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   Chapter 51 NO.51

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-"The shadows cover everything, including the light. It can seem as if there's no escape from them, but there is. Those remaining faint glimmers of light called 'hope'"

"Has he been poisoned?" Wanikiya asked, standing up from his seat on the wooden floor.

"No, Arima's trying to possess his body, " Boukyaku said, narrowing his eyes. "Though something about it is off."

"What?" An said. Chills ran through his spine. "That's... is that allowed?"

"It's on the borderline between legal and illegal magic, and forbidden magic. Here she is using it for a tournament, not to make Hal her slave."

Arima stepped toward a dull eyed Hal. She scowled sympathetically as she directed her spirits further. "Sorry."

Hal raised his chin, flashing his signature grin. Needles struck both of Arima legs. Standing up, he tied her arms with silver strings. "What did you think of my acting? Pretty good, eh?" he said with a wink.

His opponent stared at the strings. A light chuckled escaped her lips. "You got me there. Spiritum." A white orb floated between the two of them, glowing like a pearl in sunlight. Like with her battle against Alto, a powerful energy wave sent Hal flying into the barrier. The strings around her unraveled. "Or rather, I got you."

"Venomous Dragon." Poison emerged from the needles like the vines of a pumpkin. The vines gathered together until a purple dragon took shape. "Spirit erosion!" The dragon opened its mouth, and swallowed the white sphere.

Arima closed her eyes. "Spiritus." The poison dragon exploded like a firework. The poison raining down vanished before it could touch either of the students. She touched her stomach and collapsed to the floor. "I...think I might've overdone it."

Her opponent chuckled as he closed his eyes. "Bad timing, Hal."

Arima smiled and collapsed completely.

Haroun and his friends dispersed the barrier.

"The winner of this match is Arima. We will conclude this tournament tomorrow, " Boukyaku said as Alto, and Vermeil ran to help their friends up.

Xue stood up. "It seems that only one of us will make it to the final, " she said, turning away from An.

Sarah glared at her. "What's her issue?"

"I wish I knew, " An said, tilting his head. "You've known her longer than I have."

"Only by a day."


[Hours later]

"You're finally awake, " An said, smiling at his teammate.

Hal touched his forehead and rose from the bed. "Urg. What happened?" He was in a section of the room where he had just battled. Except that it was no longer empty, futons now dotted the tatami mat floor.

"You lost the match, " Alto said as he walked in. He had changed into a white yukata with a light blue sash.

Hal turned to look at An. He also wore a yukata, only his was purple with a pink sash. "Why are you all dressed like that?"

"We're going to the baths. The other already went on ahead of us, " An responded. He ran his hand through the soft texture of the garment. "It feels weird to wear this."

"Is it true, that you Aiefians only wear one

snapped. "Why are you following me like some lost puppy? Grow up already. While you're at it, stop seeing me as your friend. We were never friends."

"We were, " Orion said, pounding his chest. "We were the best of friends. You shouldn't have listened to your father. Strength isn't everything."

"It is! Strength makes others respect you..." Ayawamat shook his head. "But you wouldn't understand that. You've been a wimp your entire life. You'll never surpass me or anyone else. You dare call yourself my friend but no friend of mine would lose to that pest!"

"You mean Lei?"

"To me he and his siblings are only pests. As are you."

Pest, huh? "Did Lei and his siblings also try to befriend you? Is that why you see them as 'pests'? Come on, don't be that way. Having friends isn't a sign of weakness."

"The strong only have themselves to rely on. Relying on others is pathetic, " Ayawamat said, staring at the larvae. "One day you'll see that."

Orion watched as his friend returned to the castle. "Aya..."

"Hey, " Yuzuki said, waving at Orion. She wore a black yutaka with spiral galaxies on it. "What are you looking at?" She glanced over at Ayawamat. "Worried for him? You should know that guy isn't one to be friended. You'll just end up like Lei and me, getting hurt."

"You tried to befriend him once?"

Yuzuki closed her eyes. "Yeah... a long time ago." She nudged him forward. "Cheer up and find some real friends. Well, if you excuse me, I'm off to the onsen."

"Alright, bye!" Orion said, waving. Real friends, eh? For me, Aya was a real friend. I'll continue to reach out for him, no matter how much he tries to push me away. A true friend doesn't abandon someone completely. I will save him from the darkness he's in, somehow. Even if I have to do it from afar, I will do it.

**Solar Note: What did you think of the end of the first round matches and the first match of the second round? Who of the remaining seven do you think will win it all? Lei? Adela? Iah? Nyima? An? Xue? Or Arima?**

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