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"The Mist Martial Emperor stands at the peak of the world"

Previously on Novus Magus: The first three matches of the quarter-finals for the section of the exchange students' tournament have come to an end. Now, who will be the final participant of the quarter-finals? Iah or Lei?

Nyima's eyes widened at the sight of the unconscious Adela. She put away her now useless seal and ran over to her. "Hey, are you alright?"

"Adela!" Lei screamed again as he and the others ran toward Adela once the barrier was gone. He kneeled down beside her. He side eyed Nyima, a hint of anger in his normally cheerful eyes. "Did you cast a spell?"

Nyima shook her head. "No. I think it's due to all the water she had swallowed from my Shuǐ Zhī Xīng: Second release."

"I think she might need CPR to get the water out, " Wanikiya suggested, nudging Lei on.

"What?" Lei asked as his face flushed. "Why me?" He stared back at the unconscious Adela and shook his head. He slapped himself and nodded. "Fine, if that is what it takes to save Adela."

"No need for that, " Nyima said. She knelt down and drew out the excess water from within Adela's lungs.

"Is she fine?" Sarah asked, watching from afar.

"She'll be fine, " Iah assured, waving his head. He grinned. "That girl can handle the water now."

Lei and Nyima narrowed their eyes at him. This guy, he seems to talk about her as if he knows her...there's no way that they hadn't met. Even prior to the journey Wahkan.

As Nyima was about to question him about it, Adela opened her eyes. "What happened?" she asked, dazed.

"You collapsed due to the large amount of water in your body, " Zelde responded.

"Nyima took the water out of your lungs using her water powers, " Iah said as he helped her get up.

"I guess I lost, " Adela said as she turned to look at her opponent. She pushed herself up but quickly fell back down. Her entire body was hit by a piercing pain.

"Don't move, " Iah said. He avoided looking directly at her eyes. "You'll hurt yourself more." He continued to hold his hand out to her.

She took his hand, as well as Zelde's. Why is he helping me? Especially after taunting him about the past back in Wahkan? She chuckled weakly. "Thanks."

He keep adverting her eyes as what seemed to be hints of red appeared on his cheeks. "No need to be, we're going to be teammates. It'll be better to start putting our differences aside sooner rather than later."

She smiled genuinely. "You've grown up a little, " she said, nodding.

Iah scoffed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Nyima smiled slightly.

"The winner is Nyima Tàiyáng, " Eien announced as he looked down at us from above. "Next up are Iah no Mikoto and Lei Lan."

"Yes, " Lei yelled. He hurried over toward Iah and Adela. "Adela, will you be fine?"

She nodded

"How do you know him?" Zelde said.

She closed her eyes.

A young brown haired boy held his hand out to Adela. "Hello, my name is Lei Lan." His face became red. "Uh, do you wish to be my friend?"

The young Adela didn't take his hand. She returned to mixing some herbs together to make medicine for the village. "I got no time."

The boy sat down next to her. "What's this? You're making? Food?" He pulled out some green gunk from the bowl.

Adela slapped his hand. "Don't touch it, especially with your filthy hands." Her face was almost as red as her eyes with anger. She sighed, and waved her hand at him. "Go and play with your brother, and sister. Don't disturb me, I got to finish making enough medicine before the flu season strikes."

Lei picked up some herbs. "Want me to help you? A kid like you can't do this all by herself."

Adela flushed. "I'm not a kid, and I don't need your help. What do you know about medicine?"

Lei crushed the herbs, mimicking the motions that he had seen her perform. "It's like this, isn't it?"

She grumbled. "Fine, you can help."

"We met seven years ago. At first I thought of him as a child."

"He was seven so, he was child, and so were you, " Nyima pointed out.

She leaned forward. "That's true, but I didn't want to admit it..." She touched her head.

"Are you alright?" Nyima noticed her teammate's face had become pale again.

"I'll be fine..." Adela closed her eyes. "Yùhé língqì." Her body let out a dim tricolor glow of red, green, and white. She took in a deep breath and moved her hands together in an inward circular motion, channeling the surrounding natural energy into her body. Her skin soon recovered its beige color.

Nyima's didn't blink until the glow faded. "What did you just do?"

Adela didn't pay her any attention. Her entire focus was on Lei. Something's off with his aura.

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