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   Chapter 57 NO.57

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-"The moon and the sun shall see each other once again!"

Previously on Novus Magus: The battle between Lei and Iah came to a conclusion. Now the curtain falls on semi-finals with the Final Battle.

"Draco Terra, " Iah yelled out. The earth rose up in the form of a colossal mud dragon. Iah ran towards Nyima and prepared to spin-roll kick her. Leaping back, Nyima back flipped out of the way of his kick and unleashed her dragon on him.

He put his left hand on top of his right. "Draco Puro (Pure Dragon)." A large, elegant yellow dragon emerged from his right palm. The dragon viciously devoured the water dragon with its gaping mouth.

Nyima looked up at the dragon, it was over ten times their size, and five times the size of her own dragon. She noticed something strange about its scales, they were ejecting water from the space in-between them. The water slowly molded into the dragon's shape. She recognized what Iah was doing, he was releasing the energy his dragon absorbed from her spell and merging it with his. It was Pure Dragon's side effect, auto synchronization.

Iah was smiling at her as she backed away. "Come on, attack or are you giving up already?"

She ignored his taunt, she might be rash but she wasn't stupid. "Your spell, it can only be used by people who harbor dragon prana."

"Right. Remember, my symbol as a Wudi clan member is the yellow dragon, which allows me to not only use Earth magic but also Dragon creation/ summoning spells. So unlike your water dragon, my pure dragon is made out of actual dragon chi, thus making it superior."

"Chi, doesn't he mean 'prana'?" An asked, glancing at Adela.

"Dragon spells use chi, instead of prana. Light spells meanwhile utilize mana. All other spells use prana, " Adela answered.

Will she be fine?

"Superior you say? Let's test it out, " S

spell you got there." Just as he was wiping the water off of his face, she kicked him in the gut. He fell on his back but thanks to the mud it didn't hurt as much. Water emerged from the mud, forming watery chains on his legs, neck, arms, and stomach.

"Look, now I'm the one who's pinning you down."

He smiled at her. "Tsuki no Sora!" A beam of dull, silver light sent her flying back.

She stood up, coughing blood along the way. "What was that?"

"Lunar magic?" Eien said to himself. Everyone jumped as they looked over at the door. No one had any idea as to when he had returned. "Iah no Mikoto... it was never revealed who the former Empress of Mina married...other than him being a member of the Mikoto clan."

Iah smiled at their reaction. He drew the water of Nyima spells towards him. "I'm only half Wudi you know, these powers are the powers I inherited from my father!"

"So, now you bare your true fangs, " she said, grinning. She yanked some of the water back toward her. "You're an interesting boy!" She leaped back and held out her hand as if holding a sword. "Now, let us finish this!"

**Solar Question: Who do you think will emerge as the victor and face Arima in the finals? Iah or Nyima?**

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