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"The moon ethereally reflects the light of the sun"

Previously on Novus Magus: Finally, after a long day we got a chance to rest. Our first day in Kyuu Seishin draws to a close- Nyima


"I'm done, " Xue said as she descended the stairs. She put back on her second pearl earring. "Who would like to go next?"

An stood up and made his way toward her. "I'll go!" He paused midway. His face turned red as he leaned in to whisper something to Xue.

Xue patted his back. "It's a bit difficult at first but it's easy once you know how to turn them on and get the temperature you want, " she said. "I'll show you."

"Can we continue talking about this elsewhere, " he said, looking around nervously.

Xue glanced at us. We tried avoiding her glance, well except for Hal who was staring at them with a large smile.

Xue left to show An how to turn on the shower, at least that's what their discussion seemed to be about. She quickly came back with her hair wet again.

"Hal, don't make fun of An when he comes back downstairs, " Xue said, her hands on her hips.

Hal nodded as his grey eyes turned toward the anime on TV. "Shh, it's getting good." The main female character had slashed the large dragon with the male character's metal wires.

"That gives me an idea for a spell, " Adela said.

"I wouldn't want to fight you, " Lei said, snickering.

"Oh no, " Xue said.

"I know right?" Lei said. "Being cut by metal wires is worse than needles?"

"Want to test out your theory?" Hal said, summoning some wire, and needles.

"Not that, " Xue said, getting up.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I didn't ask An if he brought spare clothes."

Adela stood up. "That's right, his clan is said to wear the same thing for a whole year."

"Guys, " An said while hiding behind a corner. "Do you have an extra set of clothes I could use until I wash mine?"

I glanced at Hal, Alto, and Iah, the three guys closest to An's height. Iah though was still deep in dreamland.

Hal snickered. "Sorry bro, but I don't like others wearing my stuff."

"You can borrow some of mine, " Alto said. He grabbed his bag and walked upstairs.

"He's such a good kid, " Ms. Key said. Her eyes shifted downward. "Kind of reminds me of that guy."

"He always has been a nice guy, " Arima said, grinning. "His mother made sure of it."

"I hope that one day I can be as cool as him, " Ulissis said.

"Oh hey, " Vermeil said, tapping An's shoulder.

An vanished behind the corner. His face was bright red.

"Did you forget to bring a change of clothes?" Vermeil said.

An ran back into the room he had come out of. Good thing he wore a towel, I had wondered if Vermeil was some sort of pervert or just used to seeing naked guys.

"Nyima, you're red, " Xue said, pointing at my face.

I turned around and focused on the anime as the credits ran.

"Sarah sure is taking long. Should I go check in on her?" Hal said with his usual smile.

I hit him. "Leave it to one of us girls."

Hal laughed and ran upstairs to the room with the empty shower.


We ate once everyone as soon as everyone was done showering, or nearly done in the case of Iah.

"Can you go get Iah?" Adela asked she served everyone. "He has been taking a while."

"Alright, " I said, standing up. I stood up from my seat and made my way to fetch Iah who was showering in my room. I knocked on the door but got no response. The rumbling sound of water stopped as soon as I entered. "I guess he just finished. Wonder if he heard me."

Stepping out of the bathroom was a shirtless Iah. The guy was well built for someone in his early-mid teens. He glanced over at me with wide golden eyes.

"Nyima? What are you doing here? And why are you staring?" he asked as his face flushed red. "Not that I mind..." He looked up and flashed me a smile.

I turned away. "I... I came here to tell you to come and eat. I see that I didn't have to do so, bye."

Iah snickered as I ran off. "Hope that you enjoyed the show!"


The taste of potatoes and carrots with the spiciness of the broth hit my mouth upon the first taste of Lei's broth. I hated to admit it, but the guy was a better cook than my own dad. I guess that both of my male teammates had their own... 'attractive' attributes to them. Not that I would ever dare admit that to either of them.

After we were


I let go of his hair and formed a ponytail out of mine? "Do I? What do you think?"

"It looks good, " Ms. Key said, nodding.

"I like it, " Lei said with a large smile. "You do look cuter."

I covered my face with my hair. I ran to the nearby produce aisle and grabbed a bag of carrots. Cute? Is looking cute a good thing?

"Are you alright?" Iah said, peeking from the corner.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." I fixed my hair. "I forgot to grab these. Come, we're going to get left behind at this rate."

Once we finished shopping we returned back home. Xue went to do laundry in the laundry room while the rest of us put everything away and put away our stuff in our designated rooms (or the laundry room in the case of the boys).

As we were eating Lei's phone ranged.

"Hello, " Lei said, as he went to the living room. "Ah Shandian. How was school today? I hope you didn't get into another fight...Ah that's good, try staying out of fights from now on. Still, I'm proud that you stood up for your friends."

"Let me talk to him, " Yen said, reaching for the phone.

Lei handed it over to her.

"Hello?" Yen said, taking it.

"I assume your brother is the talkative type?" I said.

Lei nodded. "Unlike us twins who generally are quieter."

I laughed. "You two, quiet? You are quite talkative yourselves. You wouldn't stop talking when we met. You gave me a headache."

He blushed. "Was I talking that much? To be honest I wonder how the four of us ended up like this, our parents are quiet people. Father is stern, and mother is a shrinking violet."

Wait, four? Now that I think about it, Lei did seem to have hinted at another sibling during the exam... but what happened to that sibling?

"My mother is the opposite of yours, " I said, shrugging. I walked away and touched my phone but quickly let go of it. I'll call later. My mom had given us daughters a lot of freedom growing up, so I hadn't expected her to worry. Now father on the other hand... Well he would have been worried if I didn't contact him. So I texted him that I was alright and went straight to bed.

An went with Ms. Key to get his uniform. After he returned we spent the rest of our day watching television instead of actually practicing magic... We had spent a great deal of the cleaning up two filthy dorms, a little rest wasn't bad.

I ended up sharing my room with my dorm roommates plus Yen. I slept on one side of the bed while Yen slept on the other. Zelde and Adela slept on the floor with blankets and pillows that teacher provided us. The other girls shared the second room while An, Hal, Ulissis, and Alto shared the remaining free room. Nuk meanwhile joined Hikaru, Wanikiya, and my male teammates in the living room. The guy turned out to be as much of an anime nerd as Lei and Wanikiya...

**Solar Note: Hope that you've enjoyed these past two leisure chapters :3. The plot thickens soon ;)**

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