright?" I placed my fingers close to his nose, he was breathing fine. I tapped the boy's side lightly with my foot. Alright maybe not so light, I mean, he did turn violently, nearly hitting his head on the steps. "Hey, I'm talking to you!"

The boy opened an eye, giving me a malicious look as he straighten out. It was then that I remembered as to who he was. He was Yuuta, my proctor during the exam. "Why did you wake me up?" the boy said, crankily.

"You were in the way, " I said, unapologetically. "I could've gotten hurt thanks to you sleeping here."

Yuuta scratched his head, sighing. "You're so loud. Where do you think you're going anyways? This area is forbidden to those who aren't Kyuu Seishians."

"You can tell, even this darkness?"

Even I had a hard time making things out clearly and my eyes were well adapted to it given the training my mother put me through.

He laughed. "It's so obvious for us Kyuu Hyaku clan members, even if one can't see you. We can see the aura inherited from the nine spirit yokai, something you lack." He stood up and stretched his arms into the air, before holding a hand out to me. "Nice to make your acquaintance, first year. My name is Yuuta."

This guy...he's just like Lei, they both think that holding out a hand and smiling will fix everything. Though, unlike Lei, this guy seems to be cooler...

I turned away. "This isn't our first time meeting."

"Oh?" he said, blinking. Nyima. Well I'll be going now."

"Bye now, " Yuuta said, chuckling. I didn't see what was so funny about me tripping over him and nearly falling to my death. Alright, I most likely wouldn't have died from that fall, but still! My food sadly didn't survive.

"Nyima!" Iah and Lei yelled from above.

Iah glared at Yuuta as he descended the stairs. "Did you hurt Nyima?"

"He didn't, " I said, making my way toward them.

"Why are you bleeding?" Lei said. I hadn't felt anything until I saw the blood rolling down my l

er species is one thing, but to hurt even those who are of the same species...honestly there are times when even I can't understand Kyuu Seishinian's way of thinking."

"Not all of us are like that, " a familiar voice called out. The door opened and in came the first prince.

"One shouldn't generalize a whole people based on the actions of some of them, " Boukyaku said. "even if sometimes that segment of the population seems like the majority."

The regnant smiled at his oldest son. "That's true, Katsura taught me that. My son here will be investigating the group of eight who attacked some of you. Until we can guarantee your safety I advise you to go out in groups, it can be in your assigned teams or otherwise." He glanced down at his pocket watch. "It's time for class. Please don't let this deter you from your dreams and goals here.

He directed his blue eyes at Iah.

"Also, it was nice to meet you again, future Emperor of Mina." He shifted his gaze toward Arima. "I look forward to seeing the class representative tournament during the festival."

Another freezing gale enveloped us, this time we appeared outside of our respective classes.

"That was cool, " Lei said. "Now I really want to learn how to teleport!"

"Same here, " I said, looking around. An's group and mine were together, the rest must've been warped someplace else. "What's this class again?"

Lei opened the door. "Crafting I think."

"Welcome, " a woman said, giving us a pearly white smile. The woman looked awfully familiar. That was when it hit me, she had the same wavy hair as Yuuta and even the same brown eyes.

"Hey, Nyima, " Yuuta yelled from the front row.

He waved at me as if he were my long time friend. That guy, he didn't even have that right after forgetting that we met. I mean, who forgets someone who they asked the phone number of? Guy had to be a bigger playboy than Iah or something...

He took the seat next to me and said, "I didn't expect to see you again so soon!"

I narrowed my eyes. "Nor did I."

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