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"There is a time in life in which we all must choose a path, be that path through land, through sea, or even through fire and air"

Previous on Novus Magus: On the way back to the dorms Alto and I ran into some rude company, though that issue was dealt with rather nicely. On the way back down however, we ran into more unexpected company...-Iah

? Iah ?

"What do you think you're doing?" a smug voice rang throughout the mountainside. Eien jumped down from a tree whose branches arched high above the cobblestone steps. "Sorry Mr. Shui, but Sarah is a student here. I'm afraid we can't allow you to take her."

"That's right, " Boukyaku said, ascending the steps. "I promised Sarah that I would help her stay here, and that's what I intend to do."

Sarah gave the Kyuu Seishinian princes a grateful smile.

She looked directly at her brother, her eyes gleamed with confidence. "Tell your guards to unhand me now brother, unless if you desire to tarnish what's left of our alliance with this country, " the Seran princess said.

Her brother grinned. "Sorry sis, but this place just isn't meant for a princess like you." He laughed even as three new arrivals descended the steps. They were Vita, Haroun, and Lucetta. "It doesn't matter how many people you bring. You might be a more talented mage than me, dear sister. Yet, I am no slouch when in the field of magic either!"

I looked up at the sky. Long, thick volumes of water came down from the clouds as if they were flying snakes.

"This is bad, " I said, stepping forward. Uncle Huang always told me that the Shui are of no use to Kyuu Seishin, having the weakest leader in the entire continent., I shouldn't have been surprised. Being the weakest amongst a group of powerhouses didn't necessary mean that the man wasn't a powerhouse himself.

"Are you done now?" another new arrival said. Walking toward Boukyaku's team was Mr. Bruno, carrying a glass half filled with a red wine. The man took a sip of the liquor and smiled at us as if we were friends at a gathering.

"We're almost done, " Sera's King said, directing his eyes at his sister. He reverted the watery snakes back into clouds. "Sarah, the dorms here are in bad condition."

I glared at Obringo Bruno who somehow had gotten past Boukyaku's teammates.

"It's no thanks to that man behind you that we ended up with such crappy rooms!" I yelled, anger ready to explode.

Alto held an arm in front of me, blocking me from making another move. At first I thought he still didn't believe what Ms. Key had told him, until he spat directly into his own president's wine.

Mr. Bruno dropped the glass, sending glass flying in all directions. He grinned. "Why did you go ahead and do that, child?" His eyes gave away the fakeness of his smile, he was ready to explode on his own countryman at any moment.

Alto laughed. "That's not even the worst you deserve. You know, I used to believe in your campaign promises, but in reality you're nothing more than a-" The president didn't let him finish, sending him colliding into a tree in the opposite side of the plaza.

I released my fists. The guy hadn't even lifted a finger, nor did he use wind magic to throw Alto that far.

"He's a psychic, " An said, pulling out his sword.

I laughed as An glared at the knights holding Sarah.

Iah, you're being cowardly. Now isn't the moment to let others steal the spotlight, especially in front of the girls.

I lifted monolithic sized rocks from within the forest toward me. Shooting Obringo Bruno a glare, I said, "You're an adult, what are you doing sending your own future flying? Because that's what Alto is, he's the future of your country! You dare call him a child, but your refusal to accept criticism is rather childish itself."

Mr. Bruno ignored me. In fact, he didn't pay any of us any attention at all. Instead, his eyes were directed at Alto, their murderous intent still lingering.

The president raised his left hand and directed it at Alto as if it were a sword.

"Stop!" Ulissis stepped in between his country's leader and his friend. He flinched as the man s

n law is also connected to whatever event it was.


Midway down the mountain we had split ways with Yuzuki, Tahoma, Orion, and Ayawamat once more. Uncle Huang and Azure also went on their own way.

After a peaceful hike we reached the bottom of the mountain where a yellow bus awaited us. Seated on the driver's seat was Ms. Key. "Get in, also watch your step. Also, where are Sarah, An, and Nuk?"

"Oh, those three are having a love triangle struggle, " Hal said, smiling.

"Be serious, " Arima said, elbowing him. "The boys went chasing after Sarah. She was upset after finding out that her brother agreed with our president's action."

"Oh... I had a feeling that someone else knew about it... Well, hopefully those three will return soon."

Arima sighed as she took a seat near the front. "I do too. Sarah really seemed upset"

"She'll be fine, she's strong, " Vermeil said as she sat next to her.

Ms. Key glanced at our group who were the last ones to enter.

"Is that a mouse?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at Adela.

"This little guy's name is Lan. Can I take it with me, please?" Adela asked, raising her mouse up to her eye level as soon as she had boarded the bus.

"As long as you keep it from leaving your room or its cage, then it's fine, " Ms. Key responded.

Lan squeaked causing Adela to laugh. "He's happy." She looked up at me. "Iah, do you have a fever? Your face is red."

I moved past her and sat down in the far back. I covered my face with my arms.

What is wrong with me? After having held a grudge for her during the past four years, why do I suddenly feel like forgetting all about it?

I shook my head and closed my eyes as we waited for An and Nuk to return with Sarah.


I was nudged awake. I smiled at the one who had woken me up. It felt as if I were dreaming again.

"We're here, Iah, " Nyima said, shaking me again.

Adela poked my forehead. "Again, sleeping as if you have no care in the world, " my old childhood acquaintance said.

I blushed and wiped the drool from my mouth. I had actually fallen asleep? That took longer than I had thought... Or perhaps I was simply too tired.

I stood up and stretched my arms toward the metallic ceiling. I gasped as I saw that Sarah, Nuk, and An had yet to return.

"Those three should be coming back, " Lei said. "Nuk called to say that they're on their way."

"Ah, I see, " I said as I yawned. Today really had been a long day.

Once we entered Ms. Key's two-story blue house, the first thing I did was lay my head on her red couch and returned to my nap, too exhausted to join the others in their after school hobbies.

**Solar Note: Thanks for reading :3. I hope to be more consistent with my chapter updates.**

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