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   Chapter 55 NO.55

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-"Mist covers the world as the mighty one advances, ready for combat against the forces of darkness."

"Yellow claw!" Iah said as he slashed the ground open with his strange hoove-like claws.

Lei dodged rapidly. He repeatedly dodged his claws until he was next to Iah. He stopped from advancing further as a pain surged in his lungs. His breathing was becoming heavier and heavier as more dust covered the field. It was as if the air from his lungs was being sucked out. He dropped to one knee as he tried to regulate his breathing.

Iah stopped and lowered his guard. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright it's nothing to worry about, " Lei said as he tried to get up. He stumbled forward, yet a grin covered his face.

Yen stood up. She had forgotten to carry out their mother's favor. "Brother, here!" She took out an inhaler from her backpack and threw it at her twin. "Mother thought you might forget it, so she gave me one before we left to school just in case."

Lei smiled at his sister as he caught it. "Thanks, but it's not that serious yet."

"Lei, " Adela said. She could feel it when she was channeling her aura, Lei's breathing was slowed, and becoming even more erratic as more and more dust covered the field.

"Alright? It isn't serious? This is asthma we are talking about, I can't fight someone who can't even stand up, " Iah said.

Lei looked down at the inhaler and sighed painfully.

"You're weak, " a voice ranged in his head. A hand reached out and snatched the inhaler from him. A black haired kid with blue eyes looked down on him. "You talk big, but look at you now, relying on this thing." The boy snickered as he walked away from him with the inhaler in hand. "Now try to fight me."

Lei snapped himself out of his thoughts. He put the inhaler to his mouth and took in a deep breath before he threw it back at his sister. "This will be the last time I'll need that thing... for now." He shifted his attention to the still concerned Iah. His eyes darkened as he laughed drily. "Look at you...that face you're reminds me of that guy's face the day after he had taken my inhaler." *Zap*. Sparks were ejected from his arms, towards the barrier. "Do not dare take pity on me!" He charged at Iah and punched him in the face.

Iah blocked the second punch and reverse punched him in the face. "Stop it, Lei. You're just causing more damage to yourself, just look at all the dust flying around."

He gr

o get myself pumped. I am the Yellow Dragon of the Center after all. Now, where were we? Oh yeah, you were saying whether that was all I had? Well, here is your answer!" He raise the earth around him and formed eight-foot spikes out of it.

Lei sprung to his feet and with a clap of his hands sent a massive aerial shock-wave toward Iah. Iah dodged the attack and released another roar. This time Lei stood his ground. Though forcing himself to stand against that amount of sheer force had reduced his legs to gel.

Iah grinned mockingly as Lei fell to one knee. "Giving up already?"

"Yeah, right, " Lei said, trying to raise his left leg. He barely had the strength to move his arms, but he had to do something to change his fortune. "I'm the one who's going to come out victorious." His eyes glowed emerald green due to the wind aura his body was radiating. "I won't permit anyone to stand in the way of becoming the strongest in the universe."

Iah snickered as he stretched out his hands. "Is that so? Look at yourself, you can barely continue standing up."

Lei closed his eyes. "You're right, I can barely stand, but I'll finish this before that happens. Oh gather around me, great and mighty winds. Heed my chant and come together as the feathered sky serpent: Maximum Wind Dragon—Quetzalcoatl!"

Iah's eyes widened as green prana in the form of mist swarmed Lei's hands, gathering to form an orb. The Minan prince raised his earthen defenses around him and closed all gaps that Lei might attempt to exploit, hoping that they would be enough to stop the emerald feathered serpent forming out of the sphere of wind.

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