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   Chapter 56 NO.56

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-"The winds waver, the fire dies down, and the waves calm down once more."

The bright green glow around Lei left his body. The energy concentrated into the form of a large dragon with a ghostly green aura. Lei looked at Iah with confidence one last time before falling to the floor, the energy keeping him from collapsing was now gone.

Iah dropped the giant rock of earth he had formed to defend himself on the dragon, now lacking command from its master.

"Did I just win?" Iah asked, dumbfounded. The wind dragon disintegrated into a ghostly wind, sending dust in all directions. The prince shielded his eyes and stood his ground as the wind pushed both mages to the sides.

Once the dust was cleared, Iah still remained standing.

Iah lowered his arms from his face and looked around at the clearly displeased audience. The Kyuu Seishinian majority of those present had been cheering Lei on all this time, most likely because of Iah's heritage more than their support for Lei.

"The winner of this match is Iah No Mikoto, " Eien announced as he stood up. "Final match will be Iah Vs. Nyima."

Lei's siblings, Adela and Wanikiya ran over to see how Lei was doing.

"Brother, " Yen said, gasping for air.

"The fool, " Nuk said, shaking his head. "Why does he continue to push himself like this? Why?"

"How is he doing?" Zelde asked as joined them. She stared at Lei as Adela healed him.

"He's going to be fine, " Adela responded, as she moved his hair away from his eyes.

Wanikiya laughed out of joy. "That's great!"

Zelde sighed with relief. She noticed the crowd was leaving so that they'll be ready for the next match.

"Is it time for the finals now?" a voice rang in the now nearly empty arena. A light blond haired, pale skinned man that looked to be in his mid-twenties descended the stairs.

"Brother, " Koukyuu said, standing up.

"Brother?" Nyima asked as she stared at the new arrival.

"That's Eien's uncle. His name is Kei Kasai no Ki."

"Did you just say Kasai no Ki?" Hikaru asked. "Then that other realm you spoke about earlier is-"

"Yes, " Eien said, walking over to us. "I'm part angel."

All of them glared at him like rabid dogs.

He raised his hands as if defeated. "Fine, fine, I'll leave you alone." He turned toward his uncle, aunt, and father. "Let's talk about tomorrow's Entrance Ceremony."

"Entrance Ceremony?" Alto asked.

"That's where the true final will be hosted, " Kei said with a smile. "In front of the entire student body to witness the strongest exc

ed. Her hand was on his back. The extended jian stopped glowing, reverting back to its original size.

An dropped the knives to the floor and fell a few inches from them. His eyes shook. "I...lost." He shut his eyes.

"No way, " Nuk said, eyes wide.

Sarah nodded as her jaw remained open.

Aban snickered. "I knew that Arima would make it to the finals." He glanced at Iah and Nyima. "Now only one remains before she achieves the title of strongest exchange student."

"An, " Vermeil yelled. She ran in to see how he was doing once the barrier was completely lowered.

"He'll be fine, " Haroun said.

"Arima's spell caused him to faint by making his prana act up. Normally it wouldn't have such an effect, but the boy was letting out a vast amount of prana pour out into his jian, " Boukyaku said. He put a hand over the fallen An and released a ghostly glow. "He needs to learn to control its flow. Having a lot of prana is meaningless if one allows it to overflow like that."

An opened his eyes. "What happened?"

"You fainted, " Vermeil said. She hugged him tightly. "I was so worried about you!"

He laughed. "It's only a battle among students. It's not like we were fighting to the death."

Sarah walked over, and touched the wound of his forehead. "Let me heal that for you."

"An, your battles were borderline death matches, " Xue said. "Including ours." She touched her now healed arm. "You should be more careful with getting wounded, and wounding others."

He nodded. "I'll try."

"Well, we better start the other remaining battle. Next up is Nyima versus Iah!" Ms. Key said. "Which of these two will advance to the finals and face off against Arima?"

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