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"The meeting of the two creates a sight to behold."

Previously on Novus Magus: We had the opening ceremony, in which those without wands received them. Now we're ready to look at our school and home for the next three years.- Lei


After the ceremony, we were escorted by Haroun, Vita, and Yuzuki to our first class of the day, homeroom. As soon as I'd entered the room, I started perspiring— so I made my way to the closest window. One could barely walk through the aisles without bumping into one of the desks on either side. Whose bright idea was it to make this into a classroom? It was barely big enough for ten, less alone sixteen. With a school as big as Kyuu-Hanabira, one would've expected this to have been a storage room.

After carefully avoiding messing the desks up, I arrived at the window. Pulling the handle up, the thing wouldn't even budge one bit.

"Let me try, " Iah said, rolling up the sleeves of his black blazer. Reluctantly, I took a seat to let him pass through. He grabbed the handle, giving it his best shot at unlocking it, but the thing let out an eerie creak.

"Slow down, " Adela warned as she opened the other window. "You're going to break it." As soon as she said that, a chunk of metal flew past her. "Do you even listen?"

Iah turned around and covered the broken window. "Uh, you can fix that, right?"

She levitated the chunk of lock toward herself. Closing her eyes, she heated up the metal slightly with green flames. Once it started to melt, she opened her eyes. Quickly moving it behind Iah, she reattached the broken piece with the remaining piece of the lock.

"Thanks for that, " Iah said as he looked around the room. "Hey, it says right here that this class is shared between all of the exchange students, no matter what year."

"The sophomores won't be coming, " someone called out from the front of the class. It was Haroun. "Today it's only going to for you first years only. The only reason that Vita, Yuzuki, and I are here is to help show you around. If not then we would be sleeping in."

Vermeil chuckled. "Thanks a lot, big brother."

"So, it's first year orientation day?" I asked, blinking. I hope it goes better than middle school's first-year orientation did...

The young man tilted his head slightly. "Not exactly. It's only going to be for us foreigners."

"When will we go see where we'll be staying?" Ayawamat said. "And what happened to our stuff?"

"They are here, " Vita said, holding up her hand. In her left-middle finger was a golden ring with a rainbow crystal in the center. "Once we head to the dorms, I'll give you your stuff."

"Thanks a lot, " An said, smiling.

Hal snickered. "Really? She's basically holding you stuff ransom. That's, why I place all of my stuff into my own hyper-ring. Uh, wait. Did you even bring anything?"

"Only my sword and this pair of clothes."

"Wow, " I said, leaning on my desk. "How did you survive on your way to Wahkan then?"

An gave us a proud grin. "Like any other true Aiefian would, by living off the land."

Xue snickered.

"What's so funny?" An asked, blushing.

"It's just, I didn't imagine you sounding so... proud. You come off as rather humble."

"Oh?" he said, glancing around. "I... I see."

"It's fine to be humble, " Adela said. "Being overly proud can lead to one's downfall. Just look at what happened to the second Celestial Queen."

"You mean Aquarina?" Hikaru asked as he tapped on his desk. "True. My brother met her once and said that she was one of the most proud people he ever met."

"Eri met Aquarina?" Yuzuki asked. "He never told me that."

Hikaru smiled at his sister. "Guess that makes me his favorite sibling."

Yuzuki leaned back on her seat and grumbled. "Yeah, right."

"Ugh, don't get started you two, " Zelde said, shaking her head at them.

The 'Mikado' siblings stopped, in part thanks to the door opening. Walking in was Ms. Key.

"Sorry for the wait, " she said, smiling nervously. "I sort of had a chat with Koukyuu."

Haroun sighed. "Not again. You two are always at each other's throats."

Ms. Key's face reddened. "We weren't... alright, we were. Anyway, enough about Koukyuu and I. It's time to show the first years around."

"Let's go!" I said, jumping out of my seat.

"Ha, okay. Let's not keep Lei waiting any longer."


We left the castle and walked through the cherry blossom garden where flowers rained down on us like some part of an ethereal dream.

"It's so be

"Liar." Hot tears stained my face. How could he say that with a straight face? Did he think I hadn't heard what his response to the doctor was? "You just said that the doctor was right. I'm not getting cured...ever."

I ran out of the hall. Stupid father, why did he lie? Did he think that lowly of me, thinking that as a child I didn't understood what was going on around me?

As I made my way to the stairs my breathing grew weak. I had forgotten my inhaler with my father. I crumpled to the floor and I didn't knew what had happened after, I had blacked out.

When I had finally woken up, I was in a hospital bed. It was getting late as the sun was setting.

Yen and Kun were asleep on each side of me while holding unto my hands. I could feel their prana coursing through me from their hands. Had they given me some of their prana to save me?

The two of them had tears in their eyes. "Brother, sister...your younger brother is a nuisance, isn't he?"

"You certainly are." I glanced up, the doctor entered the room. He had on a frustrated look. "Kid, you're fragile. You are better off giving up on playing sports and even practicing magic. If you don't give those things up then you will one day inflict great pain upon your family."

I shook my head, I couldn't believe what I was even hearing. How could a person be this cold, especially a doctor? "I will?"

The doctor put down his tablet on the desk behind Kun. "The next time that this happens you might become brain dead, or worse. Though, perhaps the second outcome is preferable."

The other outcome...was I really better off...

"Brother..." both of my siblings said.

Someone shook me out of my thoughts. I turned to see my triplet sister and brother, their eyes were filled with concern.

"We're here, " Yen said.

I took a deep breath and sat down on the cobble stone plaza between the two dorms. The white shirt of my uniform was covered in sweat.

Yen sat down next to me and handed me her water bottle.

Wanikiya walked up to me and offered me a hand. "Are you alright? You sound like your lungs are going to burst, and considering your condition that might just be it."

I looked up. My eyes were red. I smiled slightly at my friend and took his hand. "Thanks."

"Hello, " a familiar voice said. Eien walked out of the boys' dorm. "I'll be showing you boys around while the girls go with Ms. Key. Now follow me, I don't plan on acting like as your tour guide."

"Wait, let me rest, " Hikaru exclaimed. His breathing was nearly as heavy as mine.

Sister walked up to him and pulled him by his arm. "Lei gets to rest, but not you. I keep telling you to train your body."

Hikaru tried to free himself from her grip. "Fine, fine. Just let me go."

"Damn, your sister is harsh, " Iah said.

I snickered as my sister let go of Hikaru. "Only toward him, she is."

**Solar Note: I hope you enjoyed this longer chapter. What do you think of the interactions between the twenty students thus far?**

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