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   Chapter 72 NO.72

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"The light of the divine will shine through any nightmare"


Cold sweat covered my face. I rolled around, waving my hands at the flames around me as the entire island burned down around me. I yelled, or rather I tried to, nothing would come out. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. Standing by what was once the castle of Nine Petal Academy was Iah. His eyes were a dull yellow, as if he hadn't seen the light for years.

Standing by him was an injured Nyima who was desperately healing someone. I approached them and noticed that the person she was healing was Lei. His left arm was covered in dark silver metallic crystals, and his eyes...there was something off with them. As I got closer to help Nyima a fireball struck the three of them down. I looked up and saw a young man with skin as white as a snow rabbit. He grinned at me and formed another fireball.

I tried to gather the elements around me, but nothing happened. I could only stare as Lei and the others were being burned alive. I decided to run into the flames but black chains latched into my arms and legs. I shook around furiously, stomping on the ground, kicking, and trashing. Yet I couldn't do anything. The last thing I saw was Lei trying to smile as his body was covered completely by the strange metal substance.

I let out a howling scream. Sweat rolled down my face as I found myself the darkness of the night.

"What's wrong?" Nyima said, getting up. She looked around nervously. "Someone turn on the lights."

Zelde ran over and switched on the lights.

Yen had barely started to wake up when Zelde turned on the lights. "What's going on? Did you have a nightmare?" Yen asked, rubbing her eyes.

I grasped my chest, sweat covered not only my face, but also my pillow. "I'm...fine..." I looked up at Nyima who was sitting back down. Good, it was all a dream.

I got up and put on my red slippers. "Sorry for disturbing you...I'm going to go get some fresh air."

"Was it that scary of a dream?" Nyima asked. "You're drenched."

I grabbed the doorknob and noticed that my hands were shaking. I covered my left hand with my right in order to open the door. "I...I'm sorry for waking you up. Please go back to sleep."

"Will you really be fine?" Zelde said as she prepared to turn off the lights. "You're shaken."

I hesitated. The dream felt so real...that it did, could it mean several


"This is leather, don't tell me you used warm water?" I said.

"Yes, " Xue said. "I thought it'll work. I've only ever dealt with cotton and silk and the former I washed in the river."

I touched the leather. "They're still wet. It'll take a while for them to stretch out again. In the meantime we need to figure out how to get An to not realize that his clothes are missing. By the way, how did you take them?"

"An left them out so I just grabbed them and quickly ran over to wash them while he went to get his uniform."

I patted her back. "Don't worry, everything will be fine. An seems like a forgiving person, I'm sure he'll forgive you if you tell him what happened."

Xue kicked the table. "That idiot didn't even notice that he left his clothes out and that they vanished, do you think he'll really understand my intentions right away?"

"Yes, I do." For the next hour, Xue and I patted An's clothes with rags to absorb the excess water. Xue jumped as soon as we heard the door upstairs open.

"That could be him, " I suggested.

"I'm going to go wash them...uh can you teach me how to wash them Ms. Key?" we heard An say.

"Sure. I keep forgetting that Aief is very isolated from today's modern conveniences. You're lucky you have me as a teacher. I'll also teach you how to fix these modern conveniences should they break down, " Ms. Key responded.

Xue hid behind me as the knob turned.

**Solar Note: Thanks for reading. The moment that you've all been waiting for is upon us! Hope that you look forward to what I have in store for you guys :3**

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