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"Twenty brilliant rays shall be tasked with saving the world."

Previously on Novus Magus: Arima and her team learned more about my health condition on the way to the dorms. I was given hope to one day get rid of it by Arima's words of encouragement- Lei

"Oi, " someone called out. Sitting on the steps in front of the boys' dorm was Hal, with his usual cat-like grin.

I turned around and jumped back. "When did he? He's totally a ninja!"I spun back around. "You are, aren't you?"

Hal leaned his head against his hands and snickered. "Maybe... or maybe not."

If he isn't, then what would he be?

"This guy loves his mystery, " Sarah said as she shook her head and sighed. "I still got no idea as to how he snuck into the castle."

Well, being mysterious is all part of being a ninja. Still, Hal is kind of shady.

"How about we reintroduce ourselves?" Ms. Key suggested as she walked over to the girl's dorm and sat down on the white marble steps.

Xue bowed slightly. "I'm Xue Yueliang."

Iah's ears perked up at the mention of her name. "Oh, a Yueliang, so you're from Uan then?"

"Uan, isn't that the country next to Xiān?" I asked, looking at Adela for verification.

"It is, " Adela responded with a single nod. "I didn't expect anyone else from my part of the woods to come here."

"You must be Adela Xiān, " Xue said, walking over to her. She held out a hand and gave her a slight smile. "I look forward to observing you, for even if our peoples live close to one another they are still strangers.

Adela accepted her handshake and snickered. "Likewise."

"Is it true that you learn three elements?" An asked as he sat down next to Hal.

Xue's pearly eyes widened. "Three elements already? Impressive. Are the rest of the Xiān as talented as they say they are?"

"Not... all of us, " I said, as I regulated my breathing some more.

"You're a Xiān too?" Arima asked with a hint of amusement.

Yen nodded. "Our great-grandmother was the priestess of Xiān, " my sister said, crossing her arms. "She was a very strong individual at that."

"Woah, " Hal said, eyes shimmering. "Though, what do you mean by you're not talented?"

"I wouldn't exactly call it a talent. Lei and Yen weren't raised completely in the Xiānian ways so the way they were taught magic differs from most of our other clan members. Those of us who live in Xiān however, are taught magic from a young age and are required to start practicing our clan's secret arts. That is, once we have mastered the basic and first levels of all three elements or types of magic."

"You're not all that different from us, Uan and Aief then, our clans have a requirement before teaching one's children the family spells they've cultivated for generations, " An said as he scratched his head. "Except, unlike the Uan and Xiān, we Aief are required to master a familiar before we even begin learning magic."

"I assume you have your familiar already?" Yen asked, unfolding her arms. "If not then how did you get in? You do know magic, right?"

Ulissis coughed and turned away.

"Are you feeling well?" my sister as

shielding his friend. "As you can see, needles scare him to death."

Hal got closer and raised a needle. "Come on, they don't hurt."

Ulissis abandoned Alto and ran off further inside the dorm.

"That guy is quite the coward, " Eien said, snickering. "Here I thought it was only Wanikiya."

Wanikiya crosses his arms. "I would never hide behind Lei like that. I'm not afraid of needles anyways."

I laughed. "I would hope not." The guy was taller than me, it would look funny if he tried to do so.

Hal pointed his needles towards him. "Is that right, prince of Wahkan?"

"How do you know that?"

Hal sighed as if the answer were obvious. "I overheard it. So how about it? Want to give my acupuncture a try? I can unblock your closed prana points."

Wanikiya gulped and calmly followed after Ulissis before sprinting off like a track runner.

"Aren't those laced with poison?" An said as he kept his distance.

I took a step back. "Ah right, he used those against Vermeil and Arima."

Hal shook his head. "Nah, these are clean acupuncture needles."

"They look well kept, " Iah said, analyzing them.

"Oh, you can tell?"

"My aunt-in-law taught me how to do acupuncture. That's how I managed to figure out where to hit Yen and Nyima to block off their prana channels"

"Ah, right. The current Queen of Mina is a specialist in prana pathways." He covered a smile with his right hand. "Though I still think that I'm better than you."

Iah rose his hands and shrugged. "You win that one. I can't handle needles the way you or aunt Bai can."

"We're wasting precious time, " Eien said, sighing. "Your teacher will return to class with only the girls and the two guys who went with Yuzuki if you take too long, and I doubt you know your way back."

"Then let's go, " I said, jumping up and down.

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