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   Chapter 74 NO.74

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-"There are moments in life that are like a dark labyrinth, one that is impossible to escape. But never lose hope, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel."


Arima and my group plus Renshu spent the rest of P.E. class navigating through the jungle-gym-like obstacle course. However, each time we thought we found the exit a wall would appear. And it continued on and on, it was like being inside a living labyrinth.

"Where to now?" Lei said as he touched a dull gray plastic wall which was where a rope ladder once stood.

"We got to get out of here, " I said, glancing down at my red watch. "It's almost time for the next class."

"Koukyuu will surely let us go once the bell rings, right?" Ulissis asked, smiling nervously.

I looked down at the wooden floor.

Would she really? She is Eien's aunt and stood on the sidelines for a while during the whole crazy Zelde debacle on the ship. She might be interested in testing us in her own way.

"I'm... not too sure about that, " I said.

Arima grabbed my arm without warning.

"Something the matter?" I asked, glancing over at the ghost mage.

She nodded as the others turned their attention toward her. "Listen to me everyone. This is an illusion."

Nyima snickered. "I figured that one out awhile ago."

Arima rose an eyebrow at her. "You did? Why didn't you say so sooner?"

"About time you figured that out, " a girl called out. Standing by a rope ladder was a girl wearing a green snake mask. Before we knew what was going on we were surrounded by seven other Kyuu Seishinians, all of which also were wearing animal masks.

"Damn it, it's them, " Renshu said as he raised her arms out and stood his ground.

One of other Kyuu Seishinians chuckled. It was a guy wearing a weasel's mask. "So, you have decided to return. You should have done as your friend did, and given up, " Weasel Mask said in a smooth voice.

"Forest Dragon, Emerge!" I chanted. Vines appeared under the weasel masked boy and gasped his body tightly, some of them even ripped through the black wizard cloak he was wearing. The material however rapidly restored itself.

"Did his clothes just heal themselves?" Ulissis asked, mouth wide open.

"Yeah, " Alto said, taking a step back. He stared at the ceiling which was covered in a thick plastic layer. "Should we fight them or escape here by force?"

I took a step closer and tightened the vine's hold on Weasel Mask.

The guy turned his gray eyes toward Snake Mask.

The vines were pulled toward the girl as if she had bee

Come Aunt, we have to report this to fa- the principle."

"Why not the student affairs council?" Vermeil asked, scratching her head. "I read that this school leaves student issues like bullying in their hands."

"That is the normal protocol, but this is one of the exceptions, " Koukyuu said as her face turned pale. "We believe the student council may have members amongst those eight." She looked at Renshu. "Isn't that right?"

Renshu nodded. "That's my theory, but I haven't been able to tell who they are yet."

"Leaving issues of bullying in the hands of students sounds stupid to me anyway, " Eien said. "Oh well. I got to get going, the next class is going to start soon."

"Do you think the others are alright?" Ulissis asked, gazing nervously at his friends.

"I think so, Eien and his cousin made it sound like there are only those eight, " Arima said.

"We aren't certain it's only those eight, " Koukyuu said, rubbing her chin. "I hope that it's only them and no more, but it'll take time to uproot them from this school. Beware, those eight aren't weak mages. If Eien hadn't stepped in you may have been in trouble before I could break the illusion."

"We will warn the others and be on high alert, " Nyima said.

"I'll contact Ona and Orichalcum to tell the others, " Renshu said. He looked down. "Unfortunately this is where we split. Beware of those eight, they're too strong for even us second and third years to fight alone."

"We'll be fine, " I said, giving him a reassuring nod. "You should also take care."

Renshu bowed before me and vanished in a swirl of leaves.

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