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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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- "Friends will clash, and bonds will unravel."

"Next up is Alto versus Arima!" Ms. Key said as if she were a sport analyst.

The two participants jumped down from the bleachers to the center of the charred field. The two kept their heads down as if in a sign of respect. Arima was the first to raise her head.

"To be honest, I didn't think that we would face off so soon. Seeing that we were going to fight each other was really shocking, " Alto said, looking straight into her gray eyes. If it weren't for Ulissis being unconscious and everything that just happened with Zelde, then my mind would've run in circles. How could one expect me to fight my friend? But here I am. I have to do this. Going easy on Arima would be the ultimate sign of disrespect and betrayal.

His friend nodded, taking a step back and raising her arms in a boxing stance. "Yes, it was for me too. However, that shouldn't change the outcome of this match."

He laughed as he copied her stance. "You mean my victory?"

She rolled her eyes. "No, it's your loss!" The air within the barrier pressed down on them as the density continued to increase. The area around Arima had grown the densest as silhouettes of unknown creatures started to pop in and out. "Rise of the Spirits!" The entire boat shook as several ghostly animals appeared. One of them, a deer with oddly shaped antlers, charged at Alto with all its might.

"Gh-" An said as he touched his head. Sweat rolled down his forehead. "Please Alto, defeat Arima!"

"Why do you say that?" Sarah questioned, coming out of one of the tents. A smile crossed her face. "Are you afraid of ghosts?"

An laughed and looked up at her. "Kind of."

How the heck can this guy smile while he is talking about his fears?

Lei shivered as Alto dodged a rampaging ghost deer. "I don't blame you, " he said.

"You're afraid of spirits?" Adela asked, chuckling.

"Yeah! I mean, aren't you?"

"Not really. I'm a priestess, so I have ways to keep them at bay. Just stick by me, I'll keep them away from you."

He faced away. "No. I will overcome this fear" He glanced at Alto. Please win.

"Lightning Dragon!" Alto shouted at the top of his lungs. The ceiling of the barrier rumbled as electricity crackled around it. The static gathered together into the form of a giant yellow dragon with large front canines like those of a gorilla. The deer flew against the barrier as lightning cracked over its ethereal body. "Yes!"

"Don't get ahead of yourself, " Arima warned, caressing Alto's face. Alto grew pale.

Lei jumped. When had she gotten so close to him?

Arima snickered, letting go of Alto as a spirit appeared behind her. A ghost rabbit's jumped from the ground and kicked Alto with all its might.

Alto grumbled as he hit the barrier with a thud. "Stupid rabbit!" He directed his spell to destroy all of the ghosts. Sparks flew in nearly every direction until there were no more ghosts in sight.

Arima closed her eyes. "Anima." The spirits gathered around her. "You can't vanquish spirits with lightning magic, at least of that caliber." The various ghosts vanished. A tear rained down her face. "Go now, be free. Thanks for all of your hard work."

Lei lowered his head. How had those ani


"They're foxes, " Hal said, gazing back. "They're the guardian foxes of Kyuu Seishian myth. Hi, the fox of the sun. Gatsu, the fox of the moon. Isn't that right?"

Lei stopped and turned around. Mythological foxes? Those two must be very strong.

Sarah nodded and said, "They are." She glanced around at the dozen plum trees lining the cobblestone path cutting through the garden. Sitting down, in one of the various tables spread throughout the garden, was a young man the same age as Haroun.

The young man looked up and waved at Haroun and Sarah. "Haroun!" The guy bolted up from his seat, running up to them like some sort of dog. "You've made it. I got everything ready for the next matches of the tournament." He turned to look at Sarah. "You've grown a lot, princess."

Sarah came to a stop. Bowing, she graced him with a friendly smile. "As have you, prince Boukyaku. However, please do not refer to me by title. I'm here as a student, not as a member of Seran royalty nor as a Shuian noble."

He crossed his arms. "I should let you know, your brother contacted us."

Sarah looked around at the vast garden. She backed away, hiding behind Vermeil and Hal. "Is he here?"

The first prince snickered. "Luckily for you, he isn't. He did say that he hopes to see you during the opening ceremony."

Sarah sighed. "I got to figure a way out of this. I don't want to return to Shui, not until I'm strong enough to make real change."

"Relax, I'll talk to him if you have any issues, " Boukyaku continued, giving her a reassuring smile.

"Not going to greet me, brother?" Eien asked as he emerged from the crowd.

Boukyaku laughed. "Hey there, lil bro!"

Blue flames sprung around the second prince as his face flushed. "Don't embarrass me."

The oldest brother grinned. "You did wish for me to greet you."

"Well, don't, " the youngest brother grumbled.

The crown prince turned his back to him and the others. "Now, follow us. Time to show you where your final matches will be taking place."

Lei ran after the princes. This is it! This is where I'll make my name known! It'll resonate across the universe! No, even beyond that!

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