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   Chapter 75 NO.75

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"To love means to protect, to protect means to love"

Previously on Novus Magus: We were attacked by a group of eight masked students who want to have us kicked out of Kyuu-Hanabira high, so that we may leave Kyuu Seishin, and return to our home countries. Though, we aren't willing to leave without a fight. I am unwilling to give in to the demands of these Kyuu Seishinians- Adela


"Bye, " Arima said, as her team went the opposite direction. "We'll meet up with you for lunch."

"Alright, " Iah said, waving goodbye.

I turned to look at Lei as we made our way to our next class. He was smiling at his schedule.

"Yes, Potion and Pill class is next, " Lei yelled. Students stopped walking to direct their eyes on him. He hid behind Nyima. "That was too loud, wasn't it?"

Nyima shook her head at him. "You can be such a child at times. Why are you excited for Potion and Pill class anyways?"

Lei walked in front of her and turned to face her, walking backwards. You do want to be a mage, don't you?" He shook his head at her. "If you do then how can you not be excited for this class? This is the class that will help us grow stronger as mages. The pills we make are used in the cultivation of the magicae organum."

Nyima put her right hand up. "I get it, you can't wait to cultivate, but the ranking pills will take time."

"They probably will be saved for later in the term, " Iah said.

Lei turned around and walked normally. "I don't know, this is Kyuu-Hanabira. Its teaching is said to be a step above the rest of the schools."

I held back a smile. My aunt had already taught me how to create the first few cultivation pills. They are made out of ingredients which will fuse with the Magicae Organum to strengthen it, and thus allowing it to be able to hold more prana.

However, doing so is said to be a very excruciating experience. The higher ranked Magicae Organum one has the more dangerous a pill becomes.

"Adela, " Lei said, waving a hand in front of my face. "Are you still feeling off?"

My face became red. "Uh, no, I'm fine. I was just daydreaming."

Lei laughed. "Well, I don't blame you." He held his hand in front of the door. So, we had arrived.

"Hello, " a green-haired man said as we entered. The man had on a long white lab coat. "Please come in but don't touch the materials on your desks just yet."

"We're making potions already?" Lei said, looking around the room. He reached into his coat's pocket, and pulled out a talisman with two butterflies drawn on it.

I recognized the talisman, it was Xianian in origin. The only one who could've made that for him was his mother, Harmonica Rios.

"Lei, " Wanikiya yelled from the far-right end of the first row. He was sitting with the rest of his team. "You barely made it on time, what happened?"

"We will tell you later, " Iah said, focusing his eyes on

ld've escaped if I tried harder, but I gave up. He probably would have tried to stop me using his time magic anyways.

"Listen to him, " Yen said. "Brother will be fine on his own. If he isn't then I'll just sit down and talk to him later."

I nodded and returned to my seat to put my head down. Close to my head was a potion with the radiant green color of Everweed, Lei had managed to finish his potion before leaving. The grade of the Everweed mixture was that of a one star potion.

I got up again and showed Mr. Suzuran.

"What's wrong?" Mr. Suzuran said.

"Lei made this."

Mr. Suzuran gently cut himself with a small box cutter before pouring a drop of the potion over his hand. His cut was gone right away, something any level one potion can do considering the cut's size. "That boy improved this much?"

"He was nervous, " I said, putting my hands on the sleek black desk. "When you talk to Lei, please go easy on him."

He stared at the burnt tile with that had fallen at the back of the room. "I don't know, he did destroy school property."

"Are material objects more important than standing up for those one cares for?"

He put down the potion and crossed his arms. "That's not necessary the main issue either. Your friend appears to have a difficult time controlling his emotions."

I couldn't say anything, thus far Lei had shown that when angered he was willing to push himself to the limits, even if he ended up hurting others or even himself. That was why his calm reaction during our first encounter with the eight came as such a surprise. In the past, I excused his actions as being defensive, but perhaps that was just me wanting to avoid acknowledging the rage within his heart.

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