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   Chapter 50 NO.50

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- "Screams fill the air as armies march on one another, carrying their weapons and war banners up high. Each of them believing that victory will be theirs."

[Kitsune Palace- Living Quarters]

Wanikiya stood up from his bed and peered outside.

"Hey, you're finally awake, " a voice called out. The door opened. It was Aban.

"What brings you here?" Wanikiya asked.

"Arima asked me to check in on you. See seems to have taken an interest in the spirits of you three."


"How do you feel?"

Wanikiya raised his hands. "I feel a lot better now, thanks for asking. How did the matches go?"

"Well, Nuk lost against An. Meanwhile, Ayawamat and Xue are still at it."

Ayawamat... hope that he loses. He doesn't deserve to win.

"Currently it seems like he'll win over Xue."

The Wahkanian prince gasped. "What?"

"Xue's having a hard time. I would've be surprised if the match already ended. Well, join us when you can! I'm going back now. Take it easy!" He turned around and rushed back to join the others.

"Alright, " Wanikiya said with a hint of sadness as he closed his icy blue eyes. He laid back down on the bed and covered his head with both his arms as if sleeping.

Aban, he's a good guy... He deserves to be among us twenty more than I... What would happen if it got out that I had cheated someone out of a spot?

"What worries you?" a girl's voice called out. Wanikiya looked up and glanced over at the seats on the left side of the entrance. A girl wearing a white cloak with gold trim was the one who had called out to him.

Wanikiya laughed. "Are you worried about me?" I asked. Who is she? Another one like Aban?

The girl lowered her head.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make fun of you, " the prince said, dropping his smile. "It's nice of you to worry about a stranger. However, please do not concern yourself with me. I will only create trouble for you."

The girl warped over to the bed. "That's not true. Lord Wanikiya is a very nice young man."

Wait, 'Lord Wanikiya? How does she know who I am?

"Do I know you?"

She took his right hand into her's. "Did you enjoy kissing the Aborzanine girl?"

Wanikiya's face flushed bright crimson. Why is she asking me such weird questions? Only someone close to me would ask me such questions. Or someone who likes getting into the business of others such as Eien.

"I asked you a question first, " he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Besides, why do you care?"

The girl leaned in closely, and slightly lifted up her mask. He felt her soft, supple lips press against his for a brief moment. The girl lowered her mask back down and stood up.

"Sorry Lord Wanikiya, it seems that I'v

Arima stepped toward the center of the room. Her face showed no worry.

Hal ran up to her, his needles ready.

"Try not to destroy the building, " Arima cautioned. This time the air around them did not become dense.

"Barrier, " Haroun, Boukyaku, Vita, and Lucetta chanted as soon as Xue, Ayawamat, and Orion stepped out of the square. An eight sided barrier manifested around the dueling duo.

Hal grinned. "Well, it looks like neither I nor you have to worry about that." He threw all eight of his needles at her.

Arima faded into the shadows. A hand reached out behind Hal, grabbing a firm hold of his arm. The hand twisted his arm clock-wise, sending a piercing pain throughout his body.

Hal punched her in the face with his free fist as he swung his body rightward. Recoiling from the pain, she unhanded him.

"You punch harder than I expected, " Arima said, reappearing in the opposite corner. Her eyes shifted their attention to the needles. "Spirit Possession." Grey ethereal strings came out of her fingers and grabbed a hold of the needles. A ghostly aura radiate from the needles in her hand. However, the aura grew dull quickly. Blood rolled down the side of her mouth and the glow dimmed further.

Hal grinned. "You should know that the alloy these needles are made of isn't easy to pass through."

Arima swung her arm, directing her spirits to attack. One of the needles struck Hal's right upper-arm. "You talk too much." Another needle punctured his lower right arm. "Spirit Possession!" The needles fell to the floor.

Hal touched his head and let out a chilling shriek. He held a shaky hand out to his opponent as he fell to his knees, his screams growing louder... before finally coming to an eerie silence.

**Solar Note: What do you think happened with Hal?**

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