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"The light is bright as their journey begins"

Previously on Novus Magus: The semi-finals of the tournament is over, and now we head directly toward the place of our dreams, Nine Petal Academy! Get ready Xeleria, a new star will soon be born!- Lei.

"I see it, " I called out to everyone. The train was heading toward an island. A mountainous one with a five story white castle standing in the southern central area of it. 'Am I dreaming?' was the first thing to have struck my mind when it actually came into full view.

I hadn't expected for there to be a castle, despite having known that the institution itself was centuries old. The castle and the geography of the island weren't the only things I could see. Despite still being miles from the center I could make out more buildings. Most seemed to be dorms, but there were also what appeared to be shops and even houses. Surrounding the castle were several two and three story buildings which were separated from it by gardens of blooming cherry blossoms.

As if this were not enough, there were several different kinds of trees with lush green auras peeping out from in between the field of pink. The falling cherry blossom petals over the white castle created such a mesmerizing scene that it felt as if I were in heaven.

I glanced over at Iah to see how he was reacting to all this but he wasn't even paying any attention. Instead his focus was on the waters of the island which were surrounded by a thirty mile radius barrier that nearly seemed invisible except for when the light hit it just right. "Why is the school surrounded by a barrier?" Iah wondered outloud.

"That's to avoid any attacks on the school, " Eien said, as he climbed to the dome on top of the bullet train which gave one a 360 view of their surroundings.

'Here's our guide' I thought to myself and laughed.

But even so there was one doubt I couldn't voice out. I looked around and found Nyima staring at the barrier as if thinking the same thing I was. Protection from what? Had the school been attacked in the past? An attack... thinking about it, it did feel as if something similar happened in this country long ago.

"By the way, once we arrive I'll like to introduce you to my mother, the former queen of Kyuu Seishin, " Eien's voice brought me back to reality.

Iah smiled upon hearing those words. "So I'll finally get to meet the former ruler of Kyuu-Hyaku Clan."

"You mean your rival clan?" Eien pointed out.

To this Iah gave him an impish smile. "I wouldn't go as far as to say that. I don't hold the grudges of my mother's clan, at least not very strongly. Well I don't hold those of my father's either."

"Is that so?" The second prince watched as his home country got closer. "Then you don't hate me either?"

"Not at all, you are a little strange but don't seem outright bad, " he said, walking away.

'Ah, do they have to be so serious?' I thought to myself but I knew that the three of them being like that couldn't be helped. Well, more so Nyima, she was always so stern.

I spectated as Nyima grabbed Iah's arm and pull him to the side, and leaned in closely.

"I don't trust him, you saw how he reacted when Lei asked about him about having a demon in him, not to mention how he enjoyed seeing Zelde being controlled by the spirit within her, " she whispered.

"Me neither, " he whispered back.

She smiled. "So that's the type of person you are."

I really don't understand what to make of Iah, especially with his relationship with Adela. But let's just steer safe. I nodded to myself as the thought crossed my head.

"What do you mean?" Iah said, blinking.

As if asking her that would do you any good. I chuckled to myself

Nyima let go of him and walked toward the edge of the deck. "You and I ar

. Vita and Haroun are waiting for us."

"That's great, " he said, with a slight blush.

"Who is she to him?" Iah said. "His girlfriend."

Nyima grinned. "I do get the impression that she must be quite special to him."

"That's right, " Eien whispered. "Don't tell anyone I told you this, especially not her or my brother but she's the one my brother likes."

"You brother has good taste, " Iah said with a grin.

"Good, just in time, " a voice vibrated across the lobby as someone in a black silk cloak approached us. The figure removed its hood revealing a boy with messy white hair.

"Brother!" Vermeil said. "Uh, why the change of clothes?"

"It's all part of the ceremony. Hurry up, we're about to start the procession."

"Nice job, " Boukyaku said as he high fived him. He lowered his hand as he glanced around the lobby one more time. "Where's Vita?"

He motioned for his friend to follow him. "She's already waiting at the gymnasium."

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked, looking at the crowds of students congesting towards the center right of the school.

Eien followed his brother and his friends. "They're going to the same place as we, to the 'Court of Dreams'."

"Court of Dreams?"

"That's the name of the auditorium, its name has special meaning you know, " Boukayou said. "Oh yeah, these are Haroun, and Lucetta, they're my teammates. If you have any questions feel free to ask them."

"Dreams huh, " Iah said, folding his arms. "Let me guess, it represents all the hopes and desires of the students here."

Boukayou clapped his hands together and grinned. "You're a smart first year."

Iah glanced over at us. "Why do I feel like I was just made fun of?"

"Well they are third years, they probably think they're better than us, " Nyima said.

"How annoying, " I said, also crossing my arms. I hated getting bullied like that, though it wasn't the first time, so I was kind of use to it by now. Besides, at least Boukyaku meant it in a joking manner, or at least it seemed like it.

"Yeah, " Adela said, glaring at Boukyaku. She probably was changing her mind about him.

"Are you four coming?" Wanikiya called to us, they were five meters away.

"Wait for us, " I said, chasing after them.

"Yeah!" Nuk yelled.

"Hey, don't run!" Nyima and Sarah yelled.

We slowed down. "Uh, okay, " we said in unison. Were those two girls lost twins or something?

**Solar Note: What do you all think about the change of perspective from 3rd to 1st? Did you like 3rd better?**

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