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   Chapter 68 NO.68

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"One must open their eyes to know the truth"

Previously on Novus Magus: Alto, Ms. Key, and I went to buy materials to repair the dorms. Along the way back Alto realized just who had sold us out- Iah

? Iah ?

When we returned to Ryuu no Yama, we saw that the Kyuu Seishinians had already arrived. So we pushed our way across the waves of students moving around. Along the way we saw several adults and even fellow students helping move furniture. That same furniture made the situation worse when we reached the dorms.

Those same people getting help were trying to get their stuff inside before the others. Some of the Kyuu Seishinians yelled at the workers, telling them to move faster. There were even a number that yelled obscenities.

One of those students turned to look at us. He gave us a toothy smile. "Look if it isn't a group of barbarians."

I raised an eyebrow at him. Had he just called us a racial slur right in front of our faces?

"What did you just call us?" Ms. Key demanded, stomping over to him.

The boy snickered. "Nothing too eye raising, this is only my first time seeing a Wudi and Sefans."

The boy tried walking past us, but he wasn't going to get away. A wall of earth blocked his path down the cobble steps.

"Take that back, " I commanded, glaring at him. The boy turned around, with his hands in the air and an innocent smile.

"What did I do wrong?" the boy said. He stuck out his tongue as if he might gag on his own words.

"You called us a bunch of barbarians, " Alto said, stepping forward. He shook his head at the guy. "Didn't your parents teach you any manners?"

The Kyuu Seishinian gave out a belly laugh.

"What's so funny?" Ms. Key said as she took another step forward. She was now only a few inches from the guy.

"Nothing, " the boy said, backing away slightly. He snapped his fingers causing several of his moving helpers to put down what they were carrying.

"What's wrong sir?" one of them asked. It was a feminine looking boy, who at the same time looked masculine.

"Get rid of these three."

The androgynous boy shook his head. "What did they ever do to you? You are the one being rude here."

The boy glared at his worker. "You little... I'll have you thrown to the wolves, you stupid warlock."

The moving boy looked at his fellow workers, now positioned around us in a semi-circle.

"This is ridiculous, " Ms. Key said. "Ona, you don't have to listen to this crude young man."

Ona stepped out of the semi-circle. "You're right... I'm tired to hearing my people being called 'witches' and 'warlocks'." He summoned his wand and pointed it at his former master. "I'll take care of them. You take the freshman away."

Mrs. Key led us away but as she did, the sound of snapping fingers drew my attention. The moving guys broke the earth wall behind me. "I don't have time to deal with you. Bring the rest of my stuff." He returned to the boys' dorm, not knowing that

uld get going."

"I should make you something when we arrive at Ms. Key's place, " Lei said, as he followed her out.

"Is he her boyfriend, or something?" Sarah said.

I snickered. "It seems she want him to be."

Nyima nudged me on ahead. "We don't have all day, move it."


The twenty of us plus Yuzuki, Tahoma, and Ms. Key reunited in the plaza between the two dorms as the native students continued to pace back and forth.

As we were about to walk back down the mountain two watery chains wrapped around Sarah's arms.

"Sarah!" Nuk yelled, rushing at the two figures.

"What's the meaning of this?" Sarah yelled. She struggled against the chains but the more she did the tighter their grip.

"You again?" Nuk said as he slashed the water chains only to pass through them. Holding Sarah were the twins who helped us in the battle against Zelde back in the boat.

All of us except for Hal and Vermeil shifted into our battle stances, ready to save our classmate from these sudden attackers.

"Calm down everyone, " Hal said, his voice ringing across the mountain. "They don't seem to be enemies. Sarah, turn around."

She turned around and saw that they were wearing blue cloaks with a triple water drop insignia. "You two... hadn't you given up?"

"No, " said the girl as she pulled her toward them. She glanced behind her as the native students ran off inside the dorms. "Hmph, a bunch of cowards."

"Let go of me... Just give up already!"

"Return home, sister, " a long blue haired young man said as he walked up the cobblestone steps.

Lei's eyes widened. "You're that man who was sitting with aunt Grace, and Iah's uncle."

The man who looked a lot like Sarah grinned. "Yeah, I'm the king of Sera, and head of the Shui clan." He held his hand out toward his sister as if asking her to a dance. "Now, let us return to the place which you should never have left."

**Solar Question: What do you expect will be Sarah's fate?**

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