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   Chapter 61 NO.61

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"The butterfly flutters around joyfully..."

Previously on Novus Magus: We finally arrived at Nine Petal Academy ^_^. The next step in my dream has begun!-Lei

We were led into a large auditorium full of thousands of students. In the upper part of the front of the room there were three balconies which sat the leaders of the nearby nations.

I spotted Wanikiya's father, Grand Chief Makya Kohana, a tall dark skinned man wearing three necklaces, the first was made out of tropical flowers from each of the Wahkanian islands, the second was made out of bones of fish and other sea creatures, and the third was made out of white seashells. He also had on his crown of feathers, and his multicolored ceremonial robes. The king smiled proudly at his oldest son as we sat down in the front-row.

Wanikiya, on the other hand, pretended not to notice his father. I didn't get what was bothering him. Had he gotten into a fight with his father?

The woman seated next to Chief Makya also waved at us, or rather to Adela. Adela waved back at her. The woman was her aunt, Gracia. To the right of my mother's cousin sat a blond haired man dressed in a red leather coat. His eyes were covered by sunglasses but I assumed that they were intimidating simply from the sheer aura he was giving out. I hated to admit it, but my first thought was, 'This guy is stronger than Eri.'

"There are leaders from every country in the region, " I said.

Iah smiled at the blond haired man with sunglasses. "Yeah. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised that they invited my uncle Huang, given our history with this country and all."

In addition to the leaders of Wahkan, Xiān, and Mina were half a dozen others. One of them was the king of Sera, a guy who strongly resembled Sarah. However, unlike her, he had a perpetual smile like the one Hal had on. To his left was a woman dressed in robes made of feathers. Was she the leader of An's country?

"Brother, " Sarah whispered, stopping her tracks. Her brother flashed her a grin as he waved at her.

Vermeil put her hands on her shoulders. "Relax. He can't take you back by force in front of all of these foreign leaders."

She nodded and took a seat.

Between the woman in feather dress, and Huang Wudi sat a black haired man with piercing green eyes, wearing an expensive looking tailored suit. I recognized his face from a middle school history lecture. He was President

rong, buddy?" I said, pretending not to have noticed the eye. It always bothered him, that weapon. It was a surprise that he even used it against Hikaru.

Wanikiya eyes showed fear and sadness as he picked up his weapon. "I'll rather not talk about it."

Zelde put her hand over my shoulders. "Do as he asks."

I nodded, I understood that talking about the spirits bothered him. "So what did you wand become?"

She bought up a red bow. On the center of the bow was a similar eye to that of Wanikiya's fan.

An hour passed before the speeches finally came to an end. I stretched my arms out before stand up.

"Now, everyone, " Vita said. "Please go to your homerooms." She waved her hands in front of her, causing blue letters to appear in front of everyone. The wands of the eight of us showed the same letters.

"I guess we will be sticking with each other a bit longer, " I said.

"Great, " Nyima said, rolling her eyes. I just chuckled and held out my hand to her.

"Come on, it'll be fun."

Turning slightly red, she took my hand. "I guess that it'll be best to keep an eye on you. Don't want you to run into any more people."

Goddess, does she love to bring that up.

"Alright, I'll watch where I go from now on. Now, come! We're going to be late." Iah and the others were already by the exit.

She freed her hand from my grip. "Fine, fine. No need to drag me, again."

I chuckled. "Yeah, you don't want me to race past more fences, or do you?"

She rushed on ahead. Chuckling, I joined the others. The upcoming three years were going to prove to be fun, or so I thought...

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