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   Chapter 58 NO.58

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--"Forgiving another doesn't come easy. It is a lot of hard work, but once one has, it's like lifting a weight off of one's shoulders."

Iah's smile vanished. "Wait a sec. Did you just call me 'boy'? Tsk. I see, you aren't even taking me seriously. I'm going to have to fix that!" The earth around Nyima rose. "Earth Dragon!" One last earth dragon coiled itself around her. "That should restrict your water spells."

"Lux gladius!" A sword made out of light stabbed though the dragon's rock hard skin. Nyima raised her blade toward the ceiling, cutting the dragon in half with ease while coughing blood out.

"You're injured, it's best if you give up, " Iah said, shaking his head. "Look at what happened with Adela and Lei."

She gave him a thin smile. "You never go easy on anyone, do you?"

He gave her one last smile before he vanished and struck her neck like how he had with Yen, causing her to fall.

I can't move. Damn it, I forgot that he knows how to hit one's pressure points.

"Pressure points, " he said. "They're quite useful when you want to quiet opponents that don't know how to give up."

"Is, that, so?" she said, slowly budging. "You should've used it against Lei too, just like you did with Yen."

He quickly moved the earth to shackle her arms and legs. "How did you-"

She put her head down. "Caelum..." She coughed out blobs of blood.

Lei ran up to the barrier. "Stop it!" Lei shouted, banging on it.

Iah snickered. "Oi, how the tables have turned. Before others were yelling at him to end the fight despite his thick-headedness. Now look at him."

"Is Nyima out of prana?" Zelde asks.

"No, " Adela said. "She still has a lot of's just clogged up thanks to Iah's attacks. Nyima must be trying to force it out."

"Just like in my battle with him, " Yen said.

"What about this 'mana' you mentioned? She's a light mage too. Can't she use that?" Wanikiya asked.

She frowned. "Mana is drawn from the surrounding environment. Due to her prana being clogged she can't call upon it to help her draw Mana toward her. Not to mention that Iah's attacks inflicted physical damage. That's why she's bleeding, while Yen didn't."

Nyima smiled at her opponent. "I hate to admit it...but I can't manifest anymore magic..."

Eien rose up from his seat, clapping loudly. "Bravo, both of you provided a most exhilarating match. I'm sad to see that only one of you may be the winner but there must be one, in this case it was Iah no Mikoto."

Iah dropped to the floor and gave them a thumbs up before falling unconscious.

Nyima stared weakly as the earth shackles slowly broke. "Darn...should've...tried...staying up...for a...few more..." She felt someone catch her. Her vision was going but she managed to see honey brown hair before she could no longer stay wake.

"You did well, " Lei said, holding her tightly in his arms.

"You too, " Adela said, picking up Iah.

"We should go rest, " Eien said. "We'll be leaving tonight so that we can arrive at Nine Petal Academy by daybreak tomorrow."

"Finally, you hear that Nyima? We will be arriving at our destination soon, " Lei whispered.

"You sound like a dad, " Adela said, snickering.

"Are you the mom of Iah?" he said, chuckling.

She blushed. "Iah, needs to rest too."

Lei laughed. "See, you sound like a mom!"



"Huh?" Adela said.

Yen snickered. "Look at your face brother."

"You really should, " Nuk said, chuckling

Lei poked both of his siblings in the side with his elbows. "So, Yen. Why were you running late before Hikaru's match with Adela? Did you two go on a secret date or something?"

"We went to the arcade, " Hikaru said. "As well as to several other places." He rubbed his arms. "Including the gym."

Lei snickered. "So, she's still trying to get you into shape?"

Hikaru grumbled. "I feel fine with the way I am. Mages aren't meant to be muscular. All we need to train is our magic."

Zelde crossed her arms. "That's a rather old view of magic training. Now in days there are ways to neutralize magic, what will you do if someone uses one on you?"

He shrugged. "I'll be fine. If there's an opponent I can't defeat I'll retreat."

Yen glared at him. "Don't be such a wimp."

He looked down and continued his cutting. Hikaru might talk tough at times, but he's rather weak bodied. He will need to learn that the old way to learning magic is no more. At the very least he's quick on his feet.

"Hello, " Koukyuu said, peeking into the room. "I hope I'm not bothering you. I brought you your uniforms for tomorrow."

"Woah, thanks, " Lei said. Lei excitedly grabbed the one marked with his name. "What about Nyima and Iah, though?" He asked when he realized that their uniforms weren't there in the bundle.

"Iah got his while we were on our way out of his room." Adela said with smile.

"And I'll be taking Nyima's to her cabin, " Koukyuu said.

"Huh, when did you get the chance to take our measurements?" Yen said, puzzled.

"During the exam. The sphere got your measurements as you poured your prana in. Your height, weight, and other measurements were calculated using the length of your prana veins, which run alongside your normal veins and nerves."

Hal stared at Vermeil. "Oi, is that how you got our measurements for the yukata?"

"Yeah, " Vermeil said, snickering. "Actually, she was the one who made those."

"I still don't get it, " Lei shook his head in response.

"You'll get it when you take a health or a prana related course. By the way, have you seen my nephew?"

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