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"The revitalizing force beckons."

Previously on Novus Magus: Sarah's brother tried to take her away, but thanks to the help of the Kyuu Seishinian princes, and a few other factors he gave up on the idea. Now we can finally rest...-Nyima


I looked down at the blissful looking Iah as he slept seated on the long, red couch. He was rather annoying with his flirting. But I had to admit, the guy was fairly handsome. Alright, maybe a little more than 'fairly', only a little...

I turned toward our homeroom teacher. "Do you have any spare blankets? I mean, it's warm now but it'll get cool overnight, " I said, sitting down next to Iah.

"I do, " Ms. Key responded. She walked up a set of aqua blue carpet stairs but then stopped midway as I stood up to follow her. "Also, if you'll like to take a shower feel free to do so. There are three bathrooms so plan amongst yourselves who will take a shower first."

"Adela did the most to help us out, " Vermeil stated. "So I think she should take a shower first."

"You girls should shower first, " Alto suggested. "I'm fine waiting." He ran up the first couple of stairs until he was within speaking distance of our teacher. "Is it fine if I grab a glass of water?"

"Yeah, go ahead, " Ms. Key responded. "You can drink and eat whatever's available in the kitchen. Oh right. After some of you are done taking a shower, can you accompany me to get some drinks and food? I don't usually have this many guests."

"Well, I'm going to go take a shower, " I said as I caught up to Ms. Key. "Teacher, where are the bathrooms?"

"The closest one is upstairs, I'll show you the way, " she said. She pointed to the second white oak door closest to the stairs. "I assume you brought your own clothes?"

"Yes, " I said, nodding. "I don't have enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe here so I brought some clothes from home."

"You may also use this room to sleep, " she said. "Also feel free to use the bed to pick what you'll like to wear."

I formed fists and put them together before bowing slightly. "I don't know how to thank you, but...well thanks."

She grinned as she carried some blankets out of a closet next to my room. "Don't mention it, I want you to enjoy your stay here. Plus, it was my country's fault for what happened."

"Hey, would you mind if I ask you something?"

She raised an eyebrow. "It depends on what it is."

"Did you come to this school when you were our age? The way you were talking, it contained an ounce of bitter nostalgia."

Her brow furrowed as her eyes drooped toward the floor. "Yeah, I did. It wasn't the greatest experience. We foreigners were actively hunted down like animals. My class only managed to survive thanks to the help of a certain boy who brought us together like you are now."

"Hunted you down? That's awful."

She nodded. "It was, and even if we managed to graduate, a lot of us were still left with scars. I'm glad that at least your situation seems to be better. Well, I'll be taking my leave. Enjoy your shower."

I entered the room and picked out my clothes before walking into the bathroom. It was so clean, it was the polar opposite of the bathrooms in our dorm. The cool water felt so good, as if my energy was being revitalized. I even felt like I could fight Zelde, Adela, and Iah all in a row.


[A few minutes earlier]

"Sarah!" An said, grabbing my hand, suddenly stopping the rush of wind against my ears as I ran. "Stop running."

I yanked my arm free from his grip. It was soft, not at all like my brother's. "Leave me alone, " I said, keeping my eyes ahead. "I don't wish to talk to anyone."

"You sure that you want that?" a voice called out. I turned and held wind howling overhead. Nuk jump down from the sky from what looked like a levitating mini tornado. Had he followed us all along? I must've allowed my guard to drop if so. Though, com

oth. Now if you excuse me." Vermeil stood up and went upstairs.

Lei got up. "As for if it's ready, " Lei said as he opened the pot. "It looks like it still needs to cook some more." It'll probably be done by the time teacher and those going with her to the store return."

"Sorry, my stove doesn't warm things quickly, " Ms. Key said.

Lei shook his head. "It's not your fault, usually this kind of broth takes a while. It's a big pot too, so it requires more energy to properly cook." He checked Adela and Vermeil's veggie broth. "However, it seems like this one will be ready soon."

"Color me impressed, I didn't know you knew how to cook, " I said, snickering.

Lei blushed. "I was the one who taught Adela how to cook you know? Several of those dishes which you had at the boat were made by my hand, at least partially, " He said defensively. "You see, my maternal grandfather's mother, who was a Xianian priestess, raised gramps to be the ideal Xianian man. Likewise, he expects us to cook and do the chores around the house."

"Really? Reminds me of my clan, " I said.

"Yeah, we're a matriarchy just like the Taiyang, " Adela said nonchalantly. "Men are seen as the fragile of the two sexes."

Lei grumbled. "I'm not fragile."

"Either way it seems that the student surpassed the master in the area of cooking, " Wanikiya said, nudging Lei.

"How about you cook us something?" Hal said, directing his grey eyes toward Adela. "I'll like to compare your food with your master's."

Adela shook her head as she said, " Lei put his heart into making this...we should eat his food today."

Lei puffed his cheeks. "You don't think I'm better than you either, your words give it away. Whatever, even I'll admit you probably are at my level."

Adela laughed and sat down next to him.

The rest of us sat down to watch the anime that was on. It was a show about a girl from the fictional country of Sen who was killed and brought back to life by a strange boy who looked like a teenager but in reality was hundreds of years old.

The boy's presence reminded me of Adela's, with that mysterious aura, as if they were not of this world. The girl, on the other hand, reminded me of Lei with her hatred for being weak. There was something appealing about the main character's desire to become stronger. In some ways the girl also reminded me of myself...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :D! I ended up publishing this early as I ended up finishing the edits earlier than expected ^^! I plan to release Ep. 70 on Friday (10/20/2017) still, so look forward to it :3**

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