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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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-"The Immortal Sun shines down from the heavens, keeping darkness at bay"

Previously on Novus Magus: Arima and An won their matches against Hal and Xue respectively, now the third of the second round matches begins!

"It's time for the next battle, " Shin'en said. He stood by the staircase. "If Xue still requires healing, then I'll heal her. She should be able to resist my ice healing spells, being a fellow ice mage."

"Thanks for the offer, " Xue said, bowing. "However, I'm fine. Sarah, Hal, and Ms. Key healed me completely."

"You can say that again, " Hal said with a grin.

"Wait, shouldn't we allow An to rest?" Vermeil said, glancing back at her childhood friend. "He must be exhausted."

An moved his arms around in circles. "I feel fine. I can take on two more Xue's."

Xue narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure you're not a monster?"

He laughed. "I'm not." He looked back as he touched his lower back. "I have a large Magicae Organum."

Hal fiddled around with his tablet. "That's right..." He dropped the black device to the floor. "He has...a" He looked up at his teammate, eyes as wide as lemons. How can that be...this data it's...

An picked up the tablet for his teammate. "What's with this device? How can it tell you about my prana?"

He swiped his tablet back from him. "That's a secret!"

Xue sat down next to him. "A secret?"

He puffed his cheeks. "Alright, I'm simply very observant, is all. I took notes during his battle with you."

"I somehow doubt that's it, " Sarah said, crossing her arms. Hal just ignored her.

"Next up are Nyima and Adela!" Eien shouted. "Time to show us what you got, priestess."

Adela flashed him a smug grin. "I will."

"Can we begin yet?" Nyima asked.

Eien nodded approvingly. "Go on, show us your powers too."

"You're quite rash, alright you?" Adela said with a chuckle.

Nyima chuckled. "You're not the first person who has told me that. Besides, so are you!" Nyima clapped her hands together. "Gather around me waves! Water Dragon!" A water blob appeared in her hands like in her battle against Zelde.

A sly grin appeared on Adela's face. "So, you're going with water. In that case, Forest Dragon!" the head priestess of Xian chanted. A seed appeared in her hand and glowed bright green. Suddenly, a serpentine dragon made out of vines and leaves emerged from the seed.

Nyima's dragon surrounded its owner as Adela's dragon rush toward them. "Gather and shield me, Water Shield!" A large sphere of rotating water rapidly formed around Nyima as the wooden dragon was about to hit. The water barrier repelled the wooden dragon with an unexpected amount of strength, sending the beast crashing against the barrier.

Adela grinned as she spread her arms out. "Blades of the Jungle!" Seven large green blades developed on each of her forearms. Using the fourteen leafy metallic blades, she cut the spherical barrier, and the surrounding water dragon into a million little floating water blobs.

Damn, she's fast.

Nyima jumped back as Adela was about to slide her blade against my face. A nervous smile dotted her face. "Such agility."

Adela snickered as she leaped back. "As you should have noticed from my previous match, I'm the kind of wood mage who prefers speed over defense." She swiftly slashes past Nyima face, causing blood to drip down her cheek.

Nyima wiped away the blood


The dragon lurched at Nyima and whipped her with its long, spiky tail, sending her crashing to the ground.

Nyima coughed up blood as several bones shattered upon striking the floor. Pain coursed through every nerve of her body, it was as if she were being ripped apart from within. "Lux Alma, " she chanted weakly. A bright glow enveloped her body. Wounds and injured bones mended themselves instantly, just in time for her to jump out of the way as the wood dragon plowed into the ground. It broke through the ground with ease, like the powerful roots of an old oak tree.

Nyima ran up the shallow crater that had been created upon her ungraceful landing. Rocks were quickly being swallowed up by the dragon below. The wooden monster ascended, its creepy venus-flytrap jaws wide open. Nyima spun around and kicked the thing's head to keep the jaw closed.

"From the brilliant heavens, come forth; Arrows of Divine Light!" Nyima chanted. Arrows of light rained down from the sky, piercing the wooden scales of the dragon's head with ease. The dragon dissolved into a sea of small colorful blooms.

"It's done, " Adela announced before coughing up more water.

"From the brilliant heavens, come forth; Arrows of Divine Light!" More radiant arrows flew directly above her.

Adela moved to the side. The arrows pierced through the ceiling of the barrier. "More of those arrows?" She glanced down at Nyima and rained her leaves down, crushing the ground into fine powder.

Nyima held out her seal over her head. Another water star manifested around her, guarding against the initial onslaught. But that was it, the seal flickered in and out as its energy faded.

Nyima looked up in horror. This is it, I've lost. She made direct eye contact with Adela whose leaves had stopped falling down. She gasped and took the chance to emerge from the crater. Boulders, pebbles, and sand now covered the arena as something struck the spot anew.

"Adela?" Nyima called out.

"Adela!" Lei screamed, standing up from the floor.

In the center of the crater was Adela. Her spell had completely fallen apart. Blobs of water mixed with blood were ejected from her mouth as she spasmed.

**Solar Question: What do you think will happen with Adela?**

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