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   Chapter 73 NO.73

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"Don't be blinded by your ideals, you'll only lose sight of them if you do"


I glanced back at An's clothes and backed away from them.

An eyes darted over to his clothes, confused. The rustling of his feet filled the otherwise silent room as Xue remained as silent as a tree.

An turned over to look at us. "My clothes, why are they here? Also, why do they look smaller?"

"I'm so sorry, " Xue said, bowing her head down. "I...I tried to be helpful by washing them but I did so with hot water and I left them in for too long that they shrunk. I got Adela to help me out but she has nothing to do with what happened."

An's face turned bright red. "I see. Well that was awfully kind of you...but...I barely know you."

"Huh?" Xue, Ms. Key, and I said at once.

An fidgeted. "You washed my clothes so that means that... Well we aren't in Aief and you aren't a member of my clan so..." He crossed his hands together and laughed. "Never mind."

I recalled a bed time my father used to tell me of an Aiefian girl who had washed the clothes of the boy she loved to show him her love for him. "Did you think that Xue was hitting on you?"

An's fidgeting returned. "No...Well maybe a bit. You see a girl washing a boy's clothes means that she has feelings for him and desires to be more than friends with him."

"Well I wish I knew that, " Xue said. "I wouldn't have washed them if I knew that."

An blushed some more and went around us to open the washing machine's door. "Ms. Key, how do you turn this on?"

"I'll show you, " Xue said. She instructed him carefully on which buttons he must press and where the nobs needed to be turned, as well as which temperature and how much time was adequate for washing cotton clothes like our uniforms.

"I think everything is fine now, " I said. "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me."

"Thanks for helping me, " Xue said, flashing me a friendly smile.

I shook my head and snickered. "It's nothing, now don't ever go hitting on anymore guys with a method like this again."

Xue blushed. Stomping the floor, she yelled, "I was not hitting on him!"

Wow, I sounded like Iah, Hal, and Nuk when I said that. They are starting to rub off on me.

An's face became red again. "Ah, sorry for thinking that."

Xue spun around. "No, it was my fault for not telling you that I was going to wash your clothes first."

With a grin, I closed the door behind me. Besides us nearly everyone was asleep.

"Nice to see someone else already awake. Think you can you help me make breakfast, " Hikaru said as I walked out of the laundry room. He wore an apron over his school uniform.

I walked over to him and grabbed a knife. "Alright. I'll make omelets for everyone."

"I will be making chicken with curry spices, " Hikaru said as he opened the freezer.

Lei whimpered as he opened his eyes. "What's going on?" As soon as he could clearly see us he ran over and got flour, butter, and milk.

"Can you put strawberries into mine?" I asked. Lei was making his signature pancakes. He loved to cook food that went well with honey... Now that I think about it, the broth was clearly Yutika's idea.


ound the school."

I stood up and followed Renshu out of the class. We split up into three groups and visited the classrooms we were going to later in the day. The last place that Team Arima, and mine saw was in the gym by the entrance of the school.

Sitting in the front row of the class made up of students from multiple grades was Eien.

"Did you sleep well?" Eien asked as he played around with some string.

"Yeah, " I said. "The floor was a bit hard but we could manage."

A familiar person walked into the room. "Welcome to your first real day of class. For those who haven't had the chance to meet me, my name is Koukyuu Kasai no Ki."

She snapped her fingers and the gym floor transformed into a sort of giant jungle gym. Our clothes also changed with the gym, turning the class into a sea of people wearing white t-shirts, and black track shorts.

Ms. Kasai no Ki smiled and said, "Your assignment of the day is to try to make it through this course as quickly as possible. You are to work together in you teams, so please play nice."

Iah snuck in a glance at me while I one back at him. Lei did the same with Nyima for some reason.

"Let's work hard and make it out first!" Lei said, taking a step toward it.

Iah snickered and followed after him. "Right. We will be number one!"

As if from a ghost, an eerie wind blew past me. Yet, there was no one using their magic at the moment. At least, no one in sight.

"Is something the matter?" Nyima asked, stopping. She gazed at the closed gym door. "Feeling ill?"

I shook my head. "No, I felt something. Hmmm, it must've been my imagination."

Perhaps it's paranoia induced by what Renshu and the others had said... or could they actually be here? Those eight?

**Solar Note: Thanks for reading :D! This rewrite sure has expanded the story, the original version I wrote last year was 72 chapters long xD. But then again, I did expand it by an entire arc (the first 15 chapters) and another 15 or so were added to the third (formerly 2nd) arc, so this book should be like 103+ Episodes long when I'm done (again) with it :3**

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