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- "Winds blow the cherry blossoms away."

Boukyaku escorted Sarah and the others inside of the castle. The wooden floors reflected their bodies like mirrors. The walls of the castle were wood covered in plaster, nothing as fancy as the outside which made the place look regal and somewhat threatening.

"Is this really a castle?" Ulissis said, glancing at the empty white walls.

Boukyaku chuckled. "It is. This is the main keep. It's primarily a military fortress. It was built during the warring states period."

Ulissis' eyes lit up at the mention of that period. "That's when your entire clan fell apart, correct?"

"That's corrected." He took them up some stone stairs. "All nine branches were fighting for control over Kyuu Seishin. In the end, we kitsune won. The other eight branches were forced to live with that outcome, especially the tanuki." He came to a stop. "Here we are."

The entire floor was nothing but tatami mats, there weren't even walls separating the giant space into rooms.

"Let's begin the first match, " Haroun said, making his way to the center of the wide room.

"Wait!" a girl called out. A pink haired girl rushed past the eight students and Ms. Key. She panted, catching her breath. "We...would like to see the match."

Haroun swept his hair back, shaking his head. "Lucetta, don't you ever learn?"

"That's just the way she is, " a voice called out. A girl holding a book appeared seated behind the boys. She waved at the students.

Lei held back a shriek. "Where did you come from? You... you aren't a ghost, are you?"

She snickered. "I was hiding my presence. Nice to meet you all."

"Nice to see you again, Vita, " Hal said.

Vita put down her book on her knees and smiled. "Little Hal."

His usual smile devolved into a scowl as his face became red. Needles appeared in his hands. "Shut it, don't call me that."

She snickered cutely. "Yeah, yeah. So, did you make it to the semi-finals?"

He nodded. "I did, just like you did two years ago. And just like you, I'll be the champion of this class."

Haroun lowered his head. Memories from two years ago flashed before his eyes.

Vermeil patted his shoulder. "Don't worry brother, I'm sure that you can defeat her now."

He grumbled. "No, I can't." He side glanced at his teammates. "Nor can our Kyuu Seishinian teammates."

Vermeil looked down. I lost against Hal too. 2-0, that's our score.

"Anyway, we'll be beginning with Lei versus Nahimana, " Koukyuu said, sitting down next to Vita as the rest continued to pack into the room.

Nahimana glanced down. "I... think that it'll be better if I don't participate."

Koukyuu nodded. "That might be for the best. Actually, I'll like for Zelde, Wanikiya, and you to go to the living quarters and locate my older brother. He can help you three with your spirits." She glanced at her younger nephew. "Eien, please escort them to see your father."

"Why me? Have Boukyaku do it!" the second prince said, rolling his eyes.

She crossed her arms and stared at his icy-blue eyes. "You want me to tell your father what happened at the ship?"

"I'm not afraid of my dad!"

His older brother sighed. "I see that you're still a child. Though in some ways you were better behaved as a kid."

Eien glared at him. "I see what you're doing! Hmp, fine. I'll take them, but it's on my own terms, not either one of yours!"

Boukyaku and Koukyuu exchanged smiled.

"So, I advance to the quarter finals like that?" Lei said, dumbfounded. "I wanted to show everyone who stronger I was."

"You already fought Orion on the ship, so it's not you haven't shown off, " Iah said, snickering. "At least this means that you got your chance to get revenge for me defeating your sister. I look forward to it."

Lei grinned. "As do I."

"Well, then we'll be moving on to our next match. Up next is Nuk versus An!" Sonata said.

Nuk snickered as he stood up. "I was waiting for this."

Sarah stared at him and her

I don't. Even if I did... there's someone else she likes."

"Elliot, dinner's ready, " called a girl.

"Uh, got to get going now!"

Lei blinked as Adela hung up. "That was Zhuang, right? How is he?"

Adela smiled brightly. "He's doing fine. Seems that he made a new friend."

"That's great!"

"Is Nuk alright?" Nyima asked, walking into the hall. "Yen and you just rushed out with him."

"He'll be fine, she went to heal him."

She narrowed her eyes. "There's a lot of people who could've healed him. Are you twins hiding something?"

Lei smiled nervously. "No! Of course not. What would there be to hide?"

Nyima crossed her arms and opened the door for the two of them. "Hurry in, the next match is about to start."

Standing in the center of the crowded room were Ayawamat and Xue.

"He's the last one standing in his group, " Nyima said, leaning against the wall next to the door. "An's group has proven to be rather tough."

"Ours is tougher, " Lei said with a grin. "All four of us have made it to the quarter finals."

"Considering that we're fighting each other in the next two rounds, we are also assured that one of us makes it to the final, " Iah said, walking over to join his team.

"In direct contrast to Yen's team who all got eliminated in the first round, or in the elimination round in Wanikiya's case, " Hal said, walking over to them with tablet on hand. "Arima meanwhile is also the only one left in her group. Though both her our teams had internal battles. If Xue wins this then that'll make our two teams the ones in the best condition."

Lei snickered cynically. My sister's entire team is out, while my brother's only teammate left in the running is the one I hate the most, Ayawamat. "Go Xue!" he yelled.

Ayawamat closed his eyes. "That brat sure is loud today."

Xue nodded. "Yeah, he's making this a little difficult on me rather than easier."

The insect and bug smiled as they waited for the signal. The room within the barrier transformed into a meadow covered by a circle of a dozen trees. "There's out cue!"

The white-haired girl remained as still as a rock.

"So, that's how you'll play it." He stepped back and slammed the ground. An olive green circle manifested itself on the grass but nothing big came out of it.

"What's he doing?" Nyima asked, blinking in confusion.

"So, he's going to use those, " Lei said, narrowing his eyes. "Xue better be careful."

**Solar Note: I hope to release Episode 48 later this week (8/29/17-9/3/17), so please look forward to it :). What did you think of An versus Nuk/Kun?**


Kun/Nuk (image made by @FayFayAhmadi )

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