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-"The three Moons' glow dim, heralding a drastic shift."

Previously on Novus Magus: The first match of the second round has come to an end. Now the first year exchange students are resting before their last day of Winter Vacation begins.

[Hours later- Kyūden Gardens]

An stretched his arms out as he came out of the palace. Despite the lights of the city, one could still make out some of the constellations in the sky. Yu, the biggest of the three moons, continued to lose its verdant glow as the days went on. The ponds dotting the finely trimmed garden made the night seem even more beautiful.

Under one of the plum trees was Xue, practicing her sword swinging.

"I see you're using a dao, " An said.

Xue directed her sword toward him. Her eyes were cold. "Did you come to spy on me? I would think that a psychic would have better methods, at least compared to whatever you're doing."

An raised his hands. Sweat dripped down his face. "Calm down. I only came to see the stars." He summoned his sword. "Finally, that feels a lot better."

She narrowed her eyes. "Your jian, where did you get it? Its material is unorthodox. Ivory is a soft material, yet your sword managed to deflect Sarah's water petals without even getting a dent. Then there's also the fact that jians aren't usually good at blocking."

The ivory sword reflected the silver-green light from Yu. "My parents made this. I'm not entirely sure as to what animal the ivory belonged to. I think it might be from Hippopotamus."

"Hippos? That's the hardest kind of ivory to carve. Your parents must be rather talented sword smiths."

An laughed. "They sure were."

Xue lowered her sword. "Were? Are your parents dead?"

He sat down at the edge of the pond. "Yes, they died when I was quite young. My older sister raised me and continued my training." He sunk his head into his arms. "However, she..."

Xue patted his head, causing An to redden. She pulled her hand away. Her own face was red. "Well, I'm going to bed now." She sheathed her sword, but not before glancing back at her future opponent. "Prepare for tomorrow. Ms. Key recorded my battle with Ulissis on Hal's tablet. Ask him to show you the film."

An grinned. "You're kind of nice."

Xue smiled. "I'm not a demon or anything." Her light pink eyes reflected the moonlight. "It's just..." She shook her head. He's tomorrow's opponent, that's all he is.


[Kitsune Castle- Highest Floor]

"Hey, Hal. Could you show me that video you took of Xue's matches with Ulissis and Ayawamat?"

"Uh, sure, " Hal said, flipping through his tablet. He walked over to him and sat down next to him. "Here you go."

"I want to see this too, " Alto said,

radiated out of the ivory blade, forming a purple blade around it. The angel crumbled into bits.

An ran over to Xue. She collapsed to the ground, her white coat was dyed crimson in the left side. His closed his eyes. "Psyche Cūra." His fallen opponent opened stopped shaking. Her pearls turned toward him.

"The pain is gone, but the bleeding continues."

He nodded. He pulled his sword from her wound. "This spell cures the mind of the symptoms, but not the cause. Don't worry, I'll heal you."

Sarah and the others ran over to assist him in healing Xue.

She smiled weakly at An as Sarah and Ms. Key worked to heal the wound, while Hal cleaned it with some herbs he had gotten from the mountain. "Why, do you help me? You defeated me. I might not know much about your country, but I do know that Aiefians never show kindness in battle. So, why are you so different?"

He put his right hand over his chest plate. "It's because I am a Xelerian."

She laughed. "Honestly? So simple? I got you completely wrong, and right at the same time. An, you're a kind person too."

He laughed back. "I'm not a monster or anything like that."

** Solar Note: In case some of you have forgotten and are confused about why the last chapter blurb says 'Winter Vacation', recall that in their world (at least in this part of it) the school year begins in the late days of winter (the whole term though is called spring term), something which was mentioned/hinted at back in chapter 16.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed the Chinese music of this chapter and the past couple ^_^! I plan to continue using Chinese music for the next couple of chapters, seeing how most the characters' cultures were inspired by the Chinese cultures (Arima and Hal were the only exception of the remaining eight) :).**

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