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   Chapter 66 NO.66

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"The Future isn't at all how one expects it to be. That doesn't necessary mean that it must be worse than predicted. Make the most of what you have and aim for your dreams."

Previously on Novus Magus: We discovered that we were cheated out of our dorms. As a result, we were left having to clean up and renovate old dorms that nobody wanted to live in. This was not at all how I had expected my first day to be...-Lei


Our teacher smiled as she looked up at the birds in the sky. "Adela are your birds progressing?" Ms. Key asked.

"They're starting to get full. I didn't think there would be so many insects, " Adela responded as she wiped sweat out of her forehead. She had tried her hardest to fix the wiring, but it wasn't easy due to all of the anti-magic metal coating them.

"It appears that the insects aren't the only issue, " Yuzuki said. She had arrived half an hour earlier and helped us clean out the dorms. She and the rest of us had been hard at work trying to make our dorms as livable for the time being as possible. She even suggested that some of the girls stay in her room as she had the extra space to spare, being the only occupier of it. "There are mold infestations in the bathrooms and in the swimming pool."

"There's a swimming pool?" Wanikiya exclaimed, his eyes glimmering.

Zelde nudged him. "You should find it and clean it up."

"There is also one in the girls' dorm but that one is located in the newer side of the dorm. The old dorms also have their own kitchens but it seems that they don't work anymore. Until we get those things fixed you can use the new dorm's facilities, " Ms. Key explained.

"I rather fix them, " Adela said. "I don't want to cause fights in the dorm over who uses what."

She nodded. "In that case, I'll try to see what things I can buy with the limited budget that the Dorm council gave me."

"What's the budget?" Iah asked.

"1000 Vian for both dorms."

Iah showed off his card again. "If we need any extra money I'll pay, I refuse to live in these conditions for a long period of time."

She looked down. "It must be nice to be rich enough to pay for your dorm's repairs out of pocket."

"Well actually it's my parents' money, " Iah admitted.

"You were going to use a million of your parents' money to get a better room?" I asked. "What if something goes wrong back home and your parents end up needing that money?"

"Well they gave it to me for my school expenses, they have their own accounts. Min

r be some useful ones or I won't be happy."

"I got no issue with you not being happy, " I said, putting his hands behind my back and grinning. "In fact, seeing that will make me happy."

He spun around. "Why you little..."

Nyima stepped between us. "Stop it you two. Now isn't the time to argue."

"Tsk. Not even sure why I waste my time hearing the insults of such a child."

"Child?" I asked, putting my hands down. "Just who is the child here? I'm older than you and everyone else here except for Yen and Nuk."

"You know Nuk's birthday?" Sarah asked, glancing up from what she was doing.


Damn, I'm blowing it. They're going to find out who he really is if I don't come up with something soon...

"I told them, " Nuk said, chuckling as he stopped cleaning the walls. "I didn't know that you were so interested in when I was born? It's rather soon, but you got enough time to think up a nice present."

Sarah scoffed. "As if."

Ayawamat rolled his eyes. "This entire place is filled with them... I swear, you remind me a lot of Kun."

Nuk leaned against the wall. "And what if I were Kun?"

He jumped back as if he had seen a ghost. "What?"

"Hahaha. I'm just joking around. There's no way that I can be Kun, " he said, putting his hands behind his head like how I had done earlier.

"You sure?" Ayawamat said, narrowing his light blue eyes at him. "Your mannerisms are awfully simi..."

"He's not him, " Tahoma said, sighing. "No go and handle those insects left in the boys' dorm." He pushed his younger cousin out of the door, but before closing it, he gave Nuk an angry look.

Does Tahoma know my brother's secret?

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