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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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-"Somethings are best kept locked away."

Previously on Novus Magus: During her battle with Nyima, Zelde went on a rampage as a strange power took over her. A power which Wanikiya claims has the potential to destroy the world. A power which Nahimana and he also possess. Now, can Nyima, Wanikiya, Iah, and the others stop Zelde before she proves Wanikiya's words correct?

A wall of earth encased Zelde as Wanikiya and Nyima continued to talk.

"Don't stand there, " Iah yelled as he continued to rebuilding his wall. He grimaced as a pool of lava covered where Zelde stood. All of the proctors jumped back.

Lei on the other hand jumped toward her and sent azure sparks at her. Zelde swung her blade, a wall of fire formed over the area the blade slashed through. The sparks vanished into the flames as if they were nothing.

"Damn, " Lei said as he retreated. Intense flames flew toward him.

"No!" Nuk yelled. Sarah casted a water dragon but it was too slow.

Lei pushed himself around the air, knowing that a barrier of wind wouldn't work at all. Sarah's water spell struck the flames but was instantly evaporated.

"Brother!" Yen screamed. She turned toward Hikaru. "Quick, stop time!"

Hikaru gasped, but nothing happened. "My prana is too exhausted."

Suddenly the flames were sent flying back toward Zelde. "Sorry, " Adela said as she floated in front of Lei. Her eyes still remained close as her hands trembled. "I'll... fight now."

Lei smiled. "Thanks. I... thought that was it for me."

Nyima laughed. He's safe. At least for now. Her eyes focused on Zelde as flames danced around the red-head.

"More, show me more!" Eien said as a wicked grin as crazy as Zelde's covered his face. "Show me the power of one of the five Wahkan spirits."

Nyima side eyed him. "One of the Five Spirits? They still exist?"

Wanikiya nodded as he charged into the middle of the arena. "The five spirits still very much exist." Ice covered his arm. He grasped his shirt as if his heart ached. "Damn, not must be reacting to 'Great Flame' within Zelde."

Nahimana took a deep breath. "I'll stop her for you."

Wanikiya smiled, causing her face to flush. "Thanks."

"It's my duty, " she said, giddy. She sent beams of darkness and light at Zelde who moved past all of them with ease.

"You need to work harder, 'Eternal Twilight'."

Nahimana grimaced as marking appeared around her. Her eyes flew back toward Wanikiya as he screamed in pain as ice continued to cover his body. "Wani..."

Iah hit Wanikiya and Nahimana in the neck. "Don't cause us anymore trouble."

"Did you have to do that?" Nyima asked.

"Yeah, " the Minan prince responded. "We already have one

Nyima gazed at Zelde who had lowered her sword. Her fiery red-golden eyes were focused on the fainted Wanikiya. "'Abundant Glacier'?" Her hands clenched the black handle of the sword as she turned toward Iah. "You're not a Kyu Hyakuian, but you're also an enemy!" Raging golden flames shot out of the blade and headed straight at him.

Iah slammed the ground, shielding Wanikiya and Nyima with an earthen wall. The wall slowly came crashing down as a pool of lava.

"Our prana coats won't last long, " Orion yelled. He stared at his arms, at the invisible aura covering their bodies. It was the only thing keeping them from being roasted alive.

"Here, " Yuzuki said as she remained on the ground. She held out a prana drink. "Drink up. Hand one over to my brother too."

"Will you be alright?" Orion asked.

Yen rushed over to them and grabbed the drink for Hikaru. "I'll take this to him. You drink yours up too and together with him, cast a time spell to stop her."

"Good idea!"

Yuzuki smiled. "Be quick about it. Those were the last prana drinks on me. Me and the others are still maintaining the outer barrier to prevent the ship from completely dissolving." Her eyes darted toward Lei and Adela. "I need to thank her for saving him for me."


r head. "No...I..." Her eyes darted to Nahimana who had lost consciousness. "After what I did...I don't deserve to continue. I'm still too weak to control this 'thing'. You should be the one to face Adela."

"What happened here?" a voice called out. It was Aban who was accompanied by Ulissis. "Why was the entire upper floor in chaos?"

"I sort of turned into a rampaging spirit, " Zelde said, her eyes on the ground.

"Oh no, " Ulissis said as he glanced at the rest of us. "How did you all stop her?"

"With a kiss, uh not from me. It was Wanikiya, " Iah responded. He chuckled at the thought. "Though..."

Wanikiya hit Iah's shoulder, causing ice crystals to form around his silk shirt. "Don't think about it, or you'll be dealing with the 'Abundant Glacier'."

Iah backed away from him and smiled nervously. I'd forgotten that Wanikiya was the same one that I saw push Ayawamat after the test. How was he even accepted? Like Ms. Kasai no Ki said, Aban should've been the twentieth person.

With a smug smile on his face, Eien clapped as he came down from his seat. "What a lovely performance, " the second prince stated as he continued to clap. "Too bad that Iah had to stop the 'Abundant Glacier' and 'Eternal Twilight' from showing up. I would have loved to have at least had an ice mage as strong as him to face-off with. So, what exactly are these 'things' you two can not control?"

Nyima leered at him. Oh this guy, I would punch him right her and now if he weren't a prince.

"Nothing that matters to you, " Zelde responded, her eyes were still as intense as before.

Eien clenched his hands into fists but restrained himself from hitting her. "Well, I am the second prince of Kyuu Seishin, " he snapped. "The country you are going to be in for the next four years. So, in other words, I do deserve to know. It sounds like something dangerous. You two could become a threat to the other students."

"It is nothing, " Wanikiya responded, walking over to Nahimana. Her wound had completely closed. "You should work on fixing this place up."

Eien glanced up at the ceiling, it was half melted, allowing one to see the blue sky outside. He chuckled. "You two have demons inside of you, or am I wrong?"

Nyima continued to leer at him. Didn't he call them the 'Five Great Wahkan Spirits' a moment ago? What is this guy playing at?

Lei stood up after Adela was done healing a burn that he had sustained during his battle with Zelde.

"You're wrong, " Lei said, giving Eien a cold stare.

"Oh?Am I? If so, then what are they?"

**Solar Note: What did you think of Zelde's transformation? Think that Eien is right?**

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