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-"Close your eyes and feel the world around you. Clear your mind and tell me what you see and feel"

Xue watched the spot where the olive circle had once been. She took a single step back and reached for her sword. "Winter Storm!" The field of grass froze as the ground was torn open.

Ayawamat jumped and grinned. "Where are you aiming at? I thought that you would be better than that." He ran at her and sent webbing in all directions.

Xue snickered and stood her ground, drawing her sword at the speed of light. A thousand shards of web glistened as light from outside poured in from the nine fox ranma circling the room.

Her opponent took a step back and summoned a light green wand. A flare of pastel-green prana ignited his hands and the wand itself.

The Uanian girl drew her sword and slashed the air, sending a freezing gale at Ayawamat. The bug mage ducks and watches as the wall of the barrier behind him was encased in ice.

"This fighting style, " Koukyuu said, observing the two from one of the corners of the barrier.

"It's similar to Ayumi's sword fighting, isn't it?" Sonata asked.

Koukyuu nodded. "Yeah. The same style that Ayu inherited from her father."

"Ayumi?" Boukyaku said, tilting his head at his aunt and her acquaintance. "You mean the daughter of Kane Hoshi?"

"Yeah. She's really strong. Her magic and sword fighting styles are polar opposites. Her father has the same style, but I would say that Ayumi's shifts are more unpredictable."

"This girl must've studied the Toran Royal family's sword fighting style to be this good, " Yuzuki said, grinning. "Having such a skillful fighter at her age, impressive. The Uan still prove how they ended up becoming such a threat to the unification of the second Universal Empire."

"Considering that's one of the few things remaining from that conflict is enough to show how major it was back in the day, " said Hikaru who sat behind her. His hazel eyes darted toward Ayawamat. "Though I still think that guy has a chance."

Ayawamat grunted as he continued to dodge Xue's freezing razor winds. "What kind of magic is this?" he asked.

"This is northwestern Tozan Hoshi magic, " Iah said proudly.

Adela nodded. "You should have seen some from Lei, being his rival."

He gasped as he dropped to the floor. "Lei? Right, the slashes are similar to his swordmanship. S

ted in them. Why is that?"

He stood up from the black wall that he was leaning on and stared at the blue flames providing light to the otherwise pitch black room. "Let's just say that it's related to what happened nine years ago."

The father glanced up at him. "Nine years ago? What do you... wait, are you talking about..."

Eien nodded. "Yeah. Among those twenty is he, the one who wielded the weapon which repelled the darkness. He was a child back then, but now that he's a teen, I seek to see how much he has grown. My aunt also appears to have taken an interest in him."

"Koukyuu too? Well, if he's connected to what happened nine years ago at the Mahoulympics, then it's no wonder. Then what about the others? You only explained your interest in one."

Eien slipped his hands into his pockets and leaned against the wall again. "Well, his teammates were also there during the incident. Plus, they all come from interesting backgrounds. Then there's these three who harbor the power of Great Spirits of Wahkan. As for the rest, well, they have interesting personalities."

His father snickered. "You're a lot like your aunt. Well, head back to the castle. I'll have the servants escort these three back to their rooms once they've awakened."

"Thanks, pa!" Eien said, waving bye and rushing for the door. Now to see what I missed!

Definitions (real world meanings):

Ranma- Wood carvings on top of screen doors which allow light to pour in through a traditional Japanese style home.

Atlatl- A spear-thrower used by various Native American tribes.

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