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   Chapter 65 NO.65

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"The morning dawns on a new world"


I stared at the wooden totem in my hands as Orion, Ayawamat, and I made our way to our dorm. Since I was finally a second year, I was allowed to call upon a familiar. Using the paper they gave me I was to open a portal into the spirit world. There I would met my partner in magic.

"Is that the familiar totem?" Orion asked. His eyes were like those of a child's as he took in the sight of the totem.

I hid it under my coat. "Yeah, but right now it's just a cylinder of wood."

He walked on ahead and summoned a silver wand. He transformed the wand into miniature needles. "It works just like brother told me!"

"You mean your brother in law?" I questioned. "Or do you actually have a brother?"

He laughed as he walked on ahead. "Yeah, my in law. My only biological sibling is my sister, Stella." He reverted his needles back into their wand form and turned around, flashing me a shy grin. "By the way, uh thanks for being my tour guide."

I smiled. "No problem. It's kind of a boring day for us upperclassmen. Helping you will ease some of that boredom. Now, where do you want to go first? The library? The Magic Arena? Your dorm?"

His eyes lit up again and he jumped up and down like a child, much like Lei would do in such a situation. "Magic Arena? What's that?" Orion asked.

For once I had managed to get Ayawamat's attention as he too turned over to look.

"Its name gives it away, well kind of. It's not an actual building. It's a field to the north of the school where students can challenge each other to magic duels. You see, here we have a ranking system. The more matches you win the higher your rank within your grade, and the school as a whole."

"What's your rank?" Ayawamat asked.

I danced around lightly and lifted up three fingers. "I'm rank three in my class. School wise I'm ranked tenth." A smile covered my face. "In fact, last year I won the tournament that you just participated in."

Ayawamat scoffed as he continued to hike up the dirt trail. "So you're the strongest of the second-years? Ha, hard to believe."

"That supposed to mean?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Then that must mean that the top two second years are among the ten in the entire school, " Orion said. He chuckled similar to Lei whenever he got the chance to find a new magician to battle.

I glanced up at the sky. What is he doing now? Has he already seen his dorm?

Side glancing at Orion, I said, "Want to meet them? The top nine I mean."

"Of course, " Ayawamat said with a grin.

Orion's eyes glimmered like actual stars. "Yeah! Oh, but first I should head to my dorm." He took out a piece of paper. "It says here that the dorm is called Hotsuku."

I snatched the paper from him. "So it seems that you share the same dorm as me after all."

His face became red. "It's co-ed?"

I nodded. "Though, this is a great chance for you to meet some of our top ranking students. It's a small dorm but all of its members except for you are in the top twenty in the rankings."

I escorted Orion over to my dorm, a small blue long house style building. It had been built by some of the first Wahkanian exchange students. Back in the day each natio

l come down, eventually. Honestly, Serein is more mature than those two."

He laughed. "Astra is too." He shivered as some of the Popsicle melted unto his hands. "Do you have a napkin?"

I took out a handkerchief. "Use this, return it back once you're done cleaning it."

He wiped his hand and put the handkerchief away in his jean pockets. "Thanks for helping me."

"No problem." I signaled for him to follow as I climbed the stairs.

He ran after me. As he ran, his left feet hit one of the steps causing him to fall forward and then back. I warped behind him and caught him just in time.

He blushed as I held him tightly. "Uh, good catch."

I put him down quickly. "Are you alright? You didn't sprain an ankle did you?"

"No, " he said, rubbing his head. "I just tripped." He looked away and got up. I could swear that he was still red in the face.

I went on ahead of him by teleporting to the end of the hall to his right. "This is your room." I was right, his face was still red. "Are you embarrassed?"

He pulled his white hair up and smiled. "A little."

I was sure that he would've denied it, how surprisingly honest of him.

As Orion turned to open his room's door I noticed a silver earring on his right ear. "You have a piercing already?"

Orion touched his earring. "Ah, yeah. My brother did this. He has several piercings, which I always thought looked cool, so I asked him to pierce mine."

I snickered. "Why only one ear?"

He touched his other ear while wincing. "It was more painful than I had imagined. Well, I'm going to go put my stuff away. Thanks again!"

I took out a silver ring and summoned Orion and Ayawamat's stuff. "Here you go. Meet up with the rest of us at the twin dorms once you're done putting your stuff away. Oh, and have Tahoma escort you two. I'm afraid that you'll get lost."

His face reddened once more. "Yeah, I don't plan to go into that creepy forest alone."

I smiled and waved goodbye. "Bye, try to get along with those two cousins now!"

Orion sighed. "I've been trying." He snickered and walked inside. Meanwhile, I ran off to go meet back up with Lei and the others.

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