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-"The ball of the fox rolls slowly away into the night"

Previously on Novus Magus: The Exchange Student Tournament semi-finals have come to an end. Now begins the celebration for the winners— Iah and Arima...

From the garden Eien stared at the burning sky. He held out his hands towards the dying sunlight. "I hope that these next four years will bring us fortune. Alas I fear it may be the opposite, " he said.

"Eien." He turned his head and saw Zelde make her way past the nearby plum trees. Her face was covered in flour.

He chuckled and touched his own face. "You got a little something there."

She sighed, and wiped the flour away. "I know."

Eien grinned. "One should always maintain a proper appearance, as a noble you should be aware of that."

She snickered slightly as she removed her apron. "No one here besides you, and my friends know that I'm the heir of a Wahkanian tribe." She waved her hand at him. "Now come."

He tilted his head. "Why?" A mischievous grin dotted his face. "Ah, do you want to beat me up for what happened earlier? Well, I'm afraid to inform you that I'm too smart to fall for that old yakuza-style trick."

She furrowed her brow and shook her head. "Why do you act like that?"

Eien's grin vanished. He put his hands into his coat's pockets. Side-eyeing the lake he said, "I don't have to answer that." He grumbled as he walked on ahead. "Listen, I'm sorry for what happened."

A smug cheek to cheek smile formed across Zelde's face. She snorted audibly.

Eien glared at her.

Good thing there's no one else here.

"What's so funny?"

Zelde calmed herself down. "Ah, sorry." She wiped a tear from her right eye. "What's with the sudden apology? Did you hate sitting by yourself?"

He removed his hands from his coat. "As if!" He raised a hand toward the dying sunlight. "I'm not lonely...I have the right number of friends." He chuckled. "A large group of friends only leaves one open to being betrayal."

Zelde walked over toward the river and peered down at her own reflection. "I've seen it happen many times."

"Yeah... same here..."


[Years Ago-- Nine Petal Academy Grounds]

"That kid is so annoying. If he weren't a prince, and my cousin then I wouldn't be hanging out with him, " a boy with weasel eyes said.

"Your cousin is always ruining our games, " another boy who was leaning on a wall nearby complained with a frown.

"Not to mention he's rather creepy looking with those eyes of his, " a slim girl with butterfly fish clips commented.

Eien dropped his red ball, causing the rest of the kids to notice him. He ran off, tears in his eyes. That was until he bumped into something. He opened his eyes and saw that it was actually someone.

"Eien?" a girl with snake like eyes said. She had long green hair, and wore a simple black dress. "Why the rush? Something happen?"

Eien stepped back. "Mayu, " he said over tears.

Mayu hugged him tightly. "Eien, what happened? Did you fall down?"

The words of the other kids echoed in his head.

He pushed Mayu away. "Leave me alone! Y

Haroun rolled his eyes at Vita. "You shouldn't make fun of others. I recall that you also felt sick after our final."

She pouted as she entered. "You're no fun, you know that? That's why you don't have a girlfriend."

His face became rosy. "S...shut up!" He looked away. "Don't use my love life against me."

"Brother is rather popular with the girls back home, " Vermeil whispered to her classmates. "He just loves to play the hard to get, cold, and mysterious guy."

He glared at her. "You shut up too! You're awfully loud for someone who is trying to speak behind someone's back."

"Vita, Haroun, act a little more grown up in front of our kouhai, " Lucetta said as they all took one of the red leather seats. "You're both exchange students like them, so you're role models to them."

"I can get behind the whole act cool, and mysterious thing, " Hal said, trying to hold back laughter.

"Like you could pull it off, " Haroun said, looking out of the window as the train moved.

"Ouch, cold!"

He smiled. He gazed over at Lucetta. She was laughing along with Boukyaku. 'A love that is fleeting will never ripen.'

"Brother, you shouldn't simply stare, " Vermeil said, nudging him.

Haroun messed her straight blond hair up. "I'm your older brother. I'm the one who tells you what to do, not the other way around."

"Hahaha, " Vermeil said, slapping his hand away. "I'm being serious big brother." She lowered her voice. "I know that he's your best friend, but that shouldn't stop you from telling the girl you like how you feel."

"You're one to talk about love. Look, An is talking to that Xue girl."

Vermeil's eyes shifted toward An and Xue who sat diagonal to them. "Hmph. I won't lose to her if that's what you're suggesting."

Haroun snickered. "Doesn't feel so good for the shoe to be on the other side, eh?"

"Shut up!" she said, closing her eyes. "Wake me up once we get there."

**Solar Note: Next chapter is the start of the fourth and final major arc of this story :D! I hope that you look forward to it :3**

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