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   Chapter 64 NO.64

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"Cherry Blossoms fall upon the young caterpillar."

Previously on Novus Magus: After separating from Ayawamat, Orion, and Yuzuki, the rest of us went to our dorms. Waiting for us was Eien.-Lei


I chased off after Ulissis and Wanikiya. Where had those two gone? I ran until I caught up to the two of them. They had stopped, and were staring at a red door. The door wasn't like the other doors. However, there was something else that was odd about it.

"Where do we go next?" Ulissis said, looking around with a confused stare. "Opening this door might trigger some alarms."

"Open the door, " Eien said. "It's not an emergency exit, it leads to another hallway."

I pushed the door open and entered a wing of the building that looked like an entirely different place. It lacked the gold and other ornaments of the lobby and the hall from which we had just come from. In fact, it looked ran down, as if no one had lived here for years.

"Wow, " An said. "Are we still in the boys' dorm?"

"Yeah, " Hal said. "This place looks like a dump."

Beyond the red door was a crystal wall with a single door with a scanner. Eien took out some cards from his hands and threw them at us like an expert poker dealer. "Use those to open the door, also don't mind the dust. We were hoping to renovate this part but we ran out of time. I'll see if I can do anything to accommodate you guys."

I opened the door using my card, only to be met with a cloud of dust. It wasn't construction dust at all, they never even made it this far in their renovation. I gripped the inhaler in my coat pocket.

"Will you be alright?" Wanikiya said, helping me stand.

"Damn, " Eien said. "I forgot." He snapped his fingers and a bubble with clean air covered my face.

I could breathe easily again. "Thanks Eien. I feel well enough to stay."

I guess that he wasn't all bad. Though Haroun and Boukyaku are both here to watch over him this time.

Eien scoffed. "It's nothing." He sighed. "I'll have to figure something out soon enough, before you get another asthma attack. That spell won't last long."

"I'll go and clean the air, " Nuk said as he summoned several green candles. They were prana candles, meaning that they weren't lit by flame.

He ran off to the different corners of the hallway and place one in each one. Next, brother shut his eyes clothes and started chanting something as if he were performing a spirit purification ritual.

"Which one is our room?" Iah said.

Eien pointed to the room closest to the door. "I am assuming that Lei is your teammate so you can have the one closest to the crystal door in case there is a health emergency. The rest of you guys can decide among yourselves."

Wanikiya and Iah opened the door while I stood as far away as possible. Another plume of dust covered the air. How old was this wing of the building anyways?

Iah glared at Eien. "Why are there insects here?" He pointed at several centipedes squirming around in the middle of the floor.

Hikaru jumped back. His face turned pale. He covered his mouth, and ran outside.

"Aren't there better rooms?" Hal said, crossing his arms.

"Well originally you were supposed to get the rooms of last year's graduating class of third-years but enrollment went up this year so we used those rooms to house the native Kyuu Seishinians, " Eien responded. "Before you claim that we are discriminating you for being foreigners, first consider that the Kyuu Seishinians housed in your original rooms paid."

"That's not any better, " Wanikiya said. "Our countries asked you to reserve rooms for us, if you wanted to give those rooms to them you should've consulted us."

"Yeah, " Haroun said glancing at the place.

"We couldn't get a hold of any of your countries' leaders, except for Sefa and..."

"Our country?" Alto said, raising an eyebrow. "What did they say?"

Eien grinned. "Your leaders said it was fine, so long as they got a part of the money for the reservations."

"What?" Ulissis said. "Why didn't they inform us before hand? We could've arranged housing in a cheap hotel or apartment in the meantime." He glanced down.

"Those government officials sold us out, " Alto said. He punched a hole into the wall of a room. "Just how much did you give them?"

"I don't know, a few million Vians which in your country would be a ton of money."

"I can convince some local birds that prey on centipedes to come to your dorm, they'll eat them up. Stay here Lan, it's dangerous if a bird sees you. I'll be back soon to give you some food."

"Hey Lei, did you know that Adela could talk to animals?" Iah said.

"Well, she always had a way with them when we were kids, she would spend her time talking to them and making them do tricks. She had few friends so she would usually grab an animal to talk with. Her ability saved us from getting attacked by a bear once."

"That's incredible, " Wanikiya said.

By the time we finally exited the girls' dorm Adela had already gathered flocks of birds.

"Follow me, " I said.

Adela followed after me. I opened the dorm with my card allowing Adela and her birds to do their job. The birds instantly began plucking centipedes, and other insects I hadn't noticed before from every spot that they could reach. Adela and I left them alone to do their job. Once we were outside another flock of birds entered.

"Will our dorm be okay?" Iah said. "Won't the birds poop around it?"

"True, " Adela said. "I should instruct them to go outside to their business." She smiled sinisterly at Eien.

Eien backed away. "I know you have something against us Kyuu Seishinians but don't take it out on me."

The Xianian priestess chuckled. "Why are you afraid? I won't have them poop on you, but seeing you did give me an idea. Birds, if you have to poop do at the front steps of the girls' dorm."

"Huh?" Eien said, eyes wide.

"That's what you Kyuu Seishinians deserve for giving us the worst rooms. Oh yeah, birds, if you don't want to travel that far feel free to do so on the front steps of the boys' dorm."

I tried not to smile, but Adela was just so awesome.

"Please don't, " Boukyaku said. "I promise I'll have your rooms renovated soon."

A flock of birds flew out of our dorm towards the front entrances of both the dorms. "Too late, " Iah said cynically.

Eien shrugged and laughed. "I guess I'll just cover it up after they're done."

"Aren't you being cruel to your own country's students?" Ms. Key asked.

"I don't really care much about those losers who didn't have the confidence or the strength to make it here on their own. I'll instruct those who got here based on merit to take the back entrance. Now excuse me, I have to go check out how things are going with the rest of the student body."

"Meanwhile, I'll go and cancel the rest of today's orientation for you, " Boukyaku said.

"I'll come with you, " Haroun said, following after his friend.

"We better get started on renovating this place as much as we can, " Alto said. "Once Ayawamat returns, we should tell him to get all of the hidden centipedes and insects that the birds can't reach."

"Good idea, " Hal said.

**Solar Note: Think that the groups will be able to get everything in order before nightfall?**

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