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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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- "The World will then be swallowed by Darkness."

Previously on Novus Magus: Zelde's powers proved too much for her to control, causing her to enter a berserk state. As Lei and friends tried to stop Zelde with the help of Koukyuu and Sonata, Eien simply watched and laughed at the spectacle. Will Eien's taunting start a fight with the exchange students?

"They aren't demons. And while the spirits have powers like demons, they aren't demons either, " Lei continued.

Eien snickered as he eyed him suspiciously. "Hmm, you seem to know a lot about them yourself. Are you one of them too?"

Lei shook his head. "I know because they've shared their secret with their closest friends. What about you? You were acting like one, are you a demon?"

A long fox tail made of blue fire came down toward me from above.

"Aqua Draco, " Nyima yelled out, extinguishing the tail. Her eyes dug into Eien's. "Be quiet! Why are you acting as if you don't know what they were? I heard you call them spirits."

Eien chuckled. "Good memory." He dropped his smile. "Still, you shouldn't have stopped my spell."

"Why shouldn't she have?" Iah asked, stepping between the two. "You were planning on hurting a fellow classmate, well two since Adela is right next to Lei."

Adela stepped back from the flame, arms around her waist as she crumpled to the floor. "No, stay away!"

"Hey, what's wrong?" Lei asked. Glancing back at Eien, he noticed the flames dance before Adela. "Adela, snap out of it!" He reached his arms out and closed them. A hand slapped his right arm away. Lei got closer despite the bruise marks from her slaps. I promised that I would keep her safe and that was promise that I planned on keeping.

"Tail, fire, fox, destruction, family, light, darkness, the void, mountain, abyss, towers, " she blabbered. "A girl, red eyes of destruction. A girl who is like the summer sun who seeks to save the person she loves. A familiar looking boy, a boy with a brilliant light. Black wings, red wings. Another boy with an uncanny resemblance, one of great talent who will chose the wrong path. No, not her...why? Green wings, orange wings. A girl with the light of a star, one who's light will dim. Another talented boy who will lose the one he loves. A boy...with cold eyes, a lonely boy who seeks love...and revenge..."

Brilliant light? Serein? He shook his head. Why did I think of him? But a brill

e you learned anything like that?" Lei asked.

Her red eyes were reflected by the melted silver bench she sat on. "I have...but it's a fire spell. It doesn't blend well with my foresight ability. You saw how I became a mess."

Eien walked over to them. "Why fire?"

Her tired eyes looked up at him. "You mean why does it activates with fire? I wish that I could give you an answer, but I don't have any. My brain just reacts to it. It's the same for the past priestesses and their element, but they had better control than I currently do."

Zelde nodded. "I should avoid using my powers around you then."

Adela smiled. "Please do." Her smile faded away. "Also..." Her eyes became cold as they shifted back toward Eien. "If you ever try to hurt Lei again I'll use my strongest spell against you, even if it drives me mad."

Eien stared at his silver watch. "Oh look at the time. I hate to say it but it's time for the next match."

Adela continued to glare at him. "Don't think of us as your personal jesters. If you continue to do so then you'll make no friends out of us. Though, I don't expect to make friends out of you Kyuu Seishinians. Not after what you've done to Xian, " she whispered under her breath.

Lei watched as Eien moved away from them. If I heard her then he probably did too, considering his kitsune blood.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind, " the second prince responded with a grin. He side glanced the arena. Koukyuu, and Sonata were done fixing it to at least a usable state.

"We shall begin the final battle before docking at Sanji City, " Koukyuu announced.

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