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"Rebirth isn't only for people, but for societies too."

? Iah ?

Alto, teacher, and I took the bridge to the mainland but were stopped by a barrier.

"Where are you going?" a security guard asked.

Ms. Key lowered the window of the car. "We're going to get some materials in the city to fix up the rooms of my students."

The security guard scoffed. "Why waste time and material on these barbarians? Wait, you're one of them, aren't you?" the man said as he gave us a look that one would normally give to putrid garbage in the middle of a sidewalk. The guard turned around and opened the barrier with a snap of his fingers.

Teacher closed the window and drove on. "How rude. I'm sorry that you two had to see that. Kyuu Seishinians are barely any more accepting of foreigners now than they were when I went here."

Alto looked out of the window. "This place won't tear us down, even if we are looked down upon we will look forward. We will show the Kyuu Seishinians that we are as strong, if not stronger than them. That's what my older brother did."

I grinned. "Arima and I still have to battle."

"About that. There is a short tournament in which two representatives from each class will participate in. Usually, the foreigners aren't part of the first year match up, but perhaps Arima and you can change that."

"I like the sound of that, so who are the Kyuu Seishin first years who are vying for the chance to participate?"

"You'll meet them tomorrow, " Ms. Key said.

Alto pouted. "I wish that I could participate. Next year I'll get stronger so I can be one of the second-year reps."

"I hope it's Arima's seat you're vying for, because I won't hand mine over to you."

Alto grinned. "Afraid of battling me?"

I scoffed. "As if..."

"We're about to arrive, " Ms. Key said, interrupting our brewing battle of words.

"That didn't take long, " I said, glancing out the various stores lining parallel to the coastline of the mainland. Several of them were already filled with shoppers despite it being relatively early in the day.

"The school usually has festivals throughout the year so knowing that we need materials several shops cropped up near the school, or even on the island itself. The first festival of the year always takes place around this time. The festival this year, though is different. The teachers from each of the homeroom classes made the floats. The students will enjoy the fruits of our labor. Of course, they'll still be in charge of the entertainment as well as the food. There's the small tournament, a marching band, the actual parade of the floats, and even a small play. I'll show you the float I made for you when we have the time. I am still trying to figure out what else we should in addition to the float parade. I'm leaning on making a food stand."

"That sounds good, I know a thing or two about cooking, " I said, beaming a bright smile.

Alto whistled. "A prince who can cook? One doesn't meet one every day."

I snickered. "Haha, very funny. You're lucky to have even meet me."

"Stuck up much?" he said under his breath as he crossed his arms and looked away. "They always are..."

I wanted to talk back to him, but kept my mouth shut this time. I had obviously hit a sore point.

We parked in a parking garage and walked over to a large orange and blue brick building. Decorating the outsi

s what Aban meant when he told Arima not to trust him... He might truly be the worst president of Sefa yet."

"Don't punch the windows or seats now, " I cautioned and I leaned against my window.

He directed his cyan eyes on me. "Let me punch you."

I tilted my head to the right and gave him a look as if he were a mad man. "Huh?"

He kept staring me down. "Block it if you want, I have to let this anger out."

Sighing, I said, "Fine." I put my hands out. "Just go easy on me. I don't want to be flung out of a moving car. Especially not by a lightning user. Who knows how far I will end up. Might even up back at the capital or even back home."

Alto uncurled his hands slowly and covered his mouth with them as he snorted. "Do you take anything seriously?"

I chuckled. "Hey, I'm not as bad as Hal or Nuk who seem to take most things a joke. Though those two got the right idea. Humor can help in the most painful or difficult of times. That's what my master taught me."

"Your master? You mean your aunt-in-law, Bai?"

I shook my head. "She's my acupuncture master. My real master is Emperor Huang."

His cyan eyes widened. "Your uncle? Hmm, I guess that makes sense. You are the next one in line for the throne instead of one of his kids. So if he seeks for his ideals to carry on into the future, he would need to teach the future ruler personally."

I leaned back against my seat and said, "Funny thing is that it's not easy to get an honest laugh out of that guy. Uncle is a weird guy. When he does laugh or smile he looks like a child." I smiled jubilantly for emphasis.

"Huang really is interesting, " Ms. Key said, snickering.

I sat up straight. "You had the chance to converse with Uncle?"

Ms. Key stared at the road with gloomy eyes. "Yeah... years ago. Koukyuu, Kei, he, and I along with several others were part of..."

"Part of what?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up."

Brought what up? What kind of group was uncle Huang a part of?

**Solar Question: What did you think of the interaction between Ms. Key, Alto, and Iah? Any guess as to what Ms. Key is talking about (Hint: those of you who have read a certain other work of mine should know the answer xD)?**

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